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High yielding cannabis seeds

This filter shows WeedSeedShop cannabis seeds which will grow plants with a very large yield.

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  • Sativa / indica
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Only a few strains can outperform the ones WeedSeedShop has selected for the ‘Heavy’ filter, and it includes some of our favorites in terms of maximum buds for minimal effort.

Whether you want to buy seeds for a cash crop, a connoisseur heavy yielding marijuana type, or interesting strains for ambitious novices, there’s bound to be some cannabis seed strains in the Heavy Yielding filter to tickle your fancy! Although most heavy yielding plants are Indica-dominant strains, this filter does include some excellent hybrids that exhibit Indica type growth and flowering performance, yet when you smoke them, the Sativa high is very much in evidence. Indoor grow environments are well catered for in the Heavy Yielding filter, and outdoor growing in a variety of climates is also possible for many of these strains.

If you have the climate and space to farm some high yielding weed, some of these varieties - especially when grown in free soil - can grow to the size of small trees and deliver harvests that are the equal of any indoor grow in terms of bulk. The effect of these glorious giants, especially with an abundant amount of sun, is also satisfyingly powerful!