7 Best Pinene Weed Strains with Piney Flavours

If you’re looking for a taste of the great outdoors, then these pinene strains are the ones for you. With an aroma that instantly transports you to an alpine forest, strains like Blue Cheese and Big Bud are long-beloved classics. So grab some hiking boots and a bottle of water, and let’s go.

What is pinene?

Pinene is one of many terpenes that appears naturally in several strains of cannabis. Like most terpenes, it naturally occurs in a wide range of plants, and—perhaps unsurprisingly—is commonly found in pine, cedar, and fir trees.

What does pinene smell like?

If you’ve ever opened up a bag and bit hit with a face full of Alpine forest, that’s pinene. The piney, earthy smell is a result of the terpene and is one of the most instantly recognizable traits of many famous strains.

What are the best pinene strains?

If you’re looking for a pot plant that smells like a pine forest, we’ve put together some of the strains highest in pinene for your smoking pleasure.

1. Big Bud

As the name implies, Big Bud is known for its absolutely gigantic flowers. This strain can outproduce nearly any other when it comes to terms of raw output with plants capable of growing to 2 metres tall outside and yielding up to 725 grams per plant. Even an indoor grower can expect to harvest up to 625 grams per square metre from plants that top out at only around 110 cm.

With a flowering time of 55-70 days, Big Bud is startlingly fast for how large the flowers can get. Many growers report having to actually prop the branches up as the size of the buds can actually snap them like twigs. Since all of the energy is going to the buds, this strain typically grows very few leaves compared to many other strains which makes trimming a breeze.

The weed that comes off these plants sits around 16% THC and produces a relaxing, euphoric high due to the plant’s 85% indica heritage. Thanks to Big Bud’s high levels of pinene, users can expect a piney, sweet, and earthy flavour that reminds one of the strain’s Northern Lights and Skunk #1 lineage.

2. Big Smooth

As a cross between OG Blueberry and Cookies and Cream, Big Smooth is an indica-dominant hybrid known for its incredibly powerful aroma that has been compared to blueberry pancakes. The pinene comes out stronger in this strain than in almost any other as it is a rare example of a strain whose terpene profile is dominated by pinene.

Users report an incredibly powerful and fast-acting high that starts with a cerebral headrush and continues to flow to every part of the body in relaxing waves. The 70% indica does most of the heavy lifting here, but the sativa genes also come out with a clear-headed, energetic buzz. Combined with the 26% THC that the strain can contain, this strain is great for an afternoon off.

Growers can expect a plant that’s durable but also a bit needy. It can thrive in less-than-ideal conditions but it does tend to require a fair bit of tending as it grows both lean and bushy. However, its fast flowering time of 45-60 days and impressive yields of up to 550 grams per plant make it worth the work.

3. Critical

An Afghani/Skunk hybrid, Critical is an 80% indica that has long impressed growers with just how much weed it can produce. The name of the strain actually comes from the fact that the flowers tend to grow so large they reach a “critical mass” and snap the branches supporting them. For this reason, growers often take great care to support these plants with extra props.

In our shop, we sell Critical Mass Autoflowering seeds that take this classic strain to a new level. With a flowering of 65-80 days from planting to harvest and indoor yields of up to 300 grams per square metre, these plants are short, bushy, and heavy. However, due to the dense nature of the buds, mould can be a real problem and these plants do better in a dryer environment than many other strains.

Consumers find the initial effects to be very uplifting and energizing in small doses. At higher doses, the indica really kicks in and a strong couch-lock stoned sensation is common. The pinene in this strain also brings out a distinct hazy, pungent, and sweet taste.

4. Guava Cake

A true 50/50 hybrid, Guava Cake is a unique cross of Strawberry Kush, Wedding Cake, and Durban Poison that does an amazing job of capturing the best traits of both indicas and sativas. The effects of this strain start off with a warm, comforting feeling, followed by an uplifting, cerebral, and social high. After an hour or so, the indica comes out, and relaxing body sedation takes hold; the perfect combo for the end of a night.

Be careful, though, as this strain can have up to 29% THC making it not for the faint of heart. The pinene elements bring out a spicy, herbal flavour but the strain is known for having a very mild aroma, even during flowering. This makes it a great choice for any grower who values discretion.

Growing Guava Cake can be just as fun as smoking it. Thanks to its 50/50 genetics, you get a plant that can grow up to 2 metres outside or be kept to as small as 80 cm indoors. No matter where you grow it, though, you’ll get an impressive haul at the end—up to 600 grams per plant outside or 475 grams per square metre indoors.

5. Diamond OG

Diamond OG is a blend of OG Kush and an unknown strain, resulting in a 75% indica hybrid with all of the classic Kush characteristics. Named for its distinctive buds, Diamond OG has flowers that seem to sparkle in the light thanks to their tremendous trichomes. Each of these is glistening with resin and the pinene gives off a sour, spicy aroma with a distinct piney taste.

The first thing users notice is a pleasant sense of mental calmness and clarity. This is quickly followed by body lightness and numbness without too much sedation making Diamond OG a great choice for movie night. This strain is great for those looking for mild relaxation and its 19% THC is right in the sweet spot for most people.

Growers note this strain’s impressively large, dense buds, dark green leaves, and vibrant orange trichomes. These plants are on the slightly taller side of many indicas and often grow to over a metre indoors where they flower over the course of 60-70 days. Growers usually report harvests of up to 500 grams per square metre indoors or up to 500 grams per plant outdoors.

6. Blue Cheese

This 80% indica is a cross between Blueberry and UK Cheese that’s well-loved for its distinct fruity, cheesy flavour. Blue Cheese gives users a deep physically stoned sensation that makes it an amazing choice for taking the edge off at the end of a hard day.

When compared to the majority of indica-dominant hybrids, these plants can grow fairly tall. Outdoors, growers can look forward to plants in the 180 cm range and even indoors this strain can easily stretch to more than a metre in height. It’s worth noting here that size isn’t everything. Just because these plants are taller than some others, don’t expect a significantly larger harvest. Outside, Blue Cheese can yield up to 550 grams per plant over its fairly short 55-60 day flowering period.

Thanks to the strain’s combination of indica bushiness and sativa lankiness, it makes an ideal choice for SOG and ScrOG growing, allowing growers to get even more out of their plants.

7. Cherry Bomb

One of the very best strains for a busy day out, Cherry Bomb gives users a distinctly sativa high. A cross between a California indica and a Hawaiian sativa, this strain hits hard and fast giving a strong buzz and sparking mental creativity.

The fact that this strain is such a heavy sativa means that it can be a real challenge to grow, especially indoors. These plants are very lanky and often reach heights of more than 2 metres outdoors, so trying one inside isn’t the easiest, but it’s doable. Outdoors, growers can expect to harvest up to 650 grams per plant while inside they’ll produce around 300 grams per square metre over its 75-80 day flowering cycle.

While that isn’t a huge amount considering the size of these plants, the weed itself is generally amazing with up to 26% THC. If you’re an experienced grower with some room to spare, this might be a great next challenge.

What are your favourite pinene strains? Have you grown any of these? Share your experience in the comments!


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