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Large Yield

Cannabis types shown in this filter will produce large yields without a lot of extra time and attention, which can be needed by some of the absolute highest yielding strains to deliver on their potential.

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We at WeedSeedShop find these large yielding cannabis types ideal for growers who want a big harvest of buds per plant, but may be limited on time or growing space. There are cannabis seeds to suit every taste and level of experience in this filter. At WeedSeedShop, we believe that these varieties of high yield cannabis are ideal to buy for gardeners wishing for a bountiful harvest with many large buds per plant, but whom may have limited time or space in which to grow.

In this filter, you will find varieties of cannabis for all tastes and levels of experience. As each one has very different characteristics, this selection is an exciting patchwork of strains to suit different styles of and objectives of growing; perfect for experiencing cannabis cultivation without compromising on any of the elements that count, and helping you get the most out of your grow.