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Indoor Cannabis Seeds

All varieties of cannabis seeds can be grown indoors, and growing weed indoors can have many advantages compared to outdoor cultivation, depending on the personal preferences and circumstances of the grower.

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Growing cannabis indoors not only helps to control the conditions in which cannabis plants are placed such as temperature, humidity, and air flow, but also allows the gardener to choose between different methods of cultivation such as hydroponics or aeroponics, and even different substrates, such as soil, coconut or rockwool. There may be more initial planning involved when you choose to buy indoor cannabis seeds, but in the long run this will pay off in a more easily managable crop.

Growing weed indoors also allows the grower to control the length of the growth and flowering periods by changing the number of hours of light to which plants are exposed. This cultivation method can be adapted to all varieties of cannabis. Many of the seeds available to buy in the WeedSeedShop for growing cannabis indoors can also be grown outdoors, depending on the local climate and the heat and the length of summer in your area. And naturally, the indoor cannabis seeds from WeedSeedShop are some of the cheapest available!