How Does Cannabis Affect Sex?

There are differing responses to the topic of cannabis and sex, and whether it makes sex better or worse. How do you know if it will be good for your sex life? This article explores the pros and the cons so that you can decide whether it will add or take away from the bedroom. Keep reading to get sexy with weed.

The question on the tip of everybody’s tongue is – what effect does cannabis have in the bedroom? There are so many different rumours around (mainly designed to scare children away from using weed) like the one the says too much weed use can kill the libido. What are the facts exactly and can it even be used to enhance the sexual experience?

The truth of the matter reveals itself when you brace yourself and give it a shot. And just like anything else, there are pros and cons to combining cannabis with sex. Keep reading if you’re ready to get high and dirty and talk about the different ways that cannabis affects the bedroom.

Pros of cannabis use before sex

As a disclaimer, it’s important to note that some of the reasons listed as “pros” might even serve as cons to certain people. Sexual preferences are extremely personal, and different people look for different things out of the sexual experience. Having said that, these are the most scientific reasons people might want cannabis in the bedroom.

How Does Cannabis Affect Sex?

Heightened Sensitivity

Heightened senses are one of the most common side effects of weed reported by users, and this adds to the sexual experience. Just like sensitivity to sound and taste are heightened when stoned, so too is the sensitivity to touch. For those already sensitive areas, this can mean a whole new sexual experience.

This heightened sensitivity probably has a lot to do with how much relaxation weed can bring to the user. The relaxed state makes it much easier to be open during the sexual experience, whereas tenseness can make it… a flop!

Increased libido

There are actually studies out there that suggest that weed can in fact, increase the libido, making the desire stronger. A 1984 study confirms that most users experience heightened sexual desire after they use cannabis. Most people can confirm this from their personal experience, and this busts the myth that cannabis use can actually decrease libido.

Everything is prolonged

Anyone who has used cannabis knows that it can completely warp the perception of time, slowing it down completely. This can work wonders for the bedroom. Not only does it mean that the whole thing seems to go for longer, but there are also users who report an extremely lengthy orgasm. Of course, this could just be because of the perception of time. Nonetheless, it is common for people to report an unusually long orgasm.

Better connection

Overall, cannabis usually gives the user an elevated mood, relaxes the body and even makes the user more emotional. These are all the right ingredients to connect better with your partner, making it a better sexual experience overall.  At the end of the day, any disease or discomfort is going to interfere with having great sex, and weed can help you relax into the experience, making it that much better.

How Does Cannabis Affect Sex?

What are the cons of using cannabis before sex?

As much as the pros make it seem like it is impossible cannabis could be detrimental to the sexual experience, there is some evidence to suggest this is true. Some people just think sex is much sloppier when stoned, and can’t really keep themselves together properly. This has a lot to do with dosage. The American Academy of Neurology concluded in a study that the dosage played a huge part in the sexual performances of their subjects. Basically, if the user smoked too much, there was not enough focus and physical responsiveness to actually go through with it.

Weed can lower sperm count

This con is bad news for those couples that are trying to get pregnant. Weed affects the sperm count of the man, making it less likely he will impregnate her. For those seeing this as more of a pro than a con, it doesn’t make great birth control, either.

The drys

Well, everybody knows about the drys. But usually they make you thirsty. In the case of weed and sex, weed can actually case vaginal dryness for women, which usually stands in the way of good sex. The mucous membranes down there are just as sensitive to the drys as the mucous membranes of the mouth. Cotton mouth – just down south.

What’s the verdict?

The verdict on this one is – you! The only way to really know if it enhances or disadvantages your sex life is to try it, really. For some it will be the most sensual experience, while for others it could be awkward and uncomfortable. There are even cannabis sex products on the market these days for those who are really into the idea. Remember to always be safe!


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