9 Tips on Keeping Your Grow Room as Discrete as Possible

The best way to ensure a successful grow operation is to make sure as few people as possible know about it. It can be a challenge to keep your grow space discrete, so we’ve compiled some expert advice on things to consider when building your grow space in order to keep it inconspicuous. If you want to learn how to keep your grow room private, keep reading this article.

As legalization spreads around the world, you might be wondering why it is necessary to keep a grow room operation discrete. However, while the laws are changing, especially regarding growth and cultivation, the public opinion can still be very judgmental.

For that reason, it’s always the safest and easiest to keep it a secret! Every successful grower also knows that the best way to have a fruitful growing operation is to make sure very few people know about it.

There are a lot of things to consider when building your grow space that can help you keep it discrete in the long run. This article is a how-to guide on keeping your grow operation as inconspicuous as possible.

1. Don’t tell anyone

Old lady in shush pose
Keep your grow room discrete

The first rule of a successful grow operation is not to tell anybody. The truth is that the less people who know you are growing cannabis, the better. The more people who know about it, the more likely it is that someone will object and make a fuss.

Nosey neighbours can be really annoying and take a lot of the pleasure out of growing weed. You can boast about your amazing buds when they are ready to be smoked, but until then, it is better to keep your grow operation as secret as possible.

2. Keeping the smell under control

Almost everybody knows what weed smells like, and if you haven’t fitted proper ventilation in your grow room, your entire apartment building might know about it. Growers beware that the smell of your plant is only going to get stronger the older it gets, and during the flowering stage, it is going to completely fume out your grow space.

A carbon filter, which is easy to make or to purchase, is the best way to keep the smell under control. It is effective at keeping the smell of ganja contained to your grow space without it spilling over into the apartment next door.

A carbon filter
A carbon filter to decrease odor

3. Where is your grow space?

As a way to avoid growing weed in the house, some people opt for an outdoor location away from the home to grow. This is a great way to keep any suspicious eyes away from your house. However, being seen carrying nutrients and gardening tools to the local park might be just as conspicuous.

Choose a grow space where you can avoid being seen attending the same spot every day. As soon as someone finds out about your outdoor stash, they could come and ruin it.

It’s also worth noting that in the Netherlands, people get caught every year because the snow has melted off their roofs. Yes, it needs to be warm to grow weed, and so your house might be warmer than those around it. If you live somewhere snowy, that’s a little suspicious, right?

4. Keeping your grow room quiet

Although many growers do not consider this before building their grow space, it can be extremely noisy in there. When you consider the amount of electrical equipment that is being used in a grow space, including fans, lights and carbon filters, it is clear that it could get noisy in there.

In the case of living in the city, it could be drowned out by the buzz of life outside. However, in the case of living somewhere a little quieter, it wouldn’t be far out for a neighbor to hear the constant buzzing coming from your grow room.

You can soundproof your grow room with foam or another sound absorbent material. You aren’t trying to soundproof the sound of drums, so it doesn’t need to be professional. However, any measure to reduce the sound is a good step in keeping your grow space a secret.

5. Increased electricity usage

If you are building an indoor grow space, then you are probably aware of how much extra power is about to be coming out of your electrical box. This is especially true if you are setting up hydroponic and more complicated systems. People have been caught growing weed before because of the sudden increase in electricity being used in that location.

Be aware that your energy habits are going to change drastically during your grow, so have an excuse prepared in the event of this scenario. Don’t do anything drastic like try to reverse the numbers on the meter! This could get you into more trouble than you started with.

6. Dealing with nosey neighbours

The best way to deal with your nosey neighbours is to be friends with them. Make small talk with your neighbours. If they are nosey (and especially if they like to gossip), then they will tell you about all of those funky smells coming around or that buzzing noise that happens at night time. They will actually tell you all the ways you can improve your grow operation!

The trick is not to avoid your nosey neighbours, because then they will know for sure that you are up to no good.

7. Disposing of waste

It is important that you dispose of your waste inconspicuously to keep your grow operation discrete. You have probably collected many items that are completely suspicious over the life cycle of your plant, such as nutrient bottles, pots, soil bags, stems and leaves.

If you can’t compost things in your own back yard, then find somewhere appropriate to dispose of them other than in your bin. If there is a local dumpster somewhere, you’re better off disposing there, where nobody will know it is yours.

8. Growing at night

Growing at night is a method that some growers have adopted as a way of keeping their grow operations discrete. If you are growing indoors, you can set your 12 hours of sunlight to occur while the rest of the world is sleeping.

This also means that any buzzing noise from your fans that is bound to occur in your grow room will go on while everybody else is asleep (kind of like white noise). This has other benefits too, such as being much cooler than growing during the day.

9. Be sensible

Using common sense is what is going to keep you out of trouble. If you look suspicious, people will probably suspect that you are up to something. Growing weed is something that should bring you pleasure without interfering with anybody else’s pleasure! If you are courteous about the people living near to you, then it is likely that your grow operation will be smooth! Happy growing!


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