Weed Weddings: 4 Ways to Incorporate Cannabis Into Your Wedding

You might never have imagined a cannabis bouquet at a wedding – or a cannabis bar at the reception party. But the latest trend in weddings is the presence of Miss Mary Jane. People across the USA are beginning to plan their cannabis-themed weddings, and people are going mad over it! So don’t be a bridezilla, but it’s ok to be little bit high maintenance 😉

You can just imagine how many people in the 70s wished that they could have a legal cannabis bar at their wedding. It’s a real thing now. A legal thing. People across the USA are jumping on the opportunity to introduce legal cannabis as a feature of their wedding. Cannabis bouquets, cannabis bars, and even cannabis-infused alcohol.

Whereas once, themed weddings seemed tacky and distasteful, this themed wedding gets just about everybody to RSVP with a definite yes! Who wouldn’t want to attend a wedding that had a full spread of indica, sativa and hybrid to choose from? Imagine saying your vows while holding an entire bouquet of cannabis!

The wedding industry has always been, and will probably always be, one of the most profitable industries in the world. There’s no wonder that recreational cannabis has managed to break into it. Let’s have a look at all how cannabis can be incorporated into a couple’s big day.

1. The cannabis bar

The cannabis bar is an integral part of every cannabis wedding. At least, Bridal Bliss and their entourage think so. This team of wedding planners has catered for a cannabis wedding before, and a cannabis bar was the main attraction. Yes – walk up to the bar and request “this strain” or “that strain” and load it up into a pipe.

This probably calls for some pretty epic responsible serving. Mixing alcohol with cannabis can end in disaster for some people if it’s not done right. Bartenders and budtenders would have to be on top of their game to ensure the night isn’t ruined for anybody.

You would really hope that everyone at the wedding would be ok with something like this. If you’re anti-cannabis, it could be pretty confronting to walk up to a cannabis bar. Nonetheless, it makes for an interesting bar idea for a nuptial ceremony.

2. Pair your wedding with nice strains

If you’re having a budbar anyway, why not add some relevant strains while you’re at it?

  1. Wedding Cake

    For obvious reasons!
  2. Gelato #51

    Because what pairs better with a wedding than some Gelato?
  3. Strawberry Kush

    Sweet flavours and a berry aroma – need we say more?
  4. Guava Cake

    Because the child of Strawberry Kush, Wedding Cake, and Durban Poison must surely bring something special to the table.
  5. Swiss Dream

    For those who are a little bit less adventurous, this high-CBD strain is a safe alternative! With THC levels below 1%, even your grandma might give Swiss Dream a try.
  6. Trainwreck

    Because we all know have that friend who’s sure to cause a scene!

3. Cannabis bouquets

Making a bouquet of cannabis flowers is quite the art form. Tying a bunch of cannabis stems together just doesn’t quite have the same effect as a bouquet in full bloom. So leave cannabis bouquets up to the experts. But don’t expect the price tag to be cheap. A cannabis bouquet can be made up with an ounce of weed and costing up to $400.

There can be a green bouquet for just about every place in the wedding: in the hands of the bride, decorating the marriage venue and perhaps even a corsage for the groom.

Lowell Herb Co. are masters of the one ounce cannabis bouquet. They swear by the sustainable growing of cannabis, too. It’s not such a bad idea to sell bouquets that can then be dismantled and actually used. Most wedding flowers end up in the compost or in some vases around the house. But this bouquet will end up in someone’s pipe, making it the most practical bouquet in the world.

Oddly enough, Lowell Herb Co doesn’t seem to offer the cannabis bouquet anymore. Perhaps it wasn’t as big a hit as expected? Luckily Toronto-based Paraluman Flora also makes cannabis bouquets, theirs are in more vibrant colours.

Luckily Instagram is (as always) an excellent source for inspiration, and while it’s always cracking down on hashtags, at the moment #weedbouquet still provides some lovely examples of cannabis bouquets!

4. Canna-bonbonnieres

Ok, now this might be a far out idea, but in the right wedding it could really be special. How many times have you walked off with a wedding favour that you knew you would never eat and never used? The regular wedding favour is usually just a waste of time and money. Enter cannabis.

Some people donate the money they were going to spend on wedding favours to charity and give their guests a little token to say “you donated!”. They predicted in advance that people simply wouldn’t use the wedding favour that they would have provided.

So why not give away buds as the bonbonniere? Little packages that contain a half gram or gram of bud – depending on how many people you have to supply! If your family and friends are generally cannabis friendly, this could make for the best wedding favour that ever existed.

At a cannabis themed wedding, this would look amazing. Everybody would be catered for, both during and after the wedding. Enjoy the cannabis bar during the wedding. Party on with the wedding favour. It sounds almost too good to be true, right?

5. Cannabis decorations

Depending on the overall style of your decorations, you can incorporate cannabis here too.

One option are subtle touches. Think: Invitations on hemp paper, botanical prints, and weed elements on the place cards.

Or go all out: Custom grinders, an extravagant cannabis-themed cake topper, a cannabis garter, cannabis coasters, or even add some fake cannabis plants!

6. Prepare by visiting a cannabis wedding expo

Believe it or not, cannabis expos have been running all around the USA since as early as 2016. Because let’s be honest, it’s not that easy to find a wedding planner who knows how to throw together a cannabis wedding. The cannabis expo brings together all the event planning companies who know how to work cannabis into the schedule.

You can find everything there – cannabis-friendly venues, photographers, cannabis florists, caterers and even people who make hemp wedding dresses! In 2021, the Cannabis Wedding Expo is held in Boston, Denver and Las Vegas. Sale of cannabis doesn’t happen at the expo itself, so make sure that you prepare yourself before arriving.

It’s a nice day for a weed wedding

Weed isn’t taboo anymore friends! At least, not in some parts of the world. Cannabis weddings are just an expression of the kind of global shift that we are going through. Of course, there are some logistical things to consider before making your wedding cannabis themed.

For example, if everyone is high, the music needs to be suitable. Maybe it can be a “barefoot” kind of wedding, too. Supply lots of wedding cake. And perhaps it coincides with being a child-free wedding, because hey, safety first! These are the kinds of things that match up with a very good cannabis wedding.

In any case, people all over the USA are excited and pleased to have cannabis as a part of their nuptial experience. Master growers, dispensary owners and cannabis enthusiasts must jump for joy at the idea – and so do we!


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