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Indica seeds

Varieties of WeedSeedShop cannabis indica seeds included in this filter have been specially bred to contain a high percentage of Indica genes.

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These are the juicy genetics that provide a deep, relaxing body stone that penetrates the muscles and leaves the user de-stressed and happy! Indica marijuana varieties generally have a compact, short, bushy structure. They produce dense buds and broad leaves with wide 'fingers', which are dark green in appearance. From a distance, they can resemble small pine trees! Their flowering time is usually shorter than that found in their Sativa cousins.

When consumed, their effects are more physical than mental, since they induce not only optimal relaxation, but also open the user's minds to introspection. WeedSeedShop recommends weed grown from Indica seeds as a good tool for those wishing to explore their existential and philosophical tendencies!

Many indoor gardeners prefer to buy seeds for Indica varieties due to their production of plants with a short flowering period and limited height gain compared to Sativas.