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  • Indica-dominant hybrid
  • Fast-flowering
  • Heavy yields
  • Medium-sized plant
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Bubblegum XXL Feminized is a 65% indica / 35% sativa-based strain. Balanced hybrid effects soothe both the body and mind. Growers looking to maximize harvest per year will enjoy the quick flowering times. Average in height, this plant works well indoors or outdoors and can produce XL yields. Aromas can be candy-like, while the flavours add pungent and spicy notes to the mix.

About Bubblegum XXL Feminized

Opening a jar of Bubblegum XXL Feminized is like opening a fresh pack of bubblegum. Nostalgia grips your imagination and transports you back to the carefree days of seeing who could blow the biggest bubbles with their gum. The uplifting effects help maintain those joyful spirits as the flavour palate adds to the mouthful of melancholy.

Bubblegum XXL Feminized seeds were created by crossing Citral, Bubblegum, and Skunk #1. This produced a slightly indica-dominant hybrid plant that expresses the qualities of all three genetic contributors.

The indica-dominant Citral and Bubblegum cultivars passed on identifiable traits such as the short flowering time, compact shape, and XL yields. The sativa influence of Skunk #1 passed down traits that include sweet, fruity flavours and a slightly open bud structure.

Growing Bubblegum XXL Feminized

Bubblegum XXL Feminized seeds grow into a plant similar to the majority of indica-leaning morphologies. The overall structure is a compact one. These plants remain short and bushy regardless of vegetative time.

Sturdy lateral branches fill the apical meristem with tight internodal spacing. A thick canopy of bright green vegetation gives this plant its bushy appearance. These seeds are feminized, meaning gardeners do not need to sort out undesirable males.

A stand-out feature that makes Bubblegum XXL Feminized unique is the quick, 45-50 day flowering period. For gardeners looking to have as many harvests as they can per year, this is a strain to do it with. Finished heights are perfect for growing tents or gardening spaces with low ceilings.

Indoor gardeners who maintain ideal grow room conditions can see plants finishing around 80-110 cm in height. Outdoors, plants grown under natural sunlight in areas with low-pest pressure, have finished near or above 150-200 cm in height.

Bubblegum XXL Feminized has two main areas of bud production. One is the large central cola, which rises above the canopy on the apical meristem. Below that are the apical tips from the numerous lateral branches. These also form long, conical-shaped buds with dark green and purple foliage. Nearly hiding the vibrant colours is a thick layer of milky trichomes underneath a matting of bright orange stigmas.

The yields of Bubblegum XXL Feminized are impressive, and it’s one of our highest-yielding plants. Lavish flower, and lots of it. Whether growers are indoors or outdoors, gardeners can produce XL yields with the right conditions. Indoors, yields have ranged around the 550-625 grams per m² mark. Outdoor growers get a boost from the natural light and can harvest individual plants in the 600-700 gram range.

The proper outdoor climate for growing Bubblegum XXL Feminized is a climate that experiences occasional rain and warm weather for most of the season. This hardy plant has the ability to withstand slightly more rain than one would find in sunny / Mediterranean climates.

If growers have their hearts set on using plant training techniques, Bubblegum XXL Feminized can handle them well. SOG, SCROG, Supercropping, and lollipopping can all be beneficial, but with the short flowering time, most are not needed unless growers plan an extended vegetative period.

Effects, taste, and smell of Bubblegum XXL Feminized

The effects of Bubblegum XXL Feminized are immediate, with the first stage of euphoria. Suddenly, the day is better, and the colours are brighter. An uplifting feeling takes hold that manifests itself with a big smile across the gardener's faces. Carefree and inspired, the effects of this strain have been known to induce an elevated sense of creativity. Completing this blissful journey is a soothing body stone that casually radiates from within.

Bubblegum XXL Feminized has an enjoyable flavour that merges indica and sativa palates. From the sativa side comes outstanding fruit flavours and a candy-like influence from bubblegum genetics. Traditional indica notes complete the profile. A pungently skunky essence lingers on the tongue as the spicy undertones cleanse the palate for the subsequent sampling of Bubblegum XXL Feminized buds.

As the name implies, this strain has a terpene profile with an undeniable likeness to the scent of opening a fresh pack of chewing gum. Potently sweet aromas rise from the jar of Bubblegum XXL Feminized when popping the lid. The scents are candy-like, and each breath-in carries a layer of heavy fruitiness. This unique terpene profile is popular amongst cannabis connoisseurs with a sweet tooth.

Did you know?

  • Bubblegum is a legendary strain with roots in Amsterdam and the USA.


Seed type Feminized
Indica/sativa 65 % indica / 35 % sativa
Genetics Citral x Bubblegum x Skunk #1
Climate Temperate/continental, Sunny/Mediterranean
Flowering time 45 - 50 days
Indoor yield 550 - 625 g/m²
Indoor height 80 - 110 cm
Outdoor harvest time September
Outdoor yield 600 - 700 g/plant
Outdoor height 150 - 200 cm
Plant structure Short, compact, bushy. Sturdy branches and bright green leaves.
Bud formation Long conical buds, dark green and purple foliage, frosted resin glands. Dense and compact.
Aromas Candy, fruity, sweet
Flavours Candy, fruity, Skunk, spicy
Effects Body high, calming, creative, happy
SOG Suitable
ScrOG Suitable
Supercropping Suitable
Yield, size, cannabinoid content, etc. can differ per grow (and even per plant!). Factors affecting the results include the growing medium, experience, gardening techniques (such as ScrOG), environmental conditions, and genetic variation between seeds.

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