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Sunny / Mediterranean

If you are blessed with a sunny climate and long, hot summers, this filter shows you the selection of cannabis seed varieties recommended by WeedSeedShop for outdoor growing in this kind of environment.

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It is wise to take into account the properties of each climate zone before deciding which are the best weed seeds to buy. This filter helps you to easily refine your choices but also be able to opt for the kind of genetics that suit you best in terms of productivity, taste and effects.

In the northern hemisphere, any variety of cannabis will flourish below the 40th parallel north, and many areas below the 45th parallel north can also give excellent results. The entire southern hemisphere can basically be considered as fully warm and sunny.

One thing to check: your humidity! Some marijuana varieties that love the heat and sun, especially those that grow thick solid buds that are closely packed together, can suffer problems such as bud rot in areas of high humidity. Look for Sativa hybrids that have open, spiralling bud formations with long internodal gaps to avoid these problems if your climate is warm and damp rather than warm and dry.