Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Turn Red?

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Turn Red? - WeedSeedShop Blog

It’s possibly the universal way of saying that you’re stoned – your eyes have turned red. The red eye is a phenomenon that has long been a way to catch out stoners – so why does weed make your eyes go red? You might be surprised to find out that your red eyes are a sign that you’ve been smoking quality buds. Read this article to learn why smoking cannabis makes your eyes go red (and how to make them go away)!

It doesn’t matter where in the world you go, red and bloodshot eyes are the dead giveaway that you’ve been smoking weed. It is probably the most common question a stoner asks before they walk out of a room – “Do my eyes look red? Is everyone going to know I’m high?”. Red eyes come as a symptom of being high, irrespective of how weed has been ingested into the body. So why does it happen? You’d be surprised to know that red eyes contribute to one of the most healing factors of cannabis!

Red eyes are what heal glaucoma

The most probable reason that you experience red eyes after using cannabis is because of its main psychoactive ingredient, THC. It also happens to be the very reason that weed is the perfect medicine for those suffering from glaucoma. When the THC cannabinoid interacts with the body, it decreases the blood pressure, and the consequence this has on the eyes is dilation of the ocular capillaries. In this way, glaucoma patients experience some relief from the pressure that builds in their eyes. For everybody else, this basically just means bloodshot eyes.

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Turn Red? - WeedSeedShop Blog

Some smokers suggest that certain strains are more likely to give red eyes than others: Generally speaking, high THC (but low in CBD) strains tend to result in more intense red eyes than strains that are low in THC (but high in CBD for example). Maybe this has something to do with the strength of your herb. So after all, your red eyes just mean that you have been using some very good medicine! Although that excuse probably wouldn’t stand up in court…

Possible allergies?

It is probably just a rumour that those who suffer from allergies could be more likely to experience red eyes than those that are less prone. Sensitive eyes can be easily irritated by smoke, especially if you are hotboxing in a small area, like a car. But if this were true, then smokers of tobacco would also suffer from red eyes from time to time.

Of course, this doesn’t explain why people who eat weed also experience red eyes. This phenomenon is evidence that it’s more likely the cannabinoids that cause red eyes, rather than the smoke itself. There’s no real way of knowing why, for some people red eyes are basically guaranteed, while for others, they’re rare. There are, however, ways to deal with it if you become a victim of red eyes!

Why Does Weed Make Your Eyes Turn Red? - WeedSeedShop Blog

How to hide red eyes

The best thing about red eyes is that they never last too long. They have usually completely cleared up within a couple of hours. So you could always just wait for it to pass before adventuring out into the world.

If it really is an emergency, then you should be carrying eye drops in your smoking kit. Every stoner should carry around a bottle of eye drops in the case that red eyes hit with a vengeance!

The last thing you can do is stay well hydrated. This will avoid the eyes going red because of irritation. Most importantly – don’t stress out. The reason your eyes have turned red is because your weed is doing exactly what it’s meant to!


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