The 10 Most Persistent Cannabis Myths

The 10 Most Persistent Marijuana Myths - Weed Seed Shop Blog

Cannabis has had a completely controversial role in modern society, and as a result, many rumours have circulated the planet about this versatile plant. Almost everyone has believed one of the rumours at some point in their life, but most people don’t actually know much about weed. This article busts some of the myths that you’ve probably heard about weed.

Cannabis’s presence in modern society has been nothing short of a controversial one. So many myths have been concocted about weed and people aren’t really sure what to believe anymore, so we are here to debunk some myths for you.

Whether it is the authorities or cannabis users alike, there is a tendency to make up rumours when it comes to this magical plant. There are definitely people out there who are trying to make you believe that weed is bad for you, and it’s about time we busted some of those myths. There are also some misconceptions about how to consume cannabis, which could be an enormous waste of your weed. Here are some common myths about weed busted!

1. Driving stoned is as bad as driving drunk

Despite the fact that driving may not be the safest task to undertake when stoned, it is definitely a myth that driving stoned is as dangerous as driving drunk. The impairment while drunk is significantly higher than while stoned, and stoned drivers are less likely to break road rules because of paranoia. More recently, studies have been conducted in Australia that prove there is no evidence that stoned drivers are more likely to have an accident. In fact, studies proved that of the stoned drivers in car accidents, less than half of them were responsible for the accident – compared to drunk people in car accidents who were responsible 90% of the time.

The 10 Most Persistent Marijuana Myths - Weed Seed Shop Blog

2. Cannabis causes brain damage

The myth that cannabis causes brain damage or kills brain cells probably originated from a study in France that shows changes in brain readings in heavy pot users. They observed differences in cognitive function and memory, but the results were never conclusive. Nonetheless, the media accepted the results and it became a common misconception. Well, rest assured, weed definitely does not cause you brain damage. A recent study from the University of Louisville even proves that weed does not cause you to lose brain cells, and this was corroborated by Cambridge University.

3. Weed reduces your sex drive

This myth has been a way to deter young people from smoking weed, by trying to convince them that it will make them unsociable and will deplete their sex drive. In fact, the opposite is more true with weed, with cannabis users enjoying having sex with their partners while under the influence. In fact, cannabis makes the body more sensitive to these sexual sensations, and it can make the sexual experience even better.

4. Cannaibs is addictive

This myth is particularly controversial, because everyone feels like they know someone who just can’t live without weed. But is there actually a physical addiction to cannabis? There is actually no evidence to suggest that weed is addictive, and definitely not in the conventional way we would identify an addiction, which is physical. It is more often referred to as a cannabis dependency, something more like a mental dependency to the plant rather than an actual addiction.

5. You can get high eating raw weed

You are actually mistaken if you believe you can put a raw nugget of weed and swallow and then get high. Weed needs to be heated (or decarboxylated) in order to activate the THC and CBD content in the weed. If you just put it into your mouth straight out of the baggie, it is completely ineffective. Note how this is different from edibles, which are made out of cannabis butter, a process which includes heating up the weed.

6. Weed ruins your memory

There is a common misconception that using weed ruins your long term memory, but that is not actually true. THC is known to have a severe effect on almost all aspects of memory, except for the one that is responsible for long term memory.

This means that there is some interference with creating memories while high, and so the short term memory part of the brain is affected. But you can never get so high that you won’t remember where you lived, or that you even smoked a joint. The trick is not to smoke too much so that in between using you can create some long term memories!

The 10 Most Persistent Marijuana Myths - Weed Seed Shop Blog

7. You can overdose on cannabis

Have no fear, because you cannot die from smoking too much cannabis. There has never been a single recorded death from cannabis, and in fact it is predicted that you would need an amount of weed as large as the Empire State Building to ingest enough to overdose. That’s forty thousand times the regular dose of weed, all at the same time!

8. Cannabis causes cancer

It is a common misconception to believe that weed causes cancer, and the misconception probably comes from the fact that it is often smoked. Because of what we associate with cigarette smoking, many people believe that weed also causes cancer. Although cannabis smoke does contain carcinogens, there are ways to ingest cannabis where it actually cures cancer rather than causing it. When cannabis is ingested orally, it contains no carcinogens and contains cancer-fighting properties.

9. All pot is created equal

Wrong! Anybody who has ever walked into a dispensary knows that all weed is not created equal. There are different kinds of weed for different situations, from recreational to medical. There are even some strains of cannabis which contain only CBD, are produced for their medicinal purposes only and do not even get you high. So before you go judging all cannabis because you smoked a strain that wasn’t very strong, be aware that there are many different strains out there!

10. Weed is a gateway drug

There are many out there who are trying to use the “cannabis is a gateway drug” argument to stop young people from using it. There is no evidence anywhere that weed has the causal effect of making people try harder drugs. If anything, most young people will drink alcohol before they try cannabis, and it would make more sense to label alcohol the gateway drug. The difference in physical and cognitive effects between weed and, for example, amphetamines, is enormous. There is no real connection between these two chemicals, and no reason to believe that smoking weed leads to smoking crystal meth.


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  1. je suis d’accard avec tout les enoncers que vous ecrivez. j’ai 70 ans je fume depuis une dizaine d’annees j’ai aucune maladie je me porte a merveille. vive le pot hahaha

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