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Temperate / Continental

This filter selects varieties of cannabis seeds that are recommended by WeedSeedShop for growing outdoors in temperate and continental climates.

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The qualities of each climate zone should always be carefully considered when you are choosing which seeds to buy for growing outside, as there are many different genetic combinations that will thrive or struggle depending on their outdoor grow environment. Qualities such as yield, flavour and effect vary between the strains, so there should be something to delight everyone in a temperate or continental climate in this selection.

The cultivation of cannabis plants outdoors, in any place below the 45th parallel north, is easy during a normal summer with this seductive selection of varieties. Sheltered from wind but exposed to the sun, and maintained with love, these carefully chosen marijuana seed varieties provide bountiful harvests of powerful buds with a gorgeous aroma. WeedSeedShop provides a tropical touch to gardens in temperate and continental zones!