Weed Seed Shop is the best place to buy cannabis seeds online. We offer a large selection of high quality cannabis seeds that are enthusiastically sold here at the Weed Seed Shop! With our extensive selection of amazingly affordable ganja seeds we cover a complete range of strains. UK and European climates are more than catered for at Weed Seed Shop, though of course all of them will grow inside under the right conditions. We have the cheapest feminized seeds available to buy online, a large number of exceptional marijuana seeds at what are - for this quality - super low prices, and a dedicated team of ganja lovers committed to helping you have the best possible experience with our products! Skunk #1, Big Bud, Pure Power Plant, White Widow, Northern Lights, NYC Diesel... you’ll be certain to find the right pack of seeds for your needs!

Carefully selected weed seeds, lovingly packaged
Every seed is individually checked by our team of fanatical experts and any cracked, crushed or immature ones are removed prior to packing. As a result we can guarantee our customers the best possible quality seeds at the very best price. Not only that, we also offer free delivery with every order to make things that much easier! And because we know how important your privacy is, the package that you will receive – for free – is as discreet as we can make it. Much as we love pictures of thriving plants and big juicy buds, the outside of your order is not the place for them, so our packaging is so plain as to actually be boring. It’s also sturdy enough to not suffer from bad weather or careless handling by postal staff, ensuring your precious cargos arrive in the state nature intended them.

Which cannabis seeds should I buy?
It can be a bit bewildering, especially if you’re a first-time grower, to choose which types of seeds to buy. Indoor or outdoor, regular, feminized or auto-flowering, indica or sativa? A mixed pack or a single strain? High THC or CBD? A good piece of advice is to first look at where you might be cultivating them; if the answer is indoors, then checking factors such as height and flowering time may be your top priority. Outdoors, look for cannabis breeds specifically designed to withstand cold, wet summers, or finish maturing before the first cold nights of autumn, depending on your climate. Cannabis plants can grow in virtually any climate depending on their origins, from indicas that originated in high, windswept mountains to sativas hailing from equatorial regions. Even the generally inhospitable environment of northern Russia has given us valuable genetics in the form of cannabis ruderalis, which on its own is not that great as a producer of the best pot as it is low in THC and doesn’t yield much. However, when interbred, it imparts its unique autoflowering properties to the resulting offspring, and new strains are created that open up previously impossible opportunities for growers with time, space or energy restrictions. Simply put, we now have cannabis seed strains that can go from germination to being ready to harvest in as little as 80 days, even on a windowsill!

How do I know I will get the best bud?
Naturally, the final result is in your hands. We can’t come round and tend your plants, but we can certainly provide you with marijuana seeds that have the best chance of delivering what you want. Factors such as yield, height, flowering period, and indica/sativa ratio are all indicated next to the general description of each seed type, and you can easily use the website filters to display only those ganja varieties that will fulfil your selected needs. A good number of the seeds we carry have won prizes, and this is noted too. It’s also definitely worth browsing the reviews that have been left by people who have experience with cultivating the seeds in question. Once you have become one of those people, please feel free to leave your own product reviews! Not only will you be helping fellow fans of marijuana, you could also win €100 of webshop credit, as every so often we will reward our favourite reviews with the chance to have even more seeds, for free!
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