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Grapefruit Punch Automatic seeds are a true hybrid, with 50% indica and 50% sativa genetic inheritance. This automatic variety initiates its own flowering cycle, which runs for 50-55 days. Reported effects include a calm and happy sensation. Grapefruit Punch Automatic has a tropical and multi-layered flavour profile. Greasy trichomes cover the flowers and scents range from bitter to sweet.

About Grapefruit Punch Automatic

Grapefruit Punch Automatic is an invigorating hybrid, perfect for enjoying during the daytime. Vibrant profiles stimulate the senses and spark conversation. Growers can prepare for an easy-to-grow plant that, with little effort and optimal conditions, can produce impressively large colas. Ideal for novice growers, Grapefruit Punch Automatic doesn’t require advanced gardening knowledge to be successful.  

Grapefruit Punch Automatic seeds combine genetics from Grapefruit, Northern Lights, OG Kush, and Durban cultivars. The sativa influence is typically where exotic flavours come from, and the Grapefruit and Durban strains in the genetic mix inject a fistful of flavours into these buds.

Grapefruit Punch Automatic is short in stature and ideal for low-ceiling tents or growing spaces. It grows well outdoors in temperate regions that experience occasional cold and rain. These traits are representative of hardy indica genetics from the Northern Lights and OG Kush lineage. The effects are cerebral and soothing, which are also traditionally characteristics of indica traits.

Growing Grapefruit Punch Automatic

With 50% indica and 50% sativa genetics, Grapefruit Punch Automatic has an overall morphology to reflect its lineage. The indica inheritance is most evident in the height of the finished plant. From seed, this grows into a low and wide-profiled plant. There isn’t much side branching on the Grapefruit Punch Automatic, which is ideal for growers who like large colas.

Traits from the sativa influence show themselves in the morphology of the bud structure. Flowers grown from the Grapefruit Punch Automatic seed tend to have a slightly open structure. This trait is beneficial for growers in tropical climates. The buds grow in an elongated spear shape covered in trichomes and multi-hued orange stigmas. All of these factors contribute to making the colas on the finished plant so impressive.

Grapefruit Punch Automatic has two distinct features which assist new growers. First, the Grapefruit Punch Automatic seeds are feminized. Growers do not need to sex the plants, and they are able to use their limited garden space efficiently by growing only female plants. Secondly, there is no need to change the lighting to initiate flowering. Grapefruit Punch seeds are of the automatic variety, meaning the plant will automatically switch to flower when ready.

In optimal conditions, the flowering time of Grapefruit Punch Automatic plants spans 50-55 days before being ready to harvest. At the time of harvest, these seeds can reach up to 80 cm in the indoor garden. Outdoors, Grapefruit Punch Automatic plants grow anywhere between 80 and 120 cm in favourable conditions. Another advantage for new growers, this plant grows best naturally. No SOG, SCROG, Supercroppping, or lollipopping is advised for automatic varieties.

Yields of Grapefruit Punch Automatic outshine the short stature of this plant, and the plethora of large, resin-drenched colas combine for impressive yields. Cultivators can harvest 250 – 300 grams per m² of top-shelf flowers in optimal indoor conditions. In a good season, outdoor growers from colder or rainier continental climates can harvest 160 to 200 grams per plant!

Effect, taste, and smell of Grapefruit Punch Automatic

Expect a parade of flavours when Grapefruit Punch Automatic is on the menu. Here, the sativa influence dominates with a refreshing citrus essence. Traces of freshly peeled grapefruit, oranges, and pineapple are the first identifiable flavours. Then an unexpected kick from a citrusy lime mojito hits the palate, only to be levelled out by a hint of delicious chocolate on the backend.

If privacy is a concern for gardeners, an air-scrubbing system would be beneficial. A living Grapefruit Punch Automatic plant produces a detectable odour during the flowering stages. The smell has been described as a pungent floral aroma.

After the flowers of Grapefruit Punch Automatic have been carefully hung, dried, jarred, and cured, the terpene profile rewards growers for their patience. This multi-layered playground for olfactory senses begins with a sweet scent through the nose. A whiff of earthiness and a mild bitterness linger in the air before being consumed by the lavish variety of tropical scents.

Grapefruit Punch Automatic has an immediate onset of effects. Not to be concerned, it is an inviting, mood-altering, get-stuff-done kind of change to the day. Being able to focus is one of many reasons Grapefruit Punch Automatic has been popular for daytime activities.

Initially, the effects create an uplifting, cerebral high that stimulates euphoric and positive thinking. As the mind is transported to a beautiful place, the body begins to release stored tension from day-to-day hassles. Grapefruit Punch Automatic offers a soothing buzz of warmth from head to toe, putting the body and mind at ease.

Did you know? 

  • Grapefruit Punch Automatic is a four-way cross that includes cannabis cup-winning genetics.
  • With ideal conditions, Grapefruit Punch Automatic seeds are easy to grow for all experience levels.


Seed type Autoflowering
Indica/sativa 50 % indica / 50 % sativa
Genetics Grapefruit x Northern Lights x OG Kush x Durban
Beginners Ideal for beginners
Climate Temperate/continental, Sunny/Mediterranean
Flowering time 50 - 55 days
Indoor yield 250 - 300 g/m²
Indoor height 40 - 80 cm
Outdoor harvest time September/October
Outdoor yield 160 - 200 g/plant
Outdoor height 80 - 120 cm
Plant structure Compact structure, short internodal spacing, sturdy branches, bright green foliage. One large cola, few lateral branches.
Bud formation Slightly open and elongated bud structure with tightly-coiled leaves, covered in resin.
Aromas Dank, earthy, sweet, tropical
Flavours Chocolate, citrus, grapefruit, tropical
Effects Body relaxation, cerebral high, euphoric
SOG Not suitable
ScrOG Not suitable
Supercropping Not suitable
Yield, size, cannabinoid content, etc. can differ per grow (and even per plant!). Factors affecting the results include the growing medium, experience, gardening techniques (such as ScrOG), environmental conditions, and genetic variation between seeds.

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