4 Top Recommendations for Cannabis Cocktails

This article is a step up from making your own cannabis cocktails. Cannabis cocktails are the next level of the creativity exhibited by the cannabis users. These weed delicacies are an experience in flavours and a perfect combination of weed and alcohol. These are our top 4 recommendations for cannabis cocktails.

Cannabis cocktails are quickly becoming another addition to the list of exotic things available on the cannabis menu. Cannabis cuisine is beginning to incorporate a wide range of delicacies and creative ways to infuse cannabis. Cannabis cocktails can be seen as a step up from cannabis-infused alcohol. Of course, you can use your cannabis-infused alcohol to make cannabis cocktails, but there are even more creative ways than that.

Connoisseurs of cannabis and alcohol have come up with some very creative ways to infuse cannabis into alcohol (and other things) for use in cocktails. The result is some very interesting flavour combinations that bring a new dimension to the cannabis experience. This is a great way to entertain! Mixing cannabis and alcohol is a great way to bring something new and exciting to a party. You can experiment with different strains of weed and different tasting cocktails for a new flavour experience. This article contains a few different ways that you can infuse your weed into alcohol and different cocktails to experiment with after that.

1. Bud Rum or Bud Vodka

Bud rum, bud vodka, or both? Actually, you can infuse cannabis into any high proof alcohol such as brandy, vodka, rum, and even wine. The process by which you infuse your cannabis into alcohol is called steeping. For any steeping process, it’s best to decarboxylate your weed (which means baking it in the oven until it is slightly darker). This activates the THC in your weed. Then you simply need to put the buds in your alcohol to steep for anywhere between days and weeks. The longer you steep them, the stronger the effect of the cannabis will be. Then you simply need to strain.

4 Top Recommendations for Cannabis Cocktails

So now that you have bud rum or bud vodka or even bud brandy, what are you going to do with it? We have a couple of cocktail recipes that you can use that mix very well with the taste of bud, as well as its effects.

Try infusing your cannabis into a good-tasting light rum. A daiquiri is a classic drink that suits sitting poolside or out in the garden on a sunny weekend. Be as creative as you like with your daiquiri recipe. It traditionally contains light rum, lime, and sugar. If you’d like to add some fruit to the mix, feel free!

For a vodka cocktail that is also medicinal, you can try the Lemon Drop Martini. For this recipe you can use your cannabis-infused vodka. Just add one part vodka, one quarter part triple sec, and a little bit of lemon juice. You can also add some honey if you need a little bit of extra medicine.

2. Cannabis-infused coconut cream

This recipe comes from a very special restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. This recipe requires you to infuse your cannabis into coconut cream, which will then be added to the rest of the beverage. This drink is called the California Painkiller, and it was originally created to bring out the flavours of the Northern Lights strain. So, with that being said, the best strain to use for this particular cocktail is the Northern Lights!

You should still decarboxylate your weed before beginning this process. There are no rules with how much cannabis to use, but be responsible. You should use enough coconut cream to immerse your buds in it. Put your buds and your coconut cream in a pot and let it simmer at low heat for 2-3 hours. Strain your weed out and you now have cannabis-infused coconut cream.

4 Top Recommendations for Cannabis Cocktails

To make the California Painkiller, add 1 part rum, 2 parts of your cannabis infused coconut cream, and some nutmeg to garnish the drink.

3. Making cannabis syrup for cocktails

Another way to get cannabis into your cocktail is to infuse it into vegetable glycerin, turning it into a syrup. You can then mix this syrup into a range of different cocktails for a completely different effect. This syrup is sweet like honey and actually sweetens your cocktail while infusing it with cannabis.

To make cannabis syrup you will need:

  • 3 cups of water
  • 3 cups of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of vegetable glycerin
  • 2 grams of some very good-quality bud

To make your cannabis syrup, bring your water to a boil. Add your cannabis and then pour in the sugar. Mix it until it is dissolved. Put a lid on the pot and let it boil for 20 minutes. Reduce the temperature a little and add the vegetable glycerin. Then let it simmer for 5 minutes. Strain the cannabis and let your syrup cool. This should produce about 12 pretty decent doses within your cannabis syrup, so be careful when measuring dosages!

Now you can sweeten just about any cocktail with your cannabis syrup. You can also use this to make non-alcoholic cannabis cocktails! For the perfect afternoon cocktail that has your favourite herb in it, we recommend the Pine Pepper Crush. For this cocktail, you should be a tequila fan. You’re going to need tequila, some pineapple, some crushed black pepper, port, lime juice, and your cannabis syrup. Squish the pineapple into a glass and add a pinch of pepper and a little bit of lime juice. Put one dose of your cannabis syrup on top and add one shot of vodka. Pour the port over the top and put some ice in. You can add some fruit nectar if you want to make this drink a little bit sweeter.

4. Non-alcoholic cannabis cocktails

If you would like to drink your cannabis but are not particularly interested in consuming alcohol, then we have a couple of non-alcoholic cannabis cocktail recipes for you. You can use your cannabis-infused syrup to make these alcohol-free cocktails.

You can’t go wrong in summer with a cannabis-infused iced tea. Add one part of your cannabis syrup to the tea to sweeten, and add whichever summer fruits or berries you would like.

Another great summer cannabis cocktail is homemade lemonade. Don’t add too much sugar to it, as your syrup will sweeten it, too. Combine lemonade, fresh basil, and your cannabis syrup for a very refreshing summer drink.

A kiwi and ginger cannacocktail is the perfect thing for a summer night. For this recipe, you will need icing sugar, lime juice, grated ginger, chopped and peeled kiwi fruit, and ginger ale. You’ll also need your cannabis syrup. Pour some ginger ale into a glass and add a tablespoon of grated ginger (or to whatever your taste is). Add a little bit of lime juice and one dose of your cannabis syrup. Put your chopped kiwi fruit in last and decorate the glass with kiwi and lemon wedges. If you would like to make it a little bit sweeter, you can dissolve the icing sugar in a tablespoon of water and then add it to the drink.


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