8 Tips on How to Combat Your High Weed Tolerance

8 Tips on How To Combat Your High Weed Tolerance

Most stoners are familiar with the phenomenon of developing a tolerance to weed. It can cause you to end up consuming way more than you want to just for the sake of getting high. And this can turn your weed habit into something very damaging to your bank account. So, learn how to hack your tolerance with some techniques that we have for you!

You might have noticed that since you started smoking weed, it takes more and more for you to actually get high. Perhaps you’ve even upgraded to different methods of ingestion because you’re still searching for that super intense buzz that you used to get when you first started smoking. That’s because the more cannabis you smoke, the higher your tolerance has become.

This usually gets stoners stuck in a cycle of smoking more weed to match their tolerance, and their tolerance increasing as a result. It can leave you with a very expensive weed habit. And let’s be honest – it probably isn’t in your best health interests to be consuming so much weed.

But have no fear. There are ways to deal with your high weed tolerance – and they don’t all involve taking a tolerance break. You can bring your sensitivity back up so that smoking weed feels the same way it did when you just started. Try some (or all) of the tips that we have for you to combat your weed tolerance.

1. Take a break from dabbing

Do you dab? I’m sure you remember, once upon a time, when made you break out into the sweats. That was before you started dabbing every day. Well, you can get back to that place if you just take a small break from dabbing. Go back to vaping or to your herbal material, and surprise yourself by how quickly your tolerance starts to drop again.

Dabbing is an extremely powerful way to ingest cannabis, and your brain and body can become used to the sudden hit of high volumes of THC. When you smoke buds, the hit of THC is much lower. This gives your body a chance to readjust to lower levels of THC again so that when you return to dabbing, you can become a victim of the sweats once more!

2. Put away the king-size papers and roll smaller joints

I know it can be tempting to always roll using king size papers, but for the most part, it’s unnecessary. It’s a “your eyes are bigger than your appetite” kind of situation. It’s amazing how stoned you will still get even if your joint is half the size you are used to it being.

You are probably just smoking that much weed because the king-sized joint is right in front of you. Try using a one paper for a few weeks, and watch your tolerance drop fast. Before you know it, it will be virtually impossible for you to finish a king-sized joint on your own.

3. Try smoking a one hitter

8 Tips on How To Combat Your High Weed Tolerance

Instead of rolling up joints all day long, try getting your high from a one hitter. A one hitter pipe is the kind that fits just enough cannabis for a single hit. For most people, a single hit is enough to get a light buzz. This method of smoking is ideal for those who like to take hits throughout the day rather than sitting down for a full session.

If you smoke on your lunch break or between tasks, a one hitter is also much more efficient than smoking joints. You will consume far less weed this way. And when it’s finally time to sit down for a full-blown smoking session, you’ll get super high super quickly.

4. Switch to high-CBD weed

It’s nice to experiment with the different cannabinoids every now and then. Take the time to get acquainted with CBD if you’ve been getting very close and personal with THC. It doesn’t mean you stop getting stoned completely. It just means that you begin to experience a different side of cannabis.

Of course, taking the time away from THC will give you time to develop a sensitivity towards it again. And this is, of course, the desired outcome. When you come back to smoking high-THC weed strains, you’ll realize how powerful this cannabinoid is. And in the interim, you will probably develop a love for THC’s counterpart, CBD.

5. Give microdosing a chance

If you’re really into the idea of using cannabis every day but your tolerance is rising dramatically, it might be time to try microdosing. You don’t really have anything to lose at this point, because you’re not getting as high as you used to anyway. So, get acquainted with the art of microdosing. This means using a really miniscule dose every day.

The medicinal benefits of microdosing are great, although you skip the getting stoned part. But that’s ok, because you’re basically missing that anyway right now. You can get all the benefits out of weed without having to waste any weed, by microdosing.

After some time, you might be ready to go for a full dose again. Your sensitivity will have shot straight back up, giving you a chance to get high the ways you once did when you first started smoking weed.

6. Try not to wake and bake

There are many stoners out there who enjoy blazing all day long. What you might notice is that for your first joint or two in the day, it’s easy to get high. But of course, that time arrives where you can’t really get any more high than you already are. This has nothing to do with tolerance, but with hitting that plateau for the day.

The easiest way to avoid this is to leave the mornings as smoke-free times. Skip the wake and bake and get on with your day. You can leave your smoking session until after lunch or later even. What you’ll find is that you’re getting extremely high from that first smoke of the day. The idea is to drag that out as long as possible so that your first smoke of the day isn’t happening first thing in the morning.

7. Try edibles

8 Tips on How To Combat Your High Weed Tolerance

If you’re used to smoking every day, try switching up the method of ingestion. I personally think eating weed has a much longer lasting and psychedelic effect than smoking weed. If your lungs are used to the smoke, then you might still be very sensitive to the effects of edible cannabis.

Of course, you can develop a tolerance to edible cannabis, too. So be careful not to do that in the process of mixing up your methods of ingesting.

8. And finally… Take a tolerance break

Perhaps taking a tolerance break is the last piece of advice you want to hear. But it’s really good for stoners to take a break every now and then from the herb. Not only does it give your brain and body a rest, but it gives you a chance to rebuild your tolerance.

It literally only takes two weeks of abstinence to increase your tolerance for smoking weed. And the longer you go, the more sensitive you are likely to become. Imagine that moment when you smoke your first joint in two weeks… You’ll be so high, you won’t even know what to do with yourself!


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