How to Grow Organic Cannabis – Essential Guide for an Organic Cannabis Garden

How To Grow Organic Marijuana – Essential Guide For an Organic Marijuana Garden

The more we learn about cannabis, the better we get at growing it, and organic cannabis is one of those ways. Not only is it better for your final product, but it is better for the environment, too. If you’re ready to turn your cannabis garden organic, keep reading this how-to guide on growing your own organic cannabis.

So you’re thinking of taking the next step in your weed adventure. There are exciting times ahead as we come to learn more and more about the benefits of organic cannabis. Growing organic weed is something like upgrading from training wheels and really taking the time and effort to evolve your cannabis experience.  Anybody can grow their weed organically, because all the resources are supplied by nature. But it does mean putting a little bit more time and a little bit more care into your garden.

Most of the cannabis you buy in stores, and almost all of the street weed you could find, has probably been grown using a chemical process or an inorganic surrounding (such as indoor growing). The truth is that these processes interfere quite a lot with the natural cycle of the plant, meaning the whole cannabis experience is affected. When you successfully grow your own organic weed, and enjoy the taste, flavour and experience, you will come to understand the benefits of organic buds!

How To Grow Organic Marijuana – Essential Guide For an Organic Marijuana Garden

What is organic cannabis and why is it better?

Organic cannabis, in the strictest sense is this: cannabis that has been grown without the use of anything inorganic, whether that be light, soil or nutrients. That means that anything grown indoors can basically be considered inorganic, although this particular factor is often bypassed. This is because in some areas, the environmental factors make it next to impossible to grow outdoors. So that means no chemical nutrients can be used on the plant, nor any pesticides or herbicides, in order for it to qualify as organic.

For a lot of growers, this means spending years looking after the soil before they really begin their plantation. This process is called grooming, and it means effectively cleaning your soil of any inorganic material that might exist in there.  It is hard work and is time consuming, but well worth it for an organic cannabis experience.

Organic cannabis wins on a multitude of levels. To begin with, it’s better for the human body. It goes without saying that the human body is much more familiar with organic material than inorganic material, and is better able to process it. Harsh chemicals are used in pesticides and herbicides that, without question, make it into the body of the consumer. We only know a little bit about the dangers these chemicals can have on the body, but over time can be extremely detrimental.  These detrimental effects reach further out than the body, and well into the environment. So organic cannabis is better for the environment, too! Harsh chemicals also confuse natural ecosystems and effect the environment in drastic ways.

Finally, the actual experience of organic weed is simply better. The taste, smell and colour of the buds themselves become intensified in vibrancy. It is a more “natural” experience. Cannabis can be experienced best in its organic form because that’s exactly how nature intended it to be.

How To Grow Organic Cannabis Outdoors

This is going to be a definitive guide on how to have your own cannabis garden. For some, the possibility of doing this outdoors is slim to none, but there are ways to get pretty close with an indoor operation. It means making light, soil and nutrients organic before planting. It’s time to get started!

Organic soil

This is the first place you should begin when creating your organic garden. Soil is where your cannabis plant is going to get most of its food, and because of that, it must be organic. If you are growing outdoors, that means you should spend quite some time replenishing your soil with all of the nutrients that would have naturally formed. Organic soil is basically nutrient rich soil that has been made nutrient rich by the processes of nature, such as animal and plant decomposition. Because of a lot of agricultural business over the years, the soil has lost its nutritional richness and in order to restore it, the number one resource you need is time.

The idea is just to allow nature to take its course. By using permaculture techniques in your garden, you can encourage the right microbial life to occur in your garden. This is all about creating the space for nature to do the work for you, such as worms chewing up organic matter and turning them into nutrients for your soil.

How To Grow Organic Marijuana – Essential Guide For an Organic Marijuana Garden

Organic nutrients for soil

For your organic soil, it pays to have organic compost that you’ve either purchased or created on your own. This includes compost teas that you can make at home, too. Compost is a great source of nutrients for organic weed and maintains your soil as the perfect home for your weed to grow.

Growing organic weed also means to completely abstain from the use of any herbicide or pesticide. The outdoor growing environment can be harsh and a lot of plants don’t survive as a result of pests. But there are some organic permaculture methods that can be used to ensure the wellness of the soil and the plants. These include using natural pesticides, such as marigold plants, for example, whose fragrance drives away some pests. Even Epsom salts have been suggested as a way to drive away spider mites, as they don’t prefer the sodium levels. Wood ashes are a great way to raise the pH levels and contain a lot of micronutrients.

Manure is becoming a popular way to keep soil rich with nutrients. There are many different kinds that are suitable for cannabis, such as horse manure and cow manure.

There are a plethora of options available to those experiencing pests that do not involve pesticide or herbicide use, and this is imperative to maintaining an organic garden. Keeping the soil rich with all the necessary nutrients for a healthy cannabis crop is not hard – it just requires a little bit of research and a willingness to get creative at home.

How To Grow Organic Cannabis Indoors

Growing organic cannabis indoors follows the exact same principles for soil and nutrients as for growing organic cannabis outdoors. If you are growing indoors and soil is your medium, then the time-consuming process of grooming can be avoided. There are organic soil products on the market for you to buy to begin growing your cannabis in. This takes almost all of the work out of it and ensures that your growing medium is already rich with the organic nutrients it requires for your plants to grow. Organic soil is even more resistant to illnesses that can harm your plant life.

If you are using water or air as your growing mediums, then you of course do not have to worry about the problem of soil, and just need to ensure that the environment you maintain is free form pesticides or herbicides.


Strictly organic cannabis would be grown under the sunlight, but for a lot of people this is basically impossible to achieve. There are some suggestions for light bulbs that create the closest environment to sunlight as possible. The point with light is to pick something that is not going to contribute to the world’s ongoing problem of energy consumption. Although LED lights are expensive to purchase, they have revolutionized energy efficient lighting, and with an operation as big as a cannabis plantation, it’s worth the switch.

If you’re growing cannabis organically, it’s probably because you have an overall general consciousness of your plants and the environment. This is one of those factors that weighs heavily on the environment, because of how much energy an indoor cannabis project can consume. Over time, LED lights actually save money and save the environment. Looking after light is taking one for the team!

Everything is better with organic weed

There’s no doubting how much better organic weed is for the environment. It means we don’t have to poison our Earth with chemicals that will make it impossible for further generations to keep growing weed. It keeps the health of your body and the planet in good condition. But the final say will be had when you finally get to experience your organic cannabis. When you finally smell and taste its aroma, you will understand that nature always gets it right.

This means better cannabis edibles (if that’s how you use your weed) and definitely better cannabis concentrates. No harsh chemicals will be concentrated into oils, butters or tinctures, allowing the space for a better experience. After your hard work of organic growing and care, be sure to enjoy your organic cannabis experience!


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