The Pros and Cons of Wake and Bake

The Pros and Cons of Wake and Bake - WeedSeedShop

While waking and baking is arguably one of the most popular stoner pastimes, it doesn’t come without its negative consequences. Lovers of the wake and bake all over the world can testify to the reasons that the morning ritual is good and bad. So, we’ve compiled it all-in this article. Keep reading to find out the pros and cons of wake and bake!

While some would argue that it is impossible for a wake and bake to have a negative side, some will heavily disagree. Just like everything in life, finding the balance is important. And where there are pros, there are almost always some cons to contend with. Wake and bake is certainly no different.

If you’re a lover of wake and bake, you probably know what we’re talking about. And if you can’t stand the wake and bake, it’s probably because you used to love it too much once upon a time, namely just two weeks ago.

We’ve decided to compile the list of all the pros and cons of this common stoner moment. So here it is – all the reasons that cannabis enthusiasts love and hate the morning ritual!

The Pros of wake and bake

Let’s start with the pros. Because it’s always good to start on the positive side, right?

1. Starting the day on a positive

Obviously starting everything on a positive note is the ultimate pro of wake and bake. You can’t really argue with a day that started off with the smooth, euphoric sensation you get after using cannabis. If you were at all worried about things you had to do, it all melts away with a morning joint, vape or edible.

2. You get the highest in the morning

The morning is the easiest time to get high. There’s something about that state of being you’re in just after you wake up that makes you more sensitive to the effects of weed. Plenty of cannabis users say that they love to smoke in the morning because it’s the strongest smoke they get to have.

3. Breakfast tastes better after a wake and bake

The Pros and Cons of Wake and Bake - WeedSeedShop

Weed makes food taste better just about any time it’s used, and you know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. For most people, breakfast is eaten in a hurry or even on the way to work or school. The wake and bake makes breakfast so much more satisfying.

4. The way to cheat your way out of a tolerance break

If you’re a frequent user, then sleep is probably the longest gap you get between smokes. And we all know what a break can do for your tolerance. The wake and bake is like nature’s way for you to completely cheat your way out of having to take a proper tolerance break. This goes back to the fact that you get the highest in the morning. The morning always makes it feel like the first time.

But it does mean that you get more tolerant over the long run. The wake and bake method is not a real tolerance buster. It gives you a moment in the day that’s kind of like cheating.

The cons of wake and bake

And now, for the other side of waking and baking that might balance out all of that good stuff.

1. It’s harder to get high later on

The wake and bake is usually the highest you’re going to get all day. And you’ve knocked it out first thing in the morning. That means that for the rest of the day or evening, you’re looking at stoner moments that don’t quite match up to the one you had in the morning.

2. You can become burnt out quicker

If you’ve had a delightful start to the day by smoking or vaping, you might be ready to hit the hay by 5pm. Which can also lead to sleeping way too much. The wake and bake causes a phenomenon we like to call “the witching hour” that usually happens in the late afternoon. You have to fight with yourself to get through to evening without having to lay down for a nap.

3. You can get lost in being high and forget the things you have to do

The Pros and Cons of Wake and Bake - WeedSeedShop

Oh, but it’s one of the best things about wake and bake! There’s no stress of daily tasks. While every stoner will wholeheartedly agree, it’s also one of the biggest setbacks.

You can get so lost in the pleasure of being high that no task seems important anymore. Until the end of the day comes and you realise that you haven’t ticked anything off your to-do list – except get high!

Want to avoid this and try to stay productive? At least stick to sativa-dominant strains!

4. There’s less weed for later

Well, if you smoke through your stash in the morning, there’s not much to enjoy later with friends. Although using weed at any time of the day means that there’s less weed for later. Maybe this isn’t so much a con as it is a natural consequence of smoking weed.

5. It’s an expensive habit

With all the cons combined, doing the wake and bake can get pretty costly real quick!

Even to the famous wake and bake, there are pros and cons, even though we hate to admit the downsides. The key is, as always, in maintaining the balance! Enjoy the morning ceremony, wake and bakers!


5 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of Wake and Bake”

  1. Stephen Millar

    Well I just waked and baked and it’s awesome! I no doubt get my highest in the morning

  2. I only wake & bake on my off days; and I don’t do it all the time. That said, the effects are truly more defined. My regimen is to hold off ’till the afternoon/early evening before blazing up again. If I start in the a.m. and revisit all day, I’m liable to fizzle out by around 4 p.m. Other than that, wake & bake is a nice indulgence once in a while.

  3. More sleepy when smoking than vaping. Best naps after lunch. True, while I can cruise through things I do have less energy. The cruising makes it pleasant with vape the best.

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