What Are Thai Sticks and How Do You Make Them?

What Are Thai Sticks And How Do You Make Them? - WeedSeedShop

Thai Sticks: arguably the most potent joint in the whole world. Originating in Thailand only the ganja Gods know when, this joint (if you can even still call it that) became famous in the West after American soldiers returned from the Vietnam war. This article goes into the history of Thai Sticks as well as the art of creating your own.

When you think about it, not a lot has changed about cannabis in general for the last – oh, 4,000 years. Sure, we now have technology to extract cannabinoids, turn it into oil, put it in a vape pen and never need rolling paper again. But despite that, most of us still throw some weed in a paper and light it up. We still do pretty much the same thing with weed now as our ancestors in China.

So, what’s all this new stuff about? Bongs, vapes, blunts, edibles! Everybody is really just exploring all of the ways that they can unlock the high that is contained in this deliciously pungent flower. Thai Sticks are just another one of those ways that you can experience cannabis and its magical powers.

We’re probably going to continue finding awesome and intense ways to experience cannabis for – eternity. If 4,000 years after we first spoke about it we’re still finding new ways to use it, it doesn’t seem like it ever runs out. And every cool way to use weed has its story. So, what’s the story behind Thai Sticks?

You guessed right. Thai Sticks come from Thailand

What Are Thai Sticks And How Do You Make Them? - WeedSeedShop

There’s no real surprises here. Thai Sticks do indeed come from Thailand, with something of a rich history. We don’t really know when Thai Sticks were created though. It’s highly likely that they’ve been around much longer than we’ve known about it, since it was American soldiers who discovered them during the Vietnam war. It’s no surprise why a soldier might be excited by something like a Thai Stick, right?

This potent cannabis experience was obviously a protagonist in many stories brought back by American soldiers. And alas, the rest of the world came to know about the potent Thai Stick and its magical powers.

There is a lot of speculation about what made the Thai Stick so special in those days. Was it dipped in hash oil or even opium? Was it the combination of strains that grew in that part of the world at the time that made it such a powerhouse? We’ll never know really.

There aren’t many people who believe that modern Thai Sticks even compare to the original. But nonetheless, you can try to replicate them – and we’re going to teach you some ways that you can make your own Thai Sticks.

Ok so what is a Thai Stick?

After the history lesson, you’re probably wondering what the Thai Stick is all about! To put it quite simply, a Thai Stick is a ganja kebab. Yes, imagine nuggets of weed skewered onto a stem, a stick, a chopstick – it doesn’t really matter. Once the weed is skewered on, it looks a lot like a joint that hasn’t been wrapped up.

The stick is then wrapped in fibres from the cannabis plant to hold it all together, dried and cured for consumption later. As we talked about, there are rumours that it was dipped in hash oil or even opium to give it an extra kick. But the modern Thai Stick probably ain’t dipped in opium, even if it’s purchased in Thailand, don’t worry!

The final product is a huge cigar-looking piece of smokeable weed. It is usually something designed to get you extremely high. So now you want to learn how to make your own. The instructions are below!

How to make Thai Sticks

What Are Thai Sticks And How Do You Make Them? - WeedSeedShop

To make the best Thai Stick, it’s usually best if you are growing your own cannabis. That means you’ll have everything you need lying around to create the perfect stick. However, if you’re not, that’s okay. You can ask a friend who is growing for some of their plant supplies or you can improvise with the parts that you don’t have (but it won’t be a real Thai Stick).

Also, making Thai Sticks requires some patience. There’s a lot of waiting involved. So, don’t expect to be smoking your Thai Stick by the end of this article!

What you need:

  • A few nugs of good weed, dried. If you want to mix strains, that’s okay!
  • A stem of a cannabis plant. If you don’t have it, you can use a bamboo stick or a chopstick or any other kind of skewer
  • Hemp string
  • Hash oil
  • Some leaves freshly picked from a growing cannabis plant (you will pick them fresh a couple of days into the process)
  • Some parchment paper

How to do it:

  1. Start by choosing the fluffiest buds from your selection of nugs. Denser ones will work ok, but it will make the final smoke a bit harder to pull. The fluffy ones work the best.
  2. Now it’s time to dip your chosen stick or stem in some hash oil. This will make it sticky enough for the buds to easily secure around it.
  3. Now carefully attach your buds to the stick. You can hold them on while you secure them with hemp string. Eventually, the whole stick should be covered in buds that are secured on with all your hemp string.
  4. Wrap the stick in parchment paper and put it in the refrigerator. Within a couple of days, it will have solidified into something a bit more secure.
  5. After a couple of days take the stick out of your fridge, unwrap the parchment and very carefully remove the hemp string. If you used enough oil in the first stage, the buds should stay stuck to the stick or stem. If you didn’t use enough, they might fall off – and you have to start the project again.
  6. Now you should give your stick a light coat of hash oil. Wrap the whole thing in fresh cannabis leaves.
  7. Technically, you should do this three times for a grand total of three layers of cannabis leaves. If you want to dry it then add more leaves you can. If you prefer to do the whole lot in one day, that’s fine too. So for the second and third layers of leaves, add another fine layer of hash oil in-between to encourage everything to stick.
  8. Wrap the whole thing in parchment paper and put it on a hot pan for a minute or so. This heats up the hash oil, lets it permeate the papers and buds and seals everything very nicely.
  9. Now wrap it up in hemp string again and put it back in the fridge for curing. As a side note, there are some expert Thai Stick makers who say that the curing process should take place underground. Yes, that means putting it in a plastic bag and burying it three feet deep for a month. We understand if you just don’t want to wait that long. But cure it in the fridge for at least a few days.
  10. Be sure to unwrap the hemp string before you smoke your Thai Stick. Smoking it should take place from a week to a month from when you start making it, depending on your curing method and process.

Making Thai Sticks really is an art. It’s not something that you necessarily nail the first time. And so much of the work goes into curing it, to make something that smokes smoothly and is delicious. Have fun creating, cannabis connoissuers!


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