The Ultimate Stoner Survival Kit: 11 Must-Haves

Ultimate Stoner Survival Kit: 11 Must-Haves – WeedSeedShop

There are some items a stoner should always carry around with them! When you put all those items together in one place, we call it a survival kit. For advice on all the necessary things to build the ultimate stoner survival kit, keep reading this article.

The survival kit is a must for every stoner. It contains the items that are essential to a stoner’s life, whether they are on the road or at home.

The benefit of a survival kit is that you’re never caught out without any of the things that you need – and of course, you’ll win the award in your smoking circle for being the one that is always prepared. It’s also a great way to keep everything in one place so that your favourite items don’t go missing. Everything you need for smoking will be neatly organized in one place.

We’ve put together a list of essential items that no stoner should ever be caught without. Start preparing your stoner survival kit now!

Ultimate Stoner Survival Kit: 11 Must-Haves – WeedSeedShop

1. Ganja, of course

If your survival kit doesn’t have weed in it, then the rest of it becomes completely useless. The first ingredient to a stoner’s survival kit is stash. The better the stash, the more likely your survival, of course.

If you don’t like carrying a lot of weed around with you, it always pays to have some already ground up in your survival kit so that you can be quick when you are on the go.

There are certain strains that are essential for a survival kit. The sativa-heavy OG Kush should always live in your bag of weed. It’s the OG! And for a necessary indica, always have some Northern Lights lying around.

2. A grinder or scissors

Some like to get the fingers sticky while preparing a smoke, but when you’re out and about it can be time consuming and totally conspicuous to finger chop. Carrying scissors or a grinder (preferably a grinder with a kief catcher) makes it easier to prepare a mix when you are out and about.

3. Rolling papers

Even if you aren’t a joint smoker, you should always have at least a few papers in your survival kit. You never know when your bong is going to break or your pipe is going to fail you. You’re better safe than sorry. For those who love to smoke joints, there should always be spares. Never let your survival kit be paperless! Oh, and if you run out, you know we’ve got you covered.

4. A small pipe

Ultimate Stoner Survival Kit: 11 Must-Haves – WeedSeedShop

A small pipe is a great way to counteract the ‘no papers’ problem. If you have a small pipe in your survival kit, running out of papers won’t be such a huge problem. A one hitter is the perfect sized pipe for your survival kit because it doesn’t take up much space.

5. A pipe cleaner

A pipe cleaner means that you’ll never have to smoke out of a dirty piece. Keeping rubbing alcohol in there for cleaning is totally optional, but you should have at least one item for cleaning your smoking apparatus in a survival kit.

6. A vape pen or small vaporizer

Just in case your pipe or bong fails you suddenly, having a vaporizer around is handy. And sometimes, you just don’t feel like smoking but you do want to squeeze that hit in. That’s when having a vape pen is perfect!

7. A rolling machine

Seasoned stoners might not need this one in their survival kit, but if you aren’t too confident with rolling it might be a good one to pack. Fancy being stuck somewhere with all the necessary materials to roll a joint without actually knowing how to roll one!

8. A lighter

You can’t light that joint or pipe without a lighter, can you? There is literally nothing worse…. Always carry a lighter if you want to survive as a stoner.

9. Odour control: Mints & perfume

This is the kind of thing you could forget to put in your stoner survival kit if you weren’t a seasoned smoker. You don’t want to be caught smelling like a joint, so having mints and perfume in your survival kit is more of a preventative measure. Stoners should stay looking and smelling sharp!

10. Eye drops

Ahh, the infamous survival kit item. For some stoners, eye drops such as Clear Eyes are more important than everything else. To avoid a case of “Oh crap! Everybody knows I’m stoned”, keep eye drops in there, and you’ll always have a weapon against red eyes.

11. Your favourite candies or munchies

Let’s be honest, stoners. This one is probably the second most important one to ganja itself. Always have some survival stock of your favourite candies or (healthy) munchies. It will keep your tummy satisfied while the rest of you is enjoying your high. And if you’re with company when you smoke, they’ll be impressed that you’re prepared with munchies!

Did we miss anything? What’s your go-to strain for your survival kit? Is it home-grown or store-bought? Share your experiences with us in the comments below!


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