Baby Hits: A Guide to Microdosing Cannabis

Baby Hits A Guide To Microdosing Marijuana

Many of the subtle health benefits of cannabis can be experienced by taking just a tiny hit. The idea behind microdosing is that even the smallest amount is enough to make you feel more energetic or more productive. Read here for a guide on how to microdose with weed.

To get stoned or not at all? That is the question when it comes to microdosing. This method of using has become increasingly popular among psychonauts in recent years, and it is now trickling down into cannabis use. Microdosing cannabis has been gaining more and more momentum since a famous publication about microdosing LSD, “A Really Good Day” by Ayelet Waldman.

Well, how is the best way to use cannabis? If you want to get stoned, then microdosing probably isn’t the best option for you. But for those who are more interested in observing the subtler effects of cannabis, then this could be a very interesting experience. This article is all about why you might want to microdose and how to go about it!

What is micro-dosing?

Baby Hits: A Guide To Microdosing with Cannabis

As the word might suggest, microdosing means taking a very small dose of something, but you do it very frequently. It is a way of avoiding the overwhelming effects of the psychedelic being used, while being able to take advantage of the delicate and less intrusive effects.

This method of administering drugs was first used by scientists who wanted to induce the cell response to certain chemicals without producing the “whole” effect. This is essentially the principle behind micro-dosing, in that the effects are being felt at a cellular level, which is enough to enhance the life experience.

Why try micro-dosing?

So why would you want to give up your high? Well, there can actually be much more in it for you if you can give up the instant gratification part of smoking a proper dose or eating a whole brownie. Microdosing is kind of like drawing out the parts of your high that you love the most so that they last for a longer period of time, at more subtle levels. The idea is that by giving up your high, you gain great things that last much longer.

Interestingly enough, microdosing began in laboratories where scientists were testing the influence of certain chemicals on humans, but didn’t want to overwhelm their subjects with the effects. This is because it had already been observed that even by administering the smallest amount, the cell reaction would still take place. For the large part, homeopathy rests on this principle. So, we know that even the most subtle external influence will encourage the entire process to begin.

At very small doses of THC, you can increase your focus and attention, as well as encourage a more deep-rooted sense of relaxation. These are the kinds of things you might experience for short bursts of time when you smoke or eat all the way to highness. However, through microdosing, these feelings can begin to permeate more subtly into more of your life experience. There can be a natural sway towards a healthier and more sustainable life.

Although the idea of microdosing has just recently become mainstream, people have been doing it for a long time. Aldous Huxley admitted to microdosing with LSD way back in the 60s. Modern research on microdosing is being conducted by James Fadiman, who is administering dosages of psilocybin and LSD so small that they are basically imperceptible.

People are using microdosing as a way to deal with all kinds of ailments – whether it’s anxiety, ADHD or even just a simple writer’s block. The overall testimonies suggest that microdosing is effective, perhaps even more so than a full dose.

Ultimately, microdosing also gives you a chance to use weed as a part of your everyday routine. Without the stoned effect, you are better able to get on with your day with weed as a little helper in your pocket, rather than something that potentially locks you to the couch.

How to do it

Obviously, it’s all about the dose. This might take a little bit of time to perfect because it is naturally going to vary from individual to individual. Firstly, we should talk about which method of administration you are going to use. It is hard to measure the dosage of THC when you are smoking, and for that reason joints and bongs generally aren’t recommended. Edibles or tinctures on the other hand, give you a chance to control the amount of THC. Make sure you are aware of the THC content of the strain you are using, and then divide your batch accordingly. The same also goes for tincture.

Baby Hits: A Guide To Microdosing with Cannabis

Vaping is also an appropriate method of ingestion if you are starting to microdose. It is one of the easiest ways to get the most out of your weed, so if you know the THC content of your strain, you can basically guarantee getting it all if you vape it. One hitters are the best, because you don’t risk putting too much weed inside your vaporizer.

So, what would be considered a micro dose? Most stronger strains of cannabis sit at around 25% THC. That means one gram of strong weed contains about 250 milligrams of THC. You are aiming for somewhere around 10. As mentioned, it is going to change from individual to individual, and over time you might want to continue to decrease the dose. You are aiming to be somewhere between completely sober and a little bit stoned, without crossing the line into being stoned.

There are companies, such as Kiva, who are already manufacturing products in the USA specifically for the purpose of micro-dosing. These doses of THC are fashioned into little mints or chocolates that give the person full control over their exact dosage. It isn’t completely necessary to buy these products, as you can make your own edibles or chocolates, so long as you know the THC content of the cannabis you are using.

You can microdose every day

We are used to being told that using an intoxicating substance every day is bad for us. However, in the case of microdosing, there is no real intoxication taking place. That doesn’t mean there’s no need to take responsibility. The more committed you are to maintaining a microdose (rather than a macrodose), the more you open yourself to the best possible outcome.

When you find the perfect amount, you should be able to use it every day without feeling a very strong effect. There is no dangerous way to do this, as it’s basically impossible to overdose on weed, let alone at the level of micro-dosing. Just make sure you aren’t over indulging! Enjoy how the magic of THC can unfold through microdosing!


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