The Difference Between High and Stoned

The Difference Between High And Stoned - WeedSeedShop

Being high and being stoned are two completely different things. In fact, they are a matter of opposites. If you’re a frequenter of the smoking circle, you have probably been in this argument more than once. Keep reading to know the difference between high and stoned.

The smoking circle is all too familiar with the argument of what the difference is between high and stoned. Well, we think that smoking circles should be for laughing and relaxing. All the debunking of myths and arguing of semantics should be left up to us.

I hate to be that person, but there is a difference between high and stoned. Maybe that is just a matter of linguistic perfectionism, but it seems that is something very important to stoners! If you want to know more about the differences between high and stoned, we are going to break it down for you.

Different things give you different “highs”

Different drugs and intoxicants all are responsible for giving you different highs. Although most are linked with a feeling of euphoria, happiness or confidence, they do so in different ways. The “weed high” is completely different from the “alcohol high” which is completely different again from the “cocaine high”.

In this way, the “high” that you get from something is essentially the objective of you ingesting that thing in the first place. If it weren’t for the high, you probably wouldn’t use alcohol or weed, for example. The word “high” is usually associated with the positive impacts of a certain drug or chemical. You could say that being high is a state of mind that is increasingly awesome.

In general, being high means being extremely euphoric, excited, energetic or happy. The sensations are usually felt both in the mind and in the body.

Indica high vs sativa high

To delve a little more into the definition of high, we can explore the different highs that you can experience from the cannabis plant itself. Most cannabis users are familiar with the differences between indica and sativa. In general, the plants look and grow differently, but more importantly, their “highs” differ from each other.

The high of an indica strain (like Ice, or Big Bud) is usually associated with physical sensations and relaxation within the mind. Overall, the indica experience is much heavier than other cannabis experiences. Although one feels pleasant both physically and mentally, there is a lack of “energy” for certain actions, so to speak.

The Difference Between High And Stoned - WeedSeedShop

On the other hand, the sativa high after smoking a strain like Trainwreck or Durban Poison is extremely energetic. It is usually characterized by an explosion of creative thoughts, optimism and hallucinogenic effects. This kind of high is linked with brain activity, creativity and imagination.

From all of this we can ascertain that getting “high” is the point. A person is almost always using cannabis for the purpose of getting “high”, and it is the “highness” that is the desired effect.

The initial buzz

The initial buzz is something different all together. It’s not always something that everybody likes and it doesn’t usually last for a very long time. As the name suggests, it is what happens when an intoxicant is just starting to take effect. The word for the initial buzz of using alcohol is “tipsy”.

The initial buzz of weed really depends on the method by which it has been ingested. Let’s take dabbing for example. The initial buzz is characterised by sweating and a lot of heat rising in the body. But it doesn’t take long for that to wear off and for the “high” to kick in.

On the other hand, edibles encourage a different initial buzz. It is usually felt in the body with physical sensations. After this the “high” is felt on a cerebral level.

What does it mean to be stoned?

If being high is what we are aiming for when we use cannabis, then what does it mean to be stoned exactly? Well, you could say that being stoned is something like the hangover. It’s the opposite of the point of getting high! Stoned is the heavy, dopy and drowsy feeling that someone usually feels after they have had a big smoking session.

Stoned is the contrary to the state of mind of being high. When you are high, everything seems to be moving rapidly and is exciting. On the other hand, when you are stoned everything is slowing down and becoming lethargic. There is almost always the desire to go to sleep or at least veg out on the couch. Stoned usually denotes that something is lacking. When we are high, we are productive. When we are stoned we are just downright lazy.

Indica stoned vs sativa stoned

Sometimes, stoned can be characterized differently between indica and sativa varieties. With indica strains, it is very likely to start feeling tired, spaced out and dopey when the stoned effect takes place. With sativa strains on the other hand, users can begin to feel edgy or maybe even paranoid after the high wears off.

In general, the high effect is what users are looking for, whereas the stoned effect is something like the aftermath. With weed it’s not like coming down, but rather feeling it wear off in a subtle way. Most people don’t want to feel stoned, but rather enjoy the high!

So there! The difference between high and stoned is a simple one, but makes all the difference. Now that we have debunked the myth, you can avoid wasting time on stoner arguments in the smoking circle!


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