7 Tips on How to Stay Productive While High

It is not uncommon for some stoners to face some challenges when it comes to getting things done. Maybe this is because it is easier to be distracted while high, or perhaps it is because cannabis use can trigger feelings of demotivation. Whichever it is, we have some advice on how to stay productive while high.

There is no shame in being one of those cannabis lovers that can’t accept the option of quitting weed. There must be another way! Well, you can absolutely have the best of both worlds. It is entirely possible to be a productive stoner. In fact, if you consider your marijuana intake a form of sustenance, just like food or water, then it is energy to do a lot of things! The trick is to channel that energy properly.

So how to do that, exactly? This article gives you some guidance about the kinds of things you should and shouldn’t do if you want to stay productive while high. You can use being high as an extremely creative and productive period if you follow our simple advice!

Let’s clear up a few things first…

Before we go jumping to conclusions, there are many stoners out there who don’t even need to read this article. That’s because being unproductive and lazy can be triggered by many different external stimuli. So, using a lot of marijuana doesn’t mean that you’re always going to have to fight with laziness.

It is important to clear up that psychological standpoint before wanting to be productive while high. As long as you think marijuana makes you lazy, it will. It’s time to get rid of the idea that your laziness or unproductivity is completely due to your cannabis use.

The truth is that being productive and active has to do with several factors. For example, diet can be a huge contributor to sensations of laziness and overall inability to get things done. With that in mind, there are a few lifestyle-changes you can make to encourage motivation and productivity – even if you love the herb.

It has been difficult for scientists to put their finger on the exact connection between marijuana and motivation. Of course, marijuana enters the parts of the brain that scientists say govern something such as motivation. However, most of the research is scrappy and there are many totally conflicting results.

Now that this is all swirling around in your brain, you can accept that being a productive stoner is entirely possible. You don’t have to trust the people that tell you “marijuana will make you lazy!”. So, here are our tips on how to integrate marijuana into your life so that you can stay productive!

7 Tips on How To Stay Productive While High

1. Set yourself goals

One of the most well-known theories for keeping employees motivated is the goal-setting theory. This isn’t just true for the relationship between employers and employees, but for the relationship we have with ourselves, too. When we achieve goals that we have set for ourselves, our confidence and motivation boost. This is what brings about high productivity.

2. Stay active

Once you’ve started your day on a marijuana buzz, keep using that energy to gain momentum. Once you slow down, laziness can start to tempt you. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you can finish something later. That’s pure procrastination, and when you’re high it can get you into all kind of trouble.

Furthermore, if your task at hand involves being at a desk and doesn’t involve so much physical activity, it pays to get some exercise in. If you can go for a walk during your break, or get into the habit of walking to and from work if you’ve smoked the night before, you can be more productive during the day. Movement in the body is completely conducive to productivity, as it keeps the energy moving.

3. Pace yourself and be realistic!

When it comes to dosages while you are getting things done, pace yourself. Don’t get too high every time you decide to sit down for a break. If you’ve used a lot of cannabis before, you should know that an extremely strong effect could be debilitating. There’s no need to go there if you have a lot that you need to get done. You could even consider microdosing cannabis, as this has the possibility of increasing focus and attention, compared to not using cannabis.

It is also important to be realistic with your goals. Don’t overthrow yourself in terms of how much work you have to do. The truth is that if you are overloaded, that is enough to start causing feelings of demotivation. A key to productivity is being realistic about how much you can achieve in a certain time frame. That also means not selling yourself short in terms of how much you can give, because that is also demotivating.

4. Keep a good diet

At times we get busy in life, it can be easy to neglect our diets. This can have subtle emotional consequences that can really affect our lives. We were always told as children that “you are what you eat”, but we tend to forget it as we get older. The food you eat does affect your brain, which means you can manipulate your diet for maximum productivity.

7 Tips on How To Stay Productive While High

Eating extremely salty or greasy food all day long is definitely likely to switch on the lazy gene in you. You can be more in control of that by maintaining a healthy diet (check out these healthy snacks!) and drinking plenty of water.

5. Pick a strain that helps staying proactive

Your strain choice can have a huge effect on your productivity. Certain strains are more conducive to night time and drowsiness, while others encourage high physical energy. Sativa-dominant strains are usually linked with higher energy levels, while indica strains are usually associated with wanting to veg out completely.

If you are considering which strains you want to use to stay productive, you can consider the Trainwreck strain or Diesel Haze. Both strains encourage energetic highs that can put you in the mood to get work done. You can save your heavy indica smoke as a reward after a productive day!

6. Stay focused!

Being able to stay focused is important for productivity whether you are high or not. This also refers back to setting goals for yourself. This helps you stay away from distractions that can cross your path during the day and be extremely tempting.

Staying focused on the task ahead ensures that you will get the task done, and consequently be more productive. In the end, you will feel even higher because of having achieved your goals and staying focused.

7. Remember to enjoy!

Remember that the cannabis experience is a one to enjoy. If you simply enjoy using cannabis and relaxing, then maybe there is no reason to make it a part of your active day. You will get the best out of your marijuana experience by using it the way you like to use it.

So, if after all of this advice you still cannot be productive while high, maybe it’s time to stop trying to be! If you can be productive without weed, then you can save your herbal time for more personal, relaxed activities. Or at the end of the day, your unproductivity could have nothing to do with your cannabis use!


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