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Connoisseur Strains

At WeedSeedShop we like to supply cannabis seeds for strains that are unusual, special, or distinctive in some way.

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Many of these kinds of marijuana offer enough of a challenge to experienced cannabis growers to keep them interested, yet are still amazingly affordable!

Connoisseur cannabis seed strains are a perfect choice to buy for the more accomplished cannabis grower whose first concern is superb quality weed. The Sativa-influenced strains listed below may be slightly harder to grow, and yield less than their Indica-heavy relatives, but the smoke produced by our Connoisseur strains has an absolute superiority in terms of taste and long lasting cerebral high.

Many experienced smokers and growers prefer the unique qualities of a fine Haze. We have no less than four Haze variations, plus a couple of marijuana seed strains with less common genetic backgrounds as far apart as southern Africa and the islands of Hawaii. If you feel that very good quality weed is worth the extra effort and patience, the strains listed in the connoisseur cannabis strains category are the way to go!