What to Expect From a Sativa Strain

What to Expect From a Sativa Strain - WeedSeedShop

There are a variety of cannabis strains available so it’s important to know the differences. Here we’ll take a look at Sativa strains. They are great to smoke with other people, as it doesn’t leave you feeling lethargic like indica strains might. Believe it or not, it can even boost your workout and improve your stamina! Here’s what else you can expect from the marvellous sativa genetics.

No matter what you think about cannabis, the reality is that it’s getting more and more popular, especially in Europe.

And if you think this rise in smoking is solely recreational, think again. Cannabis helps to ease the symptoms of mental illnesses, such as anxiety and depression. Today, it is even used to help with pain management in children with cancer.

Whether you’re using cannabis for recreational or medicinal purposes, it’s important to know which strain you’ll like the best. Each strain has various strengths, tastes, and may even cause you to have different reactions.

In this post, we’re telling you everything you need to know about what to expect from a Sativa Strain. We’ll also explore a few of our favourite strains of Sativa.

The Benefits Of The Sativa Strain

Anyone who has ever smoked can tell you that there are countless benefits to cannabis. But did you know that each type of the many strains on the market today have different effects?

In short, the type of high you have depends on what you’re smoking. Let’s take a look at just some of the reasons that the Sativa Strain is so popular now.

1. It’s Great If You Work Out

Believe it or not, you can work out while high. In fact, especially if you choose an option with Sativa genes, you might even get a boost to your workout. You’ll also notice that you won’t feel as sore or worn out afterward.

If you’re going for a longer workout, try smoking up beforehand. You might get an increased stamina!

2. You’ll Get Out Of A Creative Slump

Do you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your novel? Have you noticed that you’ve just been feeling a lot of creative blocks lately?

Can’t seem to find inspiration anywhere?

Well, a strain of Sativa might just be the key. This is because they’re especially popular for the head-based mental high they produce. To get the most out of your next experience, we suggest smoking up before going for a walk around your neighbourhood.

You’ll notice you might be a lot more observant and open than usual. You may even have a tendency to get a bit lost in your thoughts, and creating worlds and stories for what’s happening around you.

Many creative types also say that smoking before they meditate helps them to experience a creative boost.

3. You’ll Be More Focused

If you suffer from ADHD or just have a hard time focusing, you know that the problem is often that you just can’t seem to calm your mind down. If you’re dealing with racing thoughts that prevent you from concentrating on one thing at a time, a Sativa strain can help.

You’ll notice you’ll be able to break down tasks into manageable chunks, and that you don’t get distracted as easily.

This can even improve your work or school performance!

Is There A Difference Between Indica and Sativa Strains? 

Yes, and much of that difference has to do with how these plants actually grow.

Devoted growers may notice that while indica plants don’t grow very tall, Sativa plants can really get some height to them! Likewise, Sativa plants aren’t wide at all, while indica plants certainly are!

There is a general consensus that Sativa plants have a slightly lower amount of CBD than indica plants, but that Sativa plants have much more THC. As a result, many smokers feel that Sativa plants are more focused on a mental high. Indica plants, by contrast, are known for giving smokers a little more of a body-based high.

Also, you might choose one of these options over the other depending on your growing priorities. Sativa plants take a little longer to grow than Indica do — but they’ll also give you more bud.

It’s all about what’s the most important to you, the speed of growth or the yield amount.

Sativa plants also tend to have a much stronger smell than Indica ones do. This means that if you live in a shared space, or just have nosy neighbours, they might not be the best option for you.

Of course, the scent of your bud, also known as terpenes, help you to easily figure out which strain you have on your hands.

There’s one final difference between Sativa and Indica, where they came from! As their names might have suggested to you, Indica was originally found in India. Sativa was among the first strains of cannabis ever discovered in Europe.

It Takes Two, Or More: Understanding Hybrid Strains

You might already know that many of the cannabis strains on the market today are actually hybrid strains. This means that they’re a combination of two of more different strains.

Essentially, this allows for smokers to have a more unique, “tailored” high thanks to the combination of many flavours and mental effects.

There are also differences in Sativa-based and Indica-based hybrids. Sativa-dominated hybrids will, as we mentioned above, have more of a mental effect.

Many of these hybrids are used to help you concentrate and open up your mind. This means they’re great to smoke before a party if you’re the nervous type. They may even help you before a test or writing exam.

Hybrids that are pretty split down the middle between Sativa and Indica are for the smoker who wants to have a half-mental, half-physical experience. They’re ideal if you’re trying to work out, need to calm down before a meeting, or even just want to kick back for a few hours.

If a strain is dominated by Indica, this means that you’ll feel most of your high in your body. If you struggle with falling asleep, are looking for pain management, or just want to have an out-of-body experience, go for this option.

There are so many different types of strains out there especially when you take into consideration all the possible hybrid combinations. If you’re looking for our advice about the best strains to smoke, you definitely want to keep reading!

1. Super Silver Cheese Feminized Seeds

What to Expect From a Sativa Strain - WeedSeedShop

These feminized Sativa Strain seeds are wonderful to grow if you have the required outdoor space. They usually require lots of natural light and do best in a warmer climate. They’re also known for how high they tend to grow, so you’ll need an area with lots of room.

With an 80% Sativa genetic background, it doesn’t get much purer than this. You should expect a slightly above average yield from this plant.

If you have issues with muscle soreness and want to get rid of tension and pain, this Sativa Strain can help. If you enjoy a heavier high, and one that’s both mental and physical, this is the perfect option for you.

You might even notice a few hints of chamomile in this plant — that’s thanks to the cross between Cheese and Haze!

2. Trainwreck Feminized Cannabis Seeds

If you aren’t afraid of an option with a strong taste, this Sativa Strain is your best bet. It comes on quickly and totally takes over, thanks to the cross between Sativa from Mexico and Thailand combined with Indica from Afghanistan.

This strain has a fairly high amount of THC, which helps to add to its potent nature. If you’ve been suffering from a creative block and are looking for a little inspiration, turn to this to help you.

It’s also known to produce feelings of euphoria and give you a rush of energy. Reach for this Sativa Strain instead of your cup of coffee if you’re dealing with a mid-day slump.

Flavour-wise, be on the lookout for citrus notes, and even a hint of pine. The scent, just like the impact of this strain, is very strong — making it a real crowd-pleaser.

If you’re growing, we suggest a warm climate — though this will thrive both indoors and outdoors. Plus, you’ll see results in as little as 8 weeks! If you don’t have a lot of time or are lacking a green thumb, go for this option. They don’t require too much care on your part!

3. Durban Poison Seeds

These Sativa Strain seeds are popular in large part to just how much bud they produce. It’s one of the best strains to go with if you’re a serious Sativa fan, as about 75% of this plant is all Sativa. We also love that part of this strain comes from a secret location in Durban, South Africa.

You’ll notice that this strain has a darker green colour to it, as well as thin leaves. If you like a little “kick” to your weed, go for this option — you’ll even notice a hint of aniseed here.

If you’re into psychedelics, this is the plant for you. You can grow this plant outside in just about any summer temperature.

4. OG Kush Feminized 

What to Expect From a Sativa Strain - WeedSeedShop

You can’t go wrong with this classic, 75% Sativa strain. Whether you’ve just started growing/smoking, or if you’ve been in the game for a while, you’re bound to recognize the taste of this plant.

With roots in both Pakistan and Thailand, this is the strain to smoke if you just want to be able to kick back and relax. You’ll be able to really chill out and enjoy a full body high from this option.

Plus, you’ll gradually feel yourself getting higher and higher — making it an ideal option for those who have just started smoking. No harsh comedowns, either. If you’re growing, you’ll get a great yield from these plants if you grow them outdoors in the sunshine.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Smoking Experience

Now that we’ve covered the basics of understanding which Sativa strain is which, let’s talk about how you can get the most out of the smoking experience.

You might find that you react differently to your Sativa strain than others do, that’s totally normal. As in life, you might find your best friend’s favourite food rubs you the wrong way, and vice versa.

A lot of your smoking experience, especially as you begin to grow your own plants, will be based on trial and error. You might even want to keep a journal of how you react to different strains, so you know what to grow or buy in the future.

Sativa strains are great to smoke alone or with other people, and you likely won’t feel as lethargic as you might after smoking a strain that gives you more of a body high.

As a result, it’s a great time to work on an art project, watch a movie with friends, or even get involved in deep discussions. You might even find that a Sativa strain takes your sexual performance to the next level — definitely a beneficial side effect!

No matter what you smoke, it’s important not to judge whatever experience you have. Just relax and enjoy the moment. If you find that smoking sometimes makes you nervous, it might be a good idea to have others around. If you’re a more experienced smoker, you might enjoy it more on your own.

It’s all totally up to you.

You’re An Expert In The Sativa Strain

It’s always a good idea to know what you’re smoking. Plus, with the cannabis industry on the rise around the world, it’s important for you to build your reputation as an expert.

Of course, the Sativa Strain isn’t the only option out there!

When you’re ready to learn more about how to elevate your smoking experience and want to familiarize yourself with the countless strains you have to choose from, spend some time on our blog.

Already know what you like? Need to restock on your favourite seeds? We’ve got you covered there, too.

No matter what type of high you’re looking to have, the quality of your seeds can make it all the better. Browse through our seeds and always feel free to contact us with any questions.


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