11 Best Hybrid Strains: Blended to Perfection

“Indica or sativa?” is a question as old as time for cannabis enthusiasts. But why limit yourself when you can have the best of both worlds in one strain? Today we’re talking about hybrids. It’s time to say goodbye to the indica vs. sativa debate and say hello to the perfect blend.

Thanks to the hard work of modern breeders, we are no longer limited by the traditional indica-sativa dichotomy. Hybrid strains combine and blend the best of both worlds into an ever-increasing number of new varieties. Depending on the parent strains and breeding methods employed, hybrids can combine the uplifting high of a sativa and the body buzz of an indica in myriad ways. Here we look at 11 hybrid strains that stand out from the crowd and take the power of cannabis to new levels.

1. White Widow

White Widow is a classic hybrid strain that sets the standard for many “White” strains in the industry. The strain’s name comes from the generous frosting of rich white trichomes that naturally appear on the buds during growth.

Created in the mid-1990s from Afghani and Brazilian parents, this strain is a delightfully balanced hybrid with a 50-50 indica-sativa balance that plays out beautifully when smoked. The sativa genetics contribute to a powerful and uplifting energetic buzz that’s wonderful for social gatherings and creative pursuits. The indica side then synergises with a relaxing undertone. In terms of flavour, White Widow has a fresh and flowery taste with earthy, woody undertones that can be quite pungent.

If you’re green-fingered and those frosty white buds call to you, then check out our White Widow Feminized seeds and Regular seeds and discover the true magic of this top-tier hybrid.

White Widow strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 50% indica / 50% sativa
  • Genetics – Brazilian sativa landrace strain x South Indian indica
  • THC – 21%
  • Effects – Creative, euphoric, potent, relaxing, social, talkative, uplifting
  • Flavours – Citrus, earth, fruity, pine, spicy, sweet

2. OG Kush

OG Kush is a hybrid strain that delivers consumers the best of both worlds. A carefully calibrated combo of sativa and indica makes it the perfect strain for those seeking a balanced high that offers cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. The high begins with a soaring cerebral effect that promotes euphoria and dissolves stress. The indica side of the strain then kicks in, dissolving physical discomfort and releasing muscle tension for a deeply relaxing buzz.

OG Kush has an enlivening taste consisting mainly of fresh citrus and black pepper aromas, providing a subtle spicy kick to complement the overall flavour. It’s one that invigorates the senses and gives it a big fruity mouthfeel that lingers on the palate long after the exhale.

OG Kush is a strain that practically grows itself, a process made even simpler with our OG Kush Autoflowering or OG Kush Feminized seeds. With minimal effort and expertise, cultivators can yield impressive results with this versatile and hardy plant. Whether you’re a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a novice grower, OG Kush is a must-try strain that’s sure to impress.

OG Kush strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 60% indica / 40% sativa
  • Genetics – Chemdawg x Lemon Thai x Pakistani Kush
  • THC – 19%
  • Effects – Body relaxation, cerebral high, potent, uplifting
  • Flavours – Citrus, diesel, pepper

3. Amnesia

Amnesia is a sativa-dominant hybrid with effects so strong that some say it can actually induce amnesia. It’s a strain that grows like an indica, but offers the energising effects of a sativa when smoked. With a 60-40 sativa-indica ratio, this strain is perfect for those who want to experience an uplifting, energetic vibe for creative activities. It can induce extremely euphoric effects that often bring on a fit of the giggles among users.

Amnesia has a rich genetic history, with roots in the classic Haze and Afghani strains. Subsequent cross-breeding with Jack Herer, Cinderella 99, and Skunk #1 led to a strain with a unique combination of flavours and effects. 

This wide mix of genetics leads to rich and resinous trichomes that make Amnesia a real treasure for the senses. Amnesia has a very earthy aroma and boasts an eclectic mix of flavours that span the spectrum from fruity to sweet to pungent.

Amnesia is a suitable strain for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. The indica genetics mean that it doesn’t require much space indoors. The plant typically flowers within 55 to 80 days and produces a decent yield. Check out our Amnesia Feminized seeds if you’d like to try your hand at growing this powerful strain that invokes all of the senses!

Amnesia strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 40% indica / 60% sativa
  • Genetics – Jack Herer x Cinderella 99 x Skunk #1
  • THC – 20%
  • Effects – Cerebral, creative, energetic, euphoric, relaxing, uplifting
  • Flavours – Fresh, fruity, hazy, pungent, sweet

4. Biscotti

Biscotti is an indica-dominant hybrid that will transport you into a state of pure relaxation. It’s a product of crossing Gelato 25 with Sour Florida OG. The result is a potent cerebral high that is both creative and calming. The effects of this strain slowly creep up on you, starting with a buzz that tingles from your head to your toes, leaving you feeling relaxed and focused.

With its sweet cookie flavour and a diesel undertone, Biscotti is a real treat for the senses. It’s the perfect strain to unwind after a long day, allowing you to indulge in a soothing and flavorful experience. Medical cannabis patients turn to this strain for relief from symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and depression, thanks to its high THC level of 21%.

Characterised by dark green and purple foliage with bright orange pistils, the small, dense buds have an exquisite top-shelf appeal. Take a puff of Biscotti and let the sweet aroma and relaxing effects melt your worries away.

Biscotti strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 80% indica / 20% sativa
  • Genetics – Gelato 25 x Sour Florida OG
  • THC – 21%
  • Effects – Tingly, relaxed, hungry
  • Flavours – Vanilla, diesel, honey

5. Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is an exquisite hybrid strain that embodies the best of both worlds. With a perfect blend of indica and sativa genetics, it delivers an unparalleled experience. The effects start with a calming body relaxation that then leads to a surge of energy and creativity. Skunk #1 can leave you feeling euphoric and focused with a sense of clarity of thought.

As its name suggests, Skunk #1 buds emanate an aromatic blend of sweet skunkiness. When coupled with the subtle earthy and pungent undertones, it delivers a potent punch drenched in goodness.

The genetic lineage of Skunk #1 includes three classic strains: Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold. The flowering time for Skunk #1 is relatively short, taking between 50 to 60 days to fully mature. This makes it a popular choice for growers looking to produce high-quality yields in a short amount of time. Specially developed for indoor cultivation, if you’d like to try your hand at producing this beauty, then be sure to check out our Skunk #1 Feminized seeds.

Skunk #1 strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 65% indica / 35% sativa
  • Genetics – Afghani x Acapulco Gold x Colombian Gold
  • THC – 16%
  • Effects – Body relaxation, clarity of thought, creative, energetic, euphoric
  • Flavours – Earth, pungent, skunk, sweet

6. NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel is a legendary cannabis strain that boasts extreme potency, having won multiple Cannabis Cup awards in the early 2000s. It’s a hybrid with a slightly higher indica level, yet still bears the signature sativa taste and buzz. Its roots trace back to New York City, where it gained a reputation for delivering a euphoric high that evolves into a delightful body buzz.

The flavour of NYC Diesel is truly unique, with a distinct citrus taste that is sweet and tangy on the tongue. Its aroma is equally impressive, with pungent notes of lime and grapefruit. The high is both cerebral and physical, with a strong, happy and talkative buzz that sets in instantly.

For the budding growers among you, NYC Diesel isn’t really suited to indoor growing due to the tendency of the sativa genetics to stretch. It is however a relatively easy strain to cultivate outdoors. And with a little extra TLC, it can yield a bountiful harvest, especially in warmer, sunnier climates. We stock NYC Diesel Feminized seeds and with a flowering time ranging from 55 to 70 days, it’s one that’s well worth the wait for the unique experience that awaits.

NYC Diesel strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 55% indica / 45% sativa
  • Genetics – Mexican Sativa x Afghani
  • THC – 18%
  • Effects – Body high, chatty, euphoric, talkative
  • Flavours – Citrus, diesel, grapefruit, tropical

7. Diesel Haze

Diesel Haze is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a powerful aroma and flavour. This strain is a cross between Haze and NYC Diesel, with a genetic makeup of 40% Indica and 60% Sativa. It combines the sharp citrus notes of classic NYC Diesel with the subtle chamomile flavour of Haze, creating a truly unique and flavourful experience. The effects are just as potent as you would expect from a sativa-dominant hybrid, ranging from introspective to sociable, but always uplifting. It’s an excellent choice for stimulating appetite and enhancing any culinary experience.

The flowering time is quite long, taking anywhere between 65 to 90 days. However, with proper care, it will yield a bountiful harvest. With our Diesel Haze autoflowering seeds, we’ve done the heavy lifting to reduce much of the work involved in cultivating a sativa-dominant strain of this calibre.

Diesel Haze strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 40% indica / 60% sativa
  • Genetics – Haze x NYC Diesel
  • THC – 17%
  • Effects – Cerebral, energetic, uplifting
  • Flavours – Chamomile, citrus, diesel

8. Runtz

Runtz is highly sought-after for its fruity flavour profile. This strain is the result of crossing Zkittlez with Gelato. With buds that drip in resin and range in colour from rich purple to lime green, it’s got extreme visual appeal to the eye. 

When smoked, Runtz produces a creamy, smooth smoke that’s easy on the lungs. The ensuing high begins with a heady, euphoric rush that’s uplifting and often induces giggles. A relaxing body buzz then ensues as the indica genetics express. It boasts high THC levels of 21% that can take your high to all-new levels.

Runtz is a great choice for intermediate and advanced growers and can be grown both indoors and outdoors. The flowering time for this strain is 55 – 70 days. When grown outdoors, it will finish in mid-October. However, it’s worth noting that Runtz offers a smaller-than-average yield.

Runtz strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 45% indica / 55% sativa
  • Genetics – Zkittlez x Gelato
  • THC – 21%
  • Effects – talkative, happy, uplifting, giggly
  • Flavours – Sweet, fruity, berry

9. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies, or GSC, is a popular hybrid strain that originates from Northern California. Its parent plants are Durban Poison, a sativa strain from South Africa, and OG Kush. GSC has won several Cannabis Cup awards and is beloved for its intense, uplifting high.

The high is a perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria. The effects typically begin in the head before spreading throughout the body where it induces a relaxed vibration. 

GSC’s aroma is sweet and spicy, with hints of mint, aniseed, sandalwood, and citrus. The taste is heavenly, with fruity and pine flavours oozing through strongly. The buds tend to exhibit a beautiful light purple colour on the calyxes and leaves, with some even displaying orange pistils. The glittering white and gold resin glands make for visually stunning buds.

GSC has a flowering time of 60 to 70 days and can reach heights of 200 to 250 cm when grown outside. Indoor cultivation limits the growth to around 100 cm. If you feel the call to cultivate this firm favourite among cannabis enthusiasts, then our Girl Scout Cookies Feminized seeds are only a click away!

Girl Scout Cookies strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 60% indica / 40% sativa
  • Genetics – OG Kush x Durban Poison
  • THC – 22%
  • Effects – Body relaxation, chatty, euphoric
  • Flavours – Fruity, pine, spicy, sweet

10. Do-Si-Dos

Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid that boasts beautiful, trichome-drenched buds with colourful leaves.

While it strongly expresses its indica-dominant traits, Do-Si-Dos still maintains a notable slice of sativa qualities. The high begins with a pleasurable and uplifting cerebral high, inducing euphoria and an elevated mood. The indica qualities then take over, producing a heavy, full-body high that is great for relaxation and contemplation.

What sets Do-Si-Dos apart from other Kush strains is its updated twist in flavour profile. Do-Si-Dos offers an alluring and unique blend of sweet, earthy, citrus and floral flavours, creating a complex and exciting experience.

With our Dosidos Feminized or Dosidos Autoflowering seeds you’ll have the means to cultivate the perfect strain for a new twist on a classic flavour to enjoy a balanced and complete high.

Do-Si-Dos strain info

  • Indica/sativa – 65% indica / 35% sativa
  • Genetics – OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies x Face-Off OG
  • THC – 22%
  • Effects – Euphoric, smooth, thoughtful, uplifting
  • Flavours – Citrus, earth, flowery, sweet

11. Sherbert

Sherbert is a popular indica-dominant hybrid strain and is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties. Known for powerful, full-body effects where worries simply dissolve, Sherbert is a go-to strain for consumers seeking relaxation and stress relief.

Its sweet, dessert-like flavour profile features notes of citrus, berries, and candy, making it a delight for the senses. Sherbert tends to flower into attractive oval, fluffy nugs. The impressive trichome coverage woven around dark amber hairs and green foliage makes for a visually stunning strain. If you’re looking for a strain that will tantalise your taste buds and soothe your soul, then look no further than Sherbert. 

We don’t sell Sherbert, but our Gelato #51 Feminized seeds are a cross between Sherbert and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and share some favourable characteristics.

Sherbet Strain Information

  • Indica/sativa – 85% indica / 15% sativa
  • Genetics – Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties
  • THC – 18%
  • Effects – relaxed, happy, giggly
  • Flavours – Sweet, tropical, citrus

Thanks to modern breeding techniques, there is an ever-increasing variety of hybrids with endless possibilities. No matter what your needs or expectations are, there’s a hybrid strain out there for everyone! Now it’s over to you. What are some of your favourite hybrid strains, and why? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!


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