9 Best Caryophyllene Weed Strains for Spicy, Peppery Flavours

Caryophyllene is one of the more common terpenes and is known for its spicy, peppery flavour. Classic strains such as Thai, Sour Diesel, and Super Skunk are all rich in this terpene however, they all have some key differences. Check out our list to find the best caryophyllene strain for your next grow.

What is caryophyllene?

Caryophyllene is a terpene that can be found in several plants aside from weed including black pepper, basil, and oregano. Strains with a large amount of it are typically characterized by their spicy, musty smell like cinnamon and cloves.

What does caryophyllene smell like?

Strains high in caryophyllene are generally spicy, musky, or even a little funky. Many have a strong diesel smell that can be similar to opening a fresh jar of pepper.

What are the best caryophyllene strains?

1. Chemdawg

A legendary American strain, Chemdawg is a 55% indica hybrid known for its impressive yields and distinct, powerful aroma. This strain is one of the more aromatic that many growers are likely to come across. Its diesel, spicy smell will require serious filtration for indoor growers looking to retain privacy.

If you’re looking to grow some Chemdawg indoors, you can look forward to some plants in the 100-150 cm range that can produce up to 600 grams per square meter in as little as 50 days. If you’re growing outdoors, these plants can easily reach 180 cm and produce up to 750 grams per plant of 18% THC flowers. The buds on these plants are typically, small, dense, and a vivid shade of green. The compact buds, strong lateral branches, and relatively short flowering time make Chemdawg a great choice for a sea of green grow.

The caryophyllene in this strain gives it a diesel, earthy, pungent taste that is sure to turn heads whenever you pull it out. Users should expect an incredibly uplifting and energetic high that might surprise those looking for a more indica-heavy effect.

2. Thai

One of the original weed strains, Thai was first cultivated in Thailand before being brought to the US in the 1970s. This strain is the source of caryophyllene in several strains and has made its way into countless long-term classics, including several on this list.

As a pure sativa, these plants can grow incredibly tall. Under ideal circumstances, Thai plants can climb to more than 3 meters in height and have some of the longest flowering periods out there.

Those looking to grow a pure Thai plant should know that these plants evolved in a tropical climate with little seasonal variation in temperature or light. As a result, they have little pressure to flower by any certain deadline. This means that Thai plants require anywhere from 100 -140 days to fully flower.

As a result of their height and slow flowering, Thai plants aren’t particularly well-suited for indoor growth. Those with the space outdoors, however, will find a plant that can be challenging to tame but potentially worth the hassle. This plant grows long, thin flowers, and growers can expect to harvest up to 650 grams per plant.

As a fun fact, the term “Thai Stick” originally comes from this strain. The original local growers in Thailand would take the long thin flowers and wrap them in silk around bamboo—a far cry from the hand-rolled cannabis cigars that often carry the same name today.

3. Master Kush

This 95% indica is actually a cross between two slightly different phenotypes of the famous Hindu Kush. This short, bushy strain is an ideal choice for indoor growers with limited height who still want an impressive yield.

Inside, these plants are easily kept to heights of under 75 cm while still producing up to 500 grams per square meter. If you’re more inclined to do your growing in the great outdoors, this strain still won’t grow much taller than about a meter with a potential yield of 550 grams per plant.

The weed from Master Kush clocks in at around 18% THC and offers a balanced high that affects both mind and body in a nice relaxing way while still providing just enough cerebral buzz to keep you from getting too couch-locked.

4. Nicole Bubba Kush

As the name implies, Nicole Bubba Kush is a cross between Nicole Kush and Bubba Kush. This pairing gives us an 80% indica suitable for any grow setup. This strain is well known for its long-lasting and powerful sedative effects that have been known to knock even the most seasoned stoner off their feet. If you just need to relax and you’ve got a clear calendar, this is the strain you’re looking for.

The weed from Nicole Bubba Kush can contain up to 24% THC and typically has high levels of caryophyllene that give it an incredibly earthy and pungent smell and taste.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is typically bushy and stocky with thick fark leaves. Growers of these plants should expect a medium-sized plant that typically grows to about a meter indoors and can double that outside. The flowering period is fairly quick with plants being ready in as little as 55 days.

But this plant is also incredibly efficient. In that short period, indoor growers can expect up to 560 grams per square meter while those with the space to grow outdoors have reported up to an astonishing 700 grams per plant.

5. Super Skunk

Based on the iconic Skunk #1 strain, Super Skunk is a new twist on an old favourite. By crossing the original Skunk with Afghani, breeders were able to create an 80% indica hybrid that produces more weed with higher THC. Super Skunk can contain up to 19% THC and has a sweet skunky taste and herbal, earthy smell from the high levels of caryophyllene.

An ideal plant for both inside and outside, this strain tends to top out at just over a meter inside while growing to nearly 2 meters under natural light. Yields from Super Skunk are average and these plants typically produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors or 650 grams per plant outdoors.

6. Girl Scout Cookies

Sometimes just labelled as “GSC”, Girl Scout Cookies is a caryophyllene-dominant strain made by breeding OG Kush with Durban Poison. The result is a 60% indica provides a social and bubbly high with subtle physical relaxation. These buds give off an anise, spicy, and sweet aroma with a similar taste featuring subtle hints of fruit.

GSC’s genetics make it a prime candidate for a sunny, dry environment but these same durable, hearty genes mean that it can thrive in nearly any area. Outdoors, these plants can easily be grown to nearly 2 meters tall. However, thanks to its indica-heavy lineage, indoor growers can keep it as short as half a meter.

These plants usually flower in 60-70 days and can produce up to 500 grams per square meter indoors or 625 grams per plant outside. The buds from Girl Scout Cookies are large, heavy, and resinous with up to 22% THC.

7. Wedding Cake

A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, Wedding Cake gets its name from its trademark fruity vanilla taste. The caryophyllene in this strain still comes through, though, with a subtle sour taste and a skunky, fruity aroma.

This is another 60% indica which means growers can expect a shorter, stockier plant that tends to stay in the 50-80 cm range inside; even outdoors, these plants will rarely reach 2 meters. The weed from Wedding Cake can contain up to 23% THC and growers can look forward to harvesting up to 650 grams per plant under natural light or 550 grams per square meter inside.

Once it’s all ready, this strain gives users a creative, energetic, and euphoric high with just enough relaxation to take the edge off a long day.

7.2. Guava Cake

If you want just a little bit more sativa in your cake, then this true 50/50 hybrid is for you. Guava Cake is the result of crossing Strawberry Kush, Wedding Cake, and Durban Poison which perfectly captures the ideal blend of indicas and sativas. Consumers of Guava Cake report sativa start with a warm, comforting feeling, followed by an uplifting, cerebral, and social high. After about an hour, the indica makes itself known, and powerful body relaxation takes hold; the perfect combo for the end of a night.

8. Sour Diesel

Arguably one of the most well-known strains anywhere, Sour Diesel is a sativa bred from crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. The result is a strain that produces an incredibly energizing high and equally powerful smell and taste that give this strain its name. Thanks to the high levels of caryophyllene, Sour Diesel tastes exactly like the name sounds.

As a sativa, these plants are tall and lanky, easily growing more than 2 meters tall if left outdoors where they can produce up to 600 grams per plant. Because of this, Sour Diesel can be an incredibly difficult plant for indoor growers.

9. Gelato White

An 80% Sativa, Gelato White came about from crossing White Widow and Gelato. The result is a strain that can be challenging to grow for newbies, but one that more experienced growers will likely find incredibly rewarding.

Indoors, these plants easily grow well above a meter, with some racing more than 150 cm. If you’ve got the space, growing Gelato White outdoors is certainly your best bet as you can give these lanky plants a chance to really stretch. Under natural light, this strain can easily reach well over 2 meters tall. This much vertical growth comes with a somewhat long flowering time; these plants can take up to 70 days to fully bloom. But the harvest is incredible.

Outside, Gelato white can easily produce up to 575 grams per plant at up to 24% THC. If you manage to squeeze these inside, they make an amazing choice for SCROG grows and can produce up to 450 grams per square meter.

The effects of this strain are everything you’d expect from a sativa; chatty, energetic, and uplifting with just enough indica on the tail end to keep you grounded.

Have you ever grown any of these (or other) caryophyllene strains? How did it go? If you’ve got questions or answers, let us know in the comments.


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