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Indica / Sativa hybrids

Varieties of WeedSeedShop cannabis seeds included in this filter contain a mixture of Sativa and Indica genetics.

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These hybrids combine the excellent traits of two types of marijuana, and were designed to favor either their Indica or Sativa side, or to create a balanced outcome. This filter is ideal for consumers who want to experience the two ends of the cannabis spectrum as different combinations made possible by these hybrids, or for those who feel that there is no need to choose between vanilla and chocolate if you can have both!

People who choose to buy seeds for Sativa / Indica hybrids can take advantage of the various different traits that have been emphasized in each specific strain. Some of the best cannabis hybrid "contemporary classics" can be found here, as well as newer or more unusual marijuana types.

There are some easy to grow kinds in this filter too, as well as connoisseur strains that will perform best in the hands of someone with prior gardening experience. In fact, hybrids are appreciated by connoisseurs to such an extent that sometimes they can surpass f1 non-hybrid type varieties - at least in terms of overall popularity!