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Guava Cake Feminized Seeds

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    Seed TypeFeminized strain
    Sativa / indicaSativa / indica hybrid
    Flowering TimeAverage flowering period
    HeightAverage height gain
    YieldHeavy yield
    Climate ZoneTemperate / continental
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    Guava Cake Feminized is a sativa-dominant strain. It’s a hybrid of Strawberry Kush, Durban Poison, and Wedding Cake. The flowering time is average, and the yields are usually heavy. The height of Guava Cake Feminized plants can be controlled indoors, and is moderate when grown outside. They produce a tropical, skunky odour. The high is warm and comforting, and leaves the user feeling uplifted and creative.

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    About Guava Cake Feminized

    Guava Cake Feminized is sativa-dominant and has formidable parentage; with a genetic pool that features Strawberry Kush, Durban Poison, and Wedding Cake. The plants reach average heights, and can be controlled indoors. They’re low odour (good for discreet growing) and the scent is tropical and earthy. Users can expect a relaxing, fuzzy high, combined with a sense of euphoria and chattiness.

    Growing Guava Cake Feminized

    Guava Cake Feminized cannabis seeds grow sativa-dominant plants, but there’s enough indica in there to provide a great balance. This is the feminized variant, which means far fewer male plants to contend with, and optimised harvests as a result.

    Guava Cake Feminized has a relatively average flowering time of 55 to 75 days, and despite its sativa-dominance, only grows to average heights. In fact, heights can be minimised indoors by putting the plants into flower when they reach about 20 to 30 cm, as this should restrict the growth to under 100 cm. Be aware, like many strains, Guava Cake Feminized shoots up during the flowering phase, sometimes as much as tripling its height.

    In appearance, it shares many features of a typical sativa, such as slender, elegant leaves and a narrow central stem. The leaves often take on a lime-green colour, which is largely due to the golden resin. The long, oval calyxes are another notable feature, with attractive pistils that change from white-yellow to a rich, deep pink. These calyxes grow on top of one another in a string formation, before knotting to form the buds.

    You can expect a good-sized yield from Guava Cake Feminized, especially with a bit of TLC. The plants grow best in continental or Mediterranean climates, though can be grown in slightly cooler locations. They’re also well-suited to indoor cultivation.

    If you’re a keen gardener, have a go with the SCROG (Screen of Green) or SOG (Sea of Green) training methods. Growers report that they generate good results with both of these techniques.

    Effect, taste, and smell of Guava Cake Feminized

    This strain is sativa-dominant, but trust us, you’ll notice a good hit of indica in the high.

    Thanks to the Kush / Skunk genetic pool, you’ll experience a warm, comforting feeling to begin with, followed by an uplifting, head high. That’s the time to get social with friends, or undertake a creative activity. After an hour or so, the sedative effects take hold, which makes this the perfect choice for night-time use.

    Guava Cake Feminized doesn’t produce much aroma while it’s growing, which comes in handy if you’re trying to keep your crops a secret! The scent is subtle, with notes of tropical fruit, earth, spicy skunk and aniseed. The dank, herbal smells tend to come to the foreground as the plants mature, and can also be picked up in the taste.

    Take note – this is a fairly potent strain and new users should keep this in mind to begin with. Ease in slowly, to avoid a lengthy couch-lock!

    Did you know?

    • Two of the parent plants, Strawberry Kush and Wedding Cake, are also sold by WeedSeedShop
    • The strain often takes on an unusual colour (light lime-green) due to the sticky, golden resin
    • The slender branches may need supporting (i.e. with a trellis) when the buds start to develop

    • Feminized strain

      Guava Cake Feminized is a feminized strain, which will only produce plants that flower as females..

    • Sativa / indica hybrid

      The Guava Cake Feminized is a Sativa / Indica Hybrid.

    • Average flowering period

      Guava Cake Feminized will need an average flowering time to reach their full potential.

    • Average height gain

      Guava Cake Feminized will have average height gain during flowering.

    • Heavy yield

      Guava Cake Feminized can produce a very large yield, but may require a little extra care to achieve their full potential.

    • Temperate / continental

      Guava Cake Feminized can be grown outside in a normal warm summer.


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