How to Properly Trim Your Weed

How To Properly Trim Your Weed - WeedSeedShop Blog

For a perfectly rounded and smokable bud, you have to do your trimming properly. This is where we step in to teach you how to trim like a pro. Whether you choose to trim your buds while they are wet or dry, a proper trim ensures you get the final product you’re looking for. To learn more about trimming, read this instructional article.

Well, this is one of those essential articles you should read if you are a grower. Trimming your weed properly is fundamental to a high quality product.

If you’re really interested in harvesting great weed, trimming matters. It doesn’t just affect the way your final product looks, but it also affects how powerful your final product is. This article will show you the different ways you can trim your weed and will give you a full in-depth tutorial about how to do it well.

Dry trim or wet trim?

Growers come at trimming from two different angles. Buds can be trimmed before they are dried (i.e., when they are wet) or afterwards. Growers choose their method based on preference so there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

It is definitely easier to trim your buds when they are wet, because the leaves will be sticking straight out and it will be easier to handle them. After they have dried, the leaves curl up inside themselves and it’s hard to trim the buds to the same perfection as wet ones.

Most growers who will dry their weed first before trimming at least pick off the biggest leaves with their fingers. If you’re looking to achieve a perfect looking bud, trimming while they are wet is the best option. The buds are the part of the cannabis plant containing the most THC, so nothing much is lost in the process of trimming off all of the leaves. Smokers also find that the leaves are harsh on the throat and lungs, and for this reason trimming off as much of the sugar leaves as possible is better.

How To Properly Trim Your Weed - WeedSeedShop Blog

Having said all of that, sugar leaves give the weed the delicious, sticky look that we love about ganja. The sugar leaves also contain high amounts of THC because of the volume of trichomes. For this reason, some growers will trim their buds after they have been dried and will be careful to leave the sugar leaves well intact. In any case, the sugar leaves are next to impossible to remove without destroying the buds after they have been dried.

Whichever way you choose to trim is up to you, and they both have their pros and cons. Ultimately, you can experiment with different harvests and different strains. The important factor is that you execute the trimming well and ensure yourself a good-looking bag of green.

Trimming like a pro

If you’re growing for the first time, do yourself a favour and trim your buds while they are wet. Actually knowing what to trim and what not to trim is much easier to distinguish when the buds are wet. Don’t be lazy, and trim your buds as soon as you pick them.

Don’t use the same scissors to cut the branches as you do for trimming. This is because you want to use sharper, more delicate scissors for trimming. You can use garden shears to cut the branches off. Also, don’t cut off branches you can’t trim that day. Leave them on the tree for a day or two more if you have to.

You can use any kind of non-absorbent material to separate your trimmed branches from your untrimmed branches, so whether you use plastic or metal is up to you. Lastly, find a good chair.

Trimming can take hours and requires a lot of patience. Sitting on the ground or somewhere uncomfortable just doesn’t cut it. Invite your friends over and put some music on. You might want to put on some rubber gloves, because things can get extremely messy.

You will end up with sticky resin all over your fingers, and rubbing alcohol can be the only way to get it off. It is important not to get the sticky resin in your eyes because it can cause irritation, and some people might even get a temporary rash from touching fresh cannabis.

The first thing you want to do is pick off all of the fan leaves from the buds with your fingers. These leaves have a stem, so they are easily picked off. These leaves contain very low THC content, so while they are not entirely useless, don’t be afraid to let them go!

After you’ve picked off all of the characteristic cannabis leaves, you will be left with buds that have some smaller leaves sticking out. You can’t usually cut these off at their stem, because their stems disappear somewhere in the bud. These are the sugar leaves, and some growers leave these on for their higher THC content. However, for the sake of a smooth smoke, many growers decide to trim them off.

You can use sharp scissors or tweezers to trim the parts that stick off the bud. Do not hack into the buds with the scissors – they are just for trimming off the sugar leaves that stick out. This leaves you with an almost rounded shape of your buds that are still attached to the branch. This is what you will hang to dry.

How To Properly Trim Your Weed - WeedSeedShop Blog

After you’re done trimming, you’re going to be left with some material to dispose of. Don’t throw the leaves away – you can use them for other canna-purposes. Your scissors and fingers (or gloves) will also be covered in sticky resin. Don’t throw this away either! It’s hash, and it can be vaped, smoked or used in cannabis edibles.

Be easy on yourself if it is your first time. Getting your buds to be the perfect shape that you are used to seeing in dispensaries and coffee shops might take some time. Plus, you’ll get a lot of practice from your first harvest. Trimming is one of the more delicate parts of growing weed to produce that extremely fine final product. When it becomes like second nature, trimming can almost become therapeutic!


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  1. Better than using alcohol to clean fingers and scissors while trimming use a little coconut oil works just as good. Once you are done trimming for the day clean scissors and other items with alcohol to ensure sterilization for the next use.

  2. dank trich

    I wet trim and then get the few i missed when dry.try and leave a piece of the stem cuz I cut them all off not thinking now I have to handle the buds so leave some room to hold it also clean your scissors when you trim and after also if you ever cut on your live plant be sure to use alcohol also like above said to avoid some real issues dont say it will be ok no use the alcohol plants are living things and can get sick

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