Training With Mary Jane – Weed and Bodybuilding

When we get rid of the stereotype that weed is bad for athletes because it makes them lazy, unmotivated and perpetually munching, what truth is there that marijuana really affects bodybuilding? This article goes into how weed affects the growth hormone, testosterone and estrogen to show the truth about training with Mary Jane.

Everyone remembers the video of Arnold Schwarzenegger holding a joint, and is still probably wondering if it really was a blunt. What is the real truth behind weed and bodybuilding? While some say that it slows down the muscle building process, others swear by it as an enhancement both before and after a workout. It is generally well known in the muscle building community that too much alcohol definitely stands in the way of the sport, but can the same be said about weed?

Training with Mary Jane – Marijuana and Bodybuilding - Weed Seed Shop

The kinds of factors that affect bodybuilding are things such as growth hormone, testosterone levels and estrogen. To find out how much cannabis actually affects bodybuilding, we need to know how it interferes with these hormones in the body. In this article you’ll find out the ways that training with Mary Jane affects muscle growth and bodybuilding.

Does weed affect muscle growth?

When we are talking about muscle growth, the main things we are concerned with are the growth hormone, estrogen and testosterone. Although cannabis has effects in other parts of the body, for the sake of bodybuilding, these are the most important factors. There is also the way that weed affects the user’s ability to burn fat. So how exactly does weed affect these growth hormones?

Cannabis’s effect on testosterone is small and short lived, meaning it only decreases the level of testosterone for a short while, after which they return to normal. There are some studies that show frequent or heavy users can experience a more long-term drop, but the levels still stay within the normal range. A study has shown that weed use can boost estrogen levels, but only at extremely high doses.

There are no real studies to suggest how cannabis affects the growth hormone, except when extremely high and extremely pure doses of THC are administered. In this circumstance, the levels of growth hormone are lowered. However, one study even suggests that smoking two joints can actually cause the levels of growth hormone to increase ever so slightly.

None of this evidence says much about the way cannabis affects the levels of these hormones because the results are generally inconclusive. In order for there to be serious repercussions in the body, the levels of these hormones need to change significantly, and stay that way for extended periods of time. This is not really the case with weed, as it doesn’t seem to affect the hormone in that way.

Training with Mary Jane – Marijuana and Bodybuilding - Weed Seed Shop

Different ways to ingest cannabis

Having said all of this, there are obvious effects to the body when cannabis is ingested through smoking. Not only are the lungs affected, but the movement of oxygen to the cells is also affected, making workouts particularly hard. The effect of smoking weed on the lungs can cause an athlete to tire quickly and the muscles can get sore quickly if there is a lack of oxygen to the cells.

If you are an athlete and are choosing to use cannabis, then it should be ingested in a way that is softer on the body, such as vaporizing, edibles or oils. These are more health conscious options for those who are working closely with the body.

Not all stoners are created equal

The lazy answer to the question of training with Mary Jane is that smoking weed will affect your training by making you lazy and unmotivated. And always eating because you have the munchies. Of course, some are affected this way, but that’s not the truth about all those who use weed.

For some, weed will be a great way to relax post work-out, especially because it can ease muscle soreness. It is a great way to relax the body and the mind after a hard session at the gym. Some also say that using cannabis before a workout allows them to focus better on their task and go “deeper” in their training. On the other hand, some say that using cannabis before a workout makes them tired quickly, and as a result their focus and attention decrease.

The way that weed affects mood is different for different people, and from this perspective, we will never know whether weed is good for bodybuilders or not. That is a matter of personal preference.  But there is no real evidence out there to suggest that cannabis affects any of the hormones that are most important to bodybuilders, such as the growth hormones, estrogen and testosterone, making it completely safe to use without affecting muscle growth.


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  1. Wisdom Owurani

    Yeah To Me, I Can See Marijuana Makes Me To Eat More, It Gives Me More Strength, It Makes Me To Focus On Everything I Do.But At Time Gos On, I Always See That It Decrease My Body, And I’m Trying To Find A Solution To That Problem.

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