Indoor Cannabis Cultivation: Essential Tools

It can be a little bit overwhelming putting all the pieces together for your first grow room, especially if it is your first time. So we are here to make things a little bit easier. After reading this article, you will be equipped with all the necessary tools to successfully build an indoor grow room.

If you are growing cannabis for the first time and are looking to do so in the more indoor, inconspicuous way, you’re going to need some tools to get yourself started. It can be daunting preparing your growing space if you’re just starting out and this is a guide to help you prepare before you get started. It’s not easy growing cannabis and it requires a lot of care and attention to have a happy and healthy plant. Of course, all of the different growing methods will require different tools, but this is a guide for those who are looking to grow cannabis indoors.

There are some things that are specific and essential to a cannabis cultivator, and there are other items that are just useful to have around. Having a toolkit makes you ready for whatever challenges your plant wants to throw your way and gives you something to improvise with on your first attempt at a growing operation. Here are the essential things that you need to become a cannabis cultivator!

Exhaust fans

A good grow room has good-quality air circulating and being ventilated all the time, so make sure your growing space is equipped with a fan before you begin growing. Warm air should be circulating out and being replaced with cooler fresh air, and so this also requires ducting. Quality weed is not going to grow in a place where the air is not moving well, so this one is essential to a good grow room.

Denatured alcohol

This is an essential must have for all growers, as it is probably the best way to clean the space around which you grow. Cleanliness is hard to maintain in a room full of sticky, resinous buds and it can get just about everywhere. Denatured alcohol cleans the stickiness away in a heartbeat, so this is a handy tool to keep around for a clean working space.

Zip Ties

Zip ties are essential for maintaining a neat and tidy grow room. Cords for connecting grow lights can get messy and cluttered and even choke up your plants if you’re not careful. Using zip ties to keep all of the cords neatly collected in your grow room doesn’t just keep it pretty, but keeps it practical, too!

Essential Tools of an Indoor Marijuana Grower


A dehumidifier is great for indoor growing operations that are perhaps in an area whether the weather is not cooperating. In growing operations that become too humid, the buds are at a risk of rotting and potentially ruining the entire plant. Unhealthy humidity levels can also lead to a drop in the THC content of the final product. A dehumidifier can help maintain healthy humidity levels, but beware of using it too much, as this can potentially dry out your cannabis plants.


Some growers will make the decision to foliar feed and a mister is a much better option than a spray bottle. With a mister, you are able to spray a much finer mist that is actually adjustable. It also allows the ability to measure exactly how much is being misted on the foliar.

Nutrient pumps

Nutrient pumps are bottles that you can put your nutrient mix in. You can pump your nutrients out like you would pump sunscreen out of a bottle. This doesn’t just allow you to keep your nutrients organised and stored, but it also allows better control over how much nutrient is used. It is hard to pour the viscous nutrient material out of a bottle and it can get quite messy. This is a great solution to that problem!

Industrial syringe

The industrial syringe allows you to accurately measure out any liquid before giving it to your cannabis plant. Then it allows for easy application of that liquid to the soil or to the plant if you need to do so. This is an extremely handy tool to have around for precision, especially in those delicate situations such as micronutrients and pH-altering liquids.

Scotch tape

This is an essential of basically any toolkit in the whole world — and that’s because it’s an effective fix-it solution! If you need a quick solution to anything broken in your grow room, you can pretty much guarantee that Scotch tape can save it. This includes if you have accidentally broken the stem of your cannabis plant (Don’t worry! It happens to the best!). Using tape holds the stem in place while it heals, and the branch can have an opportunity to heal well enough to produce buds.

Essential Tools of an Indoor Marijuana Grower

Twist ties

Twist ties might be what you once used to tie up a garbage bag, but it’s also a tool you can use in your weed garden. It can be used to organise wires and it can be used to train young cannabis plants. Don’t choke your plants by actually twisting them on, but just bend them shut. They will pop open when the plant starts outgrowing it.

Odour control

Odour control is imperative for an indoor growing operation, unless you don’t care about nosy neighbours or guests. The smell of your grow room could be the thing that finally gives you away, and so it always pays to have a solution for odour control. There are a number of ways that you can manage the smell of your grow room. There are products on the market where you just need to leave the open jar in the vicinity of your grow room, and the odour will be masked. Otherwise, ventilation into an outdoor area that is not frequented by people is another option. Whichever way you choose, it is something that should be considered before beginning your indoor grow op!

Of course, your indoor growing operation is going to need lights, reflection, air conditioners, hydro kits or soil, and other growing tools, such as pruners and gloves. It is important to familiarise yourself with the equipment that you need for a successful growing operation before beginning, as these are all imperative to a successful crop. Having these tools in your toolkit should keep you well prepared in the case that something needs attention and should also keep you ready for any challenges that your growing operation throws your way!


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