How to Grow Weed in Small Spaces

How To Grow Weed in Small Spaces - WeedSeedShop Blog

The only limit when it comes to growing cannabis is yourself! With some extra attention, space doesn’t have to play a factor when it comes to growing weed. In this article, you will learn how to successfully grow in a smaller space without having to sacrifice a decent yield

Live in a studio apartment? Trying to hide your grow room from your neighbours? Never mind! Growing weed in small spaces doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality. It just means that you have to be selective about what you choose to grow and your creativity in the process. Some of us are working under restrictions, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice a good quality product.

The truth is that if you have the room to grow a full sized plant, you should take full advantage of it. Or of course, grow outdoors. But with the correct lighting and ventilation, you can get away with growing a very compact plant. We have set up some basic guidelines to follow to ensure success in your mini grow room.

Where are your limits?

Choosing which cannabis strain you want to grow is all going to depend on how much effort you want to invest into your grow space. If you go for a smaller and bushier indica strain, you can probably save yourself a lot of time trimming. If you are attempting to grow a lanky sativa, it is going to require some extra work on your behalf.

If you trim the shoots as they appear, you can fashion your tall sativa into something like a ganja bush. This method encourages buds to grow on a horizontal axis as much as a vertical axis, meaning the distance on the nodes between shoots decreases. Your plant starts to look like it is growing limbs rather than a torso!

Some people call this effect the “marijuana bonsai” tree, because that is literally the shape they start to take. If you’re opting for an indica strain, you will still have to trim it, but it isn’t known to shoot nearly as tall as a sativa. This means you won’t have to face those shoots as often.

Ventilation is the most important

 How To Grow Weed in Small Spaces - WeedSeedShop Blog

With small spaces, the ability to control heat is the most important thing. This is mainly controlled with good ventilation. A proper ventilation system that has been adapted for small spaces also means that the amount of fresh air entering is recycled often – your plant should not be starved of CO2!

Use your sensibility when creating your ventilation system. We all know that the hot air is going to rise, so put your exhaust fan up at the top somewhere. Make sure you have air coming into the bottom of the grow space, and this will ensure that the whole area is flowing with fresh air.

The globe is like the sun

The moment you turn on the light in your grow room, it is like the arrival of the sun. Plants can never grow as tall as the sun, so remember that your plants will grow in the direction of the sun. If you put the globe in the corner, it will maximise your grow space. If you put your globe on the sides, it will grow sideways. Be creative with the space that you are using and the shape that it is.

If you can afford to go down the road of LED lights, it is advisable because they produce a lot of light without overkilling the heat. The problem with high power globes is that you are going to spend so long trying to control the temperature in your grow space, so it is highly advisable not to choose something as powerful as 1000 watts.

High pressure sodium globes at 250 watts are enough for a tiny growing space You want just enough light to produce buds, but too much sunlight would burn up the whole world. Keep that in mind!

Using growboxes, grow tents and closets

 How To Grow Weed in Small Spaces - WeedSeedShop Blog

Some growers choose to purchase tents or boxes that come ready-made. They definitely make setting up your grow space incredibly easy, because most come with a fan attached. On the more expensive end, they come with all kinds of fancy gadgets for perfectly managing every aspect of growing. What you’re looking for out of one of these products is something that is completely airtight and light-tight, to make sure no unwanted visitors arrive.

There is nothing to lose by growing in your closet or under your sink. It is more or less the same thing, except you have to put a little extra work into building it. In fact, if you are using a closet that can be separated into two sections, then you can add the possibility of having room for a mother plant.

Pay attention and be prepared

The most important thing with using small grow spaces is to pay attention when your plant starts growing. If you do not maintain it properly by trimming, then you risk your plant trying to grow right out of the top of your tent or closet. The environment in a small space is moving extremely quickly, and without paying attention it can get too hot in there, there can be a lack of fresh air and your plant can die.

Be prepared with all of the essential indoor growing tools before you actually start this endeavor. The time and attention you give to your plants is what is going to ensure the greatest chances of success.


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