The 10 Best Sativa Strains That Increase Productivity

The 10 Best Sativa Strains That Increase Productivity

If you enjoy smoking but find yourself losing energy, you may just need to change the type of weed you’re smoking. Yes, weed can have a relaxing effect, but it can also do the opposite. Sativa strains for example can induce a happy, more productive experience and can actually give you a little burst if you are naturally tired or a less energetic person. Check out our favourite strains for productivity below!

“You’re lazy if you smoke weed.”

“Smoking makes you less productive.”

“Weed just makes you tired and boring.”

These are all common misperceptions about cannabis. Many non-smokers and new smokers express concerns about weed as a sluggish drug, reserved for night-time or relaxed scenarios.

Yes, smoking weed can decrease stress and relieve the muscles, but it can do much more. The effect depends on the strain of weed you smoke, and if it’s an indica or sativa strain. The most common strains to relax are indica, an ideal kind of weed for chill, laid-back activities.

Sativa strains, on the other hand, are meant for a more happy, uplifting experience. The best sativa strains can actually improve energy and productivity for daily smokers and new smokers alike.

This family of weed is commonly used during morning smokes or getting daytime errands done on a slight buzz.

What is a sativa strain?

Sativa strains are the most uplifting of the three common types of weed, with hybrids in second and indica being the most calming.

For some people, sativas help start the day on the right foot or bring out their creative juices. They are ideal for social gatherings, physical activity, or diving into creative projects.

Sativas have less of a physical “body high” and more of a cerebral effect. The best sativa strains tend to focus on uplifting vibes like happiness, energy, and creativity.

Here are the 10 best sativa strains for staying productive:

1. OG Kush

OG Kush is the granddaddy of many different West Coast spin-offs, like Tahoe OG and Alpha OG. But, for the full effect of one of the best sativa strains, go straight to the source.

The origins of this beautiful bud are ironically unknown, making it a true legend. Some say it first sprouted up as bag seed in Florida in the 90s. From there, popularity grew to Colorado before making it big in California.

What’s all the fuss about? OG Kush is the perfect strain-train to euphoria.

It is known in the market for being one of the best ways to relax from your worries and feel a rush of happiness. The down to earth tones of wood and pine take you to new levels, making anyone sociable and talkative.

OG Kush is ideal to take a load off and enjoy social settings.

We offer both feminized and automatic OG Kush for your puffing pleasure.

2. Green Crack

Rumoured to have gotten its name from Snoop Dogg himself, Green Crack is popular among big-name artists and well-versed stoners alike.

This little bud is one of the more hard-hitters on the list. The potent, tropical mango taste takes you to a euphoric, elevated feeling of the senses.

Creatives love it because of the energy and focus felt almost instantly. Honestly, it is one of the best sativa strains around for anyone looking to have a good time.

Whether you are diving into a day of shooting or edits, or maybe a more structured 9-5, you are sure to feel a difference in mood and productivity with a Green Crack high.

A few hits will help your environment feel brighter, happier, and more inviting.

3. Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is popular among all kinds of weed lovers, especially those looking for the best sativa strains.

It is even one of the highest rated strains for ADD/ADHD treatment. Its happy, energizing high can reduce anxiety and focus individuals on the present moment. It slows down a racing mind and brings you to the moment in front of you.

A sativa strain like this is the perfect way to take on a particularly stressful day. It instantly soothes and keeps you elevated for a good amount of time.

Plus, your purchase will last a while because not much is needed to feel the high take effect, even for seasoned smokers.

In fact, too much Sour Diesel can feel like more of an indica than sativa, leaving you tired or groggy. Smoke this one with ease the first few times you try it out to test your limits

4. Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze up close

Super Silver Haze combines the best of three popular strains – Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze.

Skunk has been around since the 1970s. It was first created after generations of cross-breeding seeds from around the world. Since its debut, smokers have considered it a cornerstone for hybrids and high times.

Northern Lights gets its name from the sometimes purple-coated buds, which come with an inviting aroma of spice and sweetness. Used commonly for sleeplessness and depression, Northern Lights adds a hint of muscle relaxation in Super Silver Haze.

Speaking of Haze, the original was first crafted in the 1960s. Its spice and citrus tones have been big hits (and bowls) in Columbia, Mexico, Thailand, and South India. As a parent strain, it brings high energy and a creative kick to the table.

Together, the perfect, sticky concoction known as Super Silver Haze takes the mind to new heights while bringing the body a nice long high as well.

The sativa side sticks out to maintain energy in the body despite the relaxed muscle feelings from the indica influences.

If you are looking for a similar vibe, try our Super Silver Cheese. It is pretty much the twin to Haze. Super Silver Cheese works wonders for high-stress environments, or to soothe physical stresses like nausea and lack of appetite.

5. Mexican Haze

Mexican Haze is a beautiful blend of Jack Herer, Acapulco Gold, and the original Haze, and is known for an explosive emotional high.

Jack Herer gives a blissful, clear-headed effect. It helps with lack of focus and can improve any day with more happiness and higher energy.

Acapulco Gold is popularly included in conversation when talking about the best sativa strains. The golden-orange hairs invite you to an uplifted journey with hints of toffee and citrus taking your worries away.

Combine these two happy buds with Haze, and you reach full euphoria. Haze adds a creative, spicy kick to the Mexican Haze experience.

Mexican Haze is one of the most popular hybrids out there because of the way it brings the best of such different worlds together.

The high is both a happy-go-lucky and an in-the-zone type of energy. You experience a body and head high while still being able to go about your day. Get the most out of this strain with either our regular or feminized seeds.

6. Trainwreck

Trainwreck Feminized bud ready to be harvested with white background

Trainwreck kicks things up a notch with a spicy lemon taste complimenting earthy undertones. There are also earthy hints with a touch of citrus.

It is the love child of Mexican and Thai sativas mixed with Afghani indica, making it the best of the best sativa strains for those in search of exotic bud.

Trainwreck is the dose of happiness many people with anxiety and PTSD keep handy. It is a strong sativa meant for strong surges of creativity and euphoria.

Some reviews compare it to the feeling of a warm hug or like being on the world’s most comfortable couch. Although we won’t judge your furniture, we do recommend a few puffs of Trainwreck to feel the ultimate chill high.

This is the kind of weed you smoke by the water listening to your favourite tunes or under the night sky. In other words, it takes you to a straight, blissful high.

Combined with a touch of indica, the parents come together for a euphoric energy that is both easy to ride and just what you need.

Trainwreck is a popular hybrid commonly considered as one of the best sativa strands. It replaces pain and worries with light, happy sensations. At times, it can even help with low appetite and fatigue.

7. Durban Poison

Straight out of South Africa, Durban Poison is one of the harder-hitters in the sativa family. Even daily smokers reserve this strain for days when energy is exceptionally low.

The uplifting effects are felt almost right away, brought to you with a hint of sweetness. First-time users can expect to have a productive day with higher doses of creativity and joy experienced throughout. Durban Poison is also one of the purest sativas on the list.

For vape and dab enthusiasts, the noticeably bigger resin glands are perfect for oil extraction. The concentrate hits just as tough, if not better than the sensational smoke felt from this sativa.

8. Raspberry Cough

Raspberry Cough is 70% sativa, making this pure beauty one of the best sativa strains available. In fact, its THC levels will take you through the roof at a particularly high 15-24% average.

Smokers experience a clear-headed, energized high almost right away. It opens the mind to a new sense of focus and motivation.

After a few hits, the subtle body high starts to sink in. It expands the lungs and calms the breathing, while still leaving you functional enough to take on the day.

Using Raspberry Cough increases productivity at a steady pace. It feels natural in many common tasks from getting out of bed to knocking out work responsibilities and errands.

As such, anyone tempted to use this strain at night should think twice, as it will keep you feeling productive for a while. Unless you intend to be up for a while, save one of the best sativa strains for when you need to be up and at it; opt for an indica at bedtime instead.

Raspberry Cough hits with mostly sweet, berry tones – a bonus to anyone averse to the popular earthy, pine tastes common among sativa strains.

9. Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough’s earthy pine tones and hints of strawberry feel just as good as they taste. They also bring the coughs its name suggests, even for veteran smokers.

Buds from this plant tend to bloom on the small side. Yet, a little hit does the trick to send your mind and body soaring.

Strawberry Cough can feel so clear and euphoric, some even say it feels like a trip. Commonly used for relief on anxiety and other tough emotional states, this is one of the best sativa strains for a mellow release.

This sativa strain brings out happy, light emotions. It replaces bad vibes and fatigue with a dreamy, yet intensely aware feeling. It is perfect for a morning smoke before a long day or to buckle down and get work done.

If you have important deadlines around the corner or need to take the edge off a big presentation, Strawberry Cough just might do the trick.

10. Blue Dream

Blue Dream is actually classified as a hybrid, but it really is one of the best sativa strains to balance both chill vibes and uplifting sensations. This guy hits so smooth we could not go without mentioning its beauty.

It is everything you want from a relaxing indica with all the feels classic to a strong sativa. Most importantly, it tastes like sweet blueberry pie which lingers on your tongue long after a toke; now that is quite the dream.

The high first sets in as motivation and focus. It brings a bright, new perspective to your day and has you up and about on your feet almost as soon as you start smoking.

After a few more hits, waves of creativity start to enter the mind and open new, exciting doors. A real Blue Dream high will have you creating some pretty rad work, or at least seeing things in a new, beautiful light.

In true hybrid nature, a body high will settle in as well.

Blue Dream is known as an ideal chronic combat, ready to fight off pain, stress, and sleeping disorders, too.

The combination of its parent strains’ soothing vibes and energizing tones make this one of the best sativa strains for gentle, happy highs.

Beautifully dense, bright neon green nugs are the source to a perfect afternoon toke after a long day, or even to start the morning on a light, calm note.

No need to be a lazy stoner!

If you enjoy casual smoking but find yourself losing energy, there is no need to give up smoking once and for all.

A little bit of education on the right kinds of weed can go a long way. The best sativa strains are at your service for the happy, good-time vibes you want and the productivity you need.

Sativas have the power to make your day even more productive if you are naturally tired or a less energetic person. This opens new doors and releases negative energy brought on by stress and fatigue.

This family of strains gives your mind the feeling it is looking for. The high feels natural and light, often accompanied by feelings of focus and creativity to boost your experience.

Ready to try some of the best sativa strains out there? Grab some of our seeds and grow your own!


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