The Best Ways to Combine Marijuana and Meditation

Did you know stoners can be yogis too? In fact, marijuana and meditation go hand in hand to create the perfect stillness regime in your life. The benefits that you get from your meditation can be potentially amplified when you add marijuana to the equation. Keep reading this article to learn how marijuana and meditation combine for a new yogic trend.

There are some yogis out there who swear against using cannabis during times of introspection, but we have a different opinion.  Having once been asked to leave a meditation centre because I admitted to having used weed before arriving, I have some personal experience on the issue. But also having found the benefit to meditating with weed, I definitely stand with the “stogis” out there. There’s no reason you can’t enjoy these things at the same time, and in fact, the two can go hand in hand.

Cannabis use can amplify all the benefits that you get from meditating. You can truly benefit from making a ritual of your cannabis and meditation use, and we are going to teach you how.

Cannabis and meditation can be used for the same purposes

Scientifically, people use meditation in their lives for many of the same reasons that they use cannabis. People are adopting meditation as a daily practice into their lives for the stress relief and relaxation it offers them. Does that sound familiar to your favourite herb? Cannabis is also prescribed to many sufferers of psychological conditions, such as anxiety and depression. Putting the two together can be considered a “double-dose” of relaxation.

Science also acknowledges many of the same benefits from both cannabis use and meditation. While those who meditate are found to be better able to regulate their emotions, cannabis has shown similar effects. There is even scientific evidence to suggest that meditation also helps with physical health, reducing pain and inflammation, much like weed’s famous cannabinoid, CBD.

It seems that weed and meditation have a lot in common when it comes to the therapeutic properties that they offer. For this reason, they can go hand in hand as a wellness routine, whether you eat, vape or smoke.

Feeling anxious or socially paranoid? Now is the time to meditate!


One of the greatest things about cannabis is that its psychoactive properties give the user a chance to experience themselves in a different way. This, for many, can mean heightened sensitivity to thoughts and feelings, and this can trigger the beginning of an anxiety attack or an experience of social paranoia. In fact, this is a perfect time to meditate. In this heightened sensitivity, meditation can give the user an insight into the kinds of judgmental voices that live in the mind, and at the very least, offer a period of dissociation from those voices.

Sitting and listening (which is in essence, what meditation is) is not just a great way to gain insights into who we are, but can actually be the fastest way to make an anxiety attack go away. The reaction to these thoughts and feelings can be what exaggerates an anxiety attack, and the necessary action is actually just to sit back and watch.

Having a meditation routine is a great way to battle feelings such as anxiety and paranoia in general because it is a way of working with the deeper, more subconscious programming that exists in the mind. The added level of sensitivity that weed can bring is exactly what can kick your meditation into gear.

Get into position and relax

Contrary to popular belief, meditation is not about forcing anything – it’s about relaxation. The best time to meditate is first thing in the morning. It is during this time that you are in what is called a hypnogogic state. This means you’re not quite awake and not quite dreaming. This is also a great time to use cannabis, because it can help you remain in that state which is ideal for meditation. It is best to use cannabis and then have something light to eat and some water to drink. This helps to calm down any munchies or thirst after smoking.

You will notice once you begin to meditate that your physical sensitivity is heightened because of your cannabis use. This is a time to enjoy your new level of sensitivity as a way to further explore your inner self. You can end your silence with the divine with a divine smoke, and it is a great way to seal in everything that just took place.

Actually, weed and meditation are two things that can really complement each other as a wellness routine in your life. You don’t have to be completely sober to be a yogi!

Zen cannabis

What are the best cannabis strains for meditation?

Northern Lights: Northern Lights is a heavy indica strain, and induces quite a dreamy effect. It can also elevate the mood, making it a little bit easier to sink into relaxation when meditating. This strain is popular for its sedative effects, so don’t use too much before you sit.

AK48: AK48 is a great strain for meditation because, despite being an indica dominant hybrid, its effects are more like sativa. Not surprisingly, Northern Lights is one of its parents, making it strong and powerful for a very active, energetic meditation.

White Widow: This famous medicinal strain is another top recommendation for meditating. White Widow encourages creativity, and can leave you with some very interesting food for thought during your meditation. This strain is particularly well known for its head high, so it is great for exploring the mind.

OG Kush: High indica strains such like OG Kush can encourage some interesting physical sensations. This is perfect if you are looking to get out of your mind and pay more attention to the body. This strain is perfect for meditators who have difficulty taking the focus away from thoughts because its focus is heavily in the body.


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