The 7 Ultimate Strains to Boost Creativity

7 Ultimate Strains to Boost Creativity - WeedSeedShop

While some of us use cannabis as a means of alternative medicine, there are many of us who smoke weed for creative inspiration. Weed has the power to awaken creativity in people – or at least that’s what the likes of Bob Marley and Carl Sagan say! For some tips on the best strains to use to boost your creativity, keep reading.

The demographic for cannabis users is enormous. It isn’t just young people that use cannabis, nor is it just those seeking alternative medicine. All kinds of people from all kinds of places love to use the herb. And that probably has something to do with its versatility.

So, some use Mary-Jane to treat their epilepsy or depression. Others use it because they’re trying to get off other drugs. And so many reach out to cannabis for some creative inspiration.

Artists have always sworn by the power that cannabis gives them to tap into the “muse”, if you will. Bob Marley, Snoop Dogg and Carl Sagan are just a few names. It helps to have an ally during the creative process, and weed has proved itself a solid one over the decades. Even science has confirmed that cannabis can give some creative power!

We all lack some creative inspiration from time to time. Sometimes it’s not even about the execution of a piece of art, but rather about finding the ideas to execute. But not any old strain of cannabis will do the trick. Some strains are ideal to put you to sleep or to deal with chronic pain. So which strains will help you boost your creativity?

We’ve compiled this list of the best strains to use if you are searching for that creative flair. Whether you’re a painter, a musician, a writer or a dancer, give these strains a try next time you feel that “block” on your creative juice.

1. AK48: mellow and engaged

7 Ultimate Strains to Boost Creativity - WeedSeedShop

The name might suggest that this strain shoots you down into the horizontal position. But it doesn’t. On the contrary, it shoots your brain into full-blown engagement in whatever you are doing. Whether you find yourself in a social situation, or staring at a blank canvas, AK48 puts you “in the zone”.

AK48 is a sativa dominant hybrid that provides a cerebral high long-lasting enough to give you time with your project. But it is also mellow and relaxing. It’s the perfect recipe for getting busy with some creative work.

Its woody and earthy aromas are grounding at the same time as they are uplifting. A great strain for writer’s block.

2. Durban Poison: sticky and energetic

Straight from the South African port of Durban, this pure sativa might help to boost your creativity to the next level. It is well known for providing an extremely energetic high, perfect for day smoking.

The buds of Durban Poison are densely covered in resin, making them strong, sticky and pungent. This strain is a quality choice if you’re looking for a strong hit and a helping hand for creativity.

Try using this strain and going for a walk in nature to get inspired for whatever your next creative project is, and enjoy the long lasting euphoria.

3. Amnesia: potency for creativity

If you’re new to using weed, it might be best to save Amnesia for later inspirations. It is extremely strong, with one of its features being high THC levels and lower CBD. This quality makes it supremely psychoactive, which can be welcomed for a seasoned user but hard to handle if you’re new to the picture.

This sativa dominant hybrid’s parents are Skunk, Cinderella 99 and Jack Herer, making it great for uplifting you and giving you some creative energy to work with.

The highly psychotropic effects of Amnesia are great for inspiring ideas, even if it can be hard to actually nail down some work during its intense effects. Let the ideas flow smoothly after smoking Amnesia, but don’t forget them!

4. Trainwreck: euphoric elevation

Trainwreck comes with the same disclaimer as Amnesia: be careful with doses, because it is strong. This strain is another sativa dominant hybrid, coming from Mexican and Thai parents. Trainwreck has a tendency to be much higher in THC levels, so its effects start off with a high-speed cerebral buzz.

As the effects start to come on, you might get completely bowled over by the euphoric surge, the awakening of creative thoughts and ideas and the psychoactive effects.

It can be easy to take too much and be overwhelmed with this strain, so take it easy on dosage. You want to feel the creative high, but you don’t want to blow yourself out of this world (unless that’s how you get creative).  This is another great strain to get rid of some of those creative blocks.

5. Blue Dream: dreamy projects

The Blue Dream hybrid strain is the result of crossing the Blueberry Indica with the sativa Haze. The result is one of the most perfectly balanced highs on the market. In fact, it has become one of the staple strains in the USA.

What’s beautiful about Blue Dream is that it doesn’t take effect too quickly or too strongly. It eases you into the most delightful cerebral and body buzz, giving you all the space you need to explore your creative state of mind.

There’s no real feeling of sedation with Blue Dream, as dreamy as it might be. It creates a perfect environment for you to think, explore, play and create.

6. Kali-Mist: the powerhouse

Kali-Mist has become a favourite among women because of its ability to kick period pain straight out of the picture. But aside from that, it’s loved by everybody else because of its super energetic and creative high.

This sativa delivers you straight to the door of creativity with a clear head and plenty of vitality. It even verges on psychedelic at times. Taking the effect of this strain to the canvas, blank page or musical instrument is an adventure in itself.

7. OG Kush: originality

7 Ultimate Strains to Boost Creativity - WeedSeedShop

Last but definitely not least on our list of strains for getting creative is of course, the OG. The kind of strain that’s just really good for anything. The OG will always remain the OG. Kush provides the perfect balance between indica and sativa although it is a sativa dominant strain.

This strain gives the user a relaxed yet uplifting high, creating the perfect environment for creative endeavours. Whether you’re just searching for ideas or the motivation to execute those ideas, OG Kush is a great strain for a creative boost.

Things to note when picking strains for creativity

Creativity is all about action (in the brain, at least), and we know that some cannabis strains are not designed for that. In general, stick to strains that are more sativa than they are indica. Indica dominant strains can have a tendency to make the user sleepy and even couch-locked (in di ca = in da couch!).

Sativa is what is responsible for the cerebral buzz that puts you in the problem-solving, universe-creating state of mind. Pure sativa is always a good place to start if you’re looking for creativity.

However, if you’re the kind of person that can’t really handle the psychedelic effects of pure sativa, hybrids don’t go astray. But as we mentioned, steer clear of indica dominant hybrids.

And finally – don’t smoke too much! Blowing yourself away by smoking too much can overwhelm that creative neuron. You must still be able to focus and realize ideas, and smoking too much can actually work against you. Work your way up incrementally and be gentle with your creative self.


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