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  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Heavy yields
  • Tall plant
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Chemdawg Feminized is a tall plant with XL yields. A combination of classic genetics resulted in a 55% indica / 45% sativa hybrid. Dense buds form in the 50 to 70 days flowering period. Diesel aromas mix with earth and spice to shape the overall terpene blend. Cultivators are impressed by the ease with which this plant grows, both indoors and outdoors. Effects of Chemdawg Feminized have been noted as uplifting.

About Chemdawg Feminized

When you take two cherished landrace strains and combine them with two heavy hitters from the USA, you get Chemdawg Feminized. A cross of Thai, Nepalese, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush genetics, Chemdawg seeds produce an absolute winning plant. Coming through in the flavour is a heavy diesel note that coats the mouth with its distinctive and easily recognizable gift to the cannabis world. Short to average flowering times reward gardeners with the potential for more harvests per year indoors.

The growth pattern of Chemdawg Feminized

Chemdawg Feminized seeds are an indica-dominant variety. The indica dominance is notable in the plants flowering time, terpene profile, and overall strength. Sativa influences are present in the finished height and branching structure of Chemdawg Feminized plants. Although it is a tall plant, it can become bushy with many branches. Light defoliation is encouraged to improve airflow through the canopy.

As a result of Chemdawg being Feminized the grower doesn’t need to worry about male plants monopolising valuable space in the garden. Chemdawg Feminized has a flowering time of 50 to 70 days.

Chemdawg Feminized finishes as a tall plant with many lateral branches. The final height for plants cultivated indoors can reach 120 to 150 cm. Outdoor gardeners can anticipate a slightly larger plant. Vertical growth speeds up during the first few weeks of flower, and then Chemdawg turns its attention to bud formation.

Chemdawg Feminized seeds are an excellent yielder in various mediums, including soil, coco, hydroponics, and living soils. Growers looking to maximize their garden space will love the XL yields of Chemdawg. Indoors, cultivators have been duly impressed with yields of 500 to 600 grams per m2. Outdoors, gardeners are pulling in an even larger harvest. Many of those harvests are above 600 grams per plant.

The remarkably smelly buds of Chemdawg Feminized are dense, green treasures hanging from every node on the plant. Buds tend to keep a compact shape, which also helps establish the density of the sticky green buds. Whether they are on the plant or in a jar curing, the physical appearance of this classic flower is a pleasing experience to the eye.

Chemdawg Feminized is suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardening. Cultivation of this strain outdoors is best accomplished in warm, Mediterranean climates. Of the many training techniques possible, Chemdawg Feminized responded well to the SOG methodology. From new growers to experienced growers, both will have success with Chemdawg. Likely, many growers will find a new favourite plant for the garden with this easy to grow strain.

Effect, taste, and smell of Chemdawg Feminized

Chemdawg Feminized is an indica-dominant variety that expresses both flavour and smell, favouring the indica side. Not to be left out of the conversation, the sativa influence joyously peeks its head above the clouds to steer the overall effects of this strain. Chemdawg Feminized is a well-balanced treasure for those who love diesel.

Gardeners with a busy schedule or plenty of tasks to do will be impressed by this uplifting strain. Chemdawg Feminized is often recommended for cultivators on the go. A popular daytime strain, the effects are celebrated for the energetic high, without the potential for paranoia that some of the racier strains can induce. Looking for a daytime strain, we’d like to suggest Chemdawg Feminized.

Known for the loud and pungent odour of diesel fuel, the growth period is no different. Chemdawg Feminized seeds produce a heavy odour from the plants while in the flowering stages of growth. Mixing with the diesel aromas are subtle hints of earthiness, but don't be fooled. Strong air-filtration systems will be needed to maintain privacy for any indoor gardeners.

Once gardeners have reached the end of the road after drying the harvested flowers, gardeners will get to soak in and absorb the unmistakable terpene profile of Chemdawg Feminized. Even before cultivators' brains begin to pick apart the various components, the brain says – that's pungent!Successful cultivators can expect to find spicy and herbal terpenes blending with sour notes of pinene and diesel.

Chemdawg features a flavour profile that should come as no surprise. Front and centre is the unmistakable diesel profile. This highly sought-after expression is popular with those who enjoy strong flavours. Not a solo act, the flavour profile of Chemdawg Feminized also incorporates some classical indica earthiness to complete this Californian favourite.


Seed type Feminized
Indica/sativa 55 % indica / 45 % sativa
Genetics Thai x Nepalese x Sour Diesel x OG Kush
Climate Sunny/Mediterranean
Flowering time 50 - 70 days
Indoor yield 500 - 600 g/m²
Indoor height 110 - 150 cm
Outdoor harvest time September/October
Outdoor yield 600 - 750 g/plant
Outdoor height 130 - 180 cm
THC 18 %
Aromas Diesel, herbal, pine, pungent, sour, spicy
Flavours Diesel, earth, pungent
Effects Energetic, uplifting
SOG Suitable
Yield, size, cannabinoid content, etc. can differ per grow (and even per plant!). Factors affecting the results include the growing medium, experience, gardening techniques (such as ScrOG), environmental conditions, and genetic variation between seeds.

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