Sustainable Cannabis Use: How to Use Your Whole Plant

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Most people will spend months growing their cannabis plants, harvest the buds and throw away the rest of the plant material! They are unknowingly throwing away cannabis parts that are full of nutrition and medicinal value. Read this article to learn about what to do with all the parts of the cannabis plant so you never have to throw anything away!

You should always be aspiring to get the most out of your cannabis plant. That’s why simply harvesting the buds to smoke just won’t do. You can make use of your entire cannabis plant so that you don’t ever have to throw away any part of it!

You might be surprised by how much you can do with your leaves and stems. The whole plant is full of nutritional value that your body will love. It’s just a matter of learning what to do with them! In this article, we’re going to teach you about all the different things you can do with the cannabis plant.

What to do with cannabis leaves

How to Use Your Entire Cannabis Plant - WeedSeedShop

While the leaves of cannabis aren’t rich in THC, they are still full of other cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids that are beneficial to your health. Next time you harvest your buds and trim the leaves off, do any of the following with them!

  • Add leaves to juices and smoothies. The best time to do this is straight after harvesting
  • Sprinkle them on top of a salad
  • Use leaves to roll blunts They need to be slightly dry for this
  • Add them to a bouquet and give them to your mom! Maybe she will recognize them or perhaps she will think they belong to roses!
  • Thai sticks. These require cannabis leaves (and a stem, in fact) to put together

It’s not recommended to freeze the leaves if you want to use them a long time after harvesting. It is better to make your juice or smoothie and then freeze that. Need more ideas for using leaves? Check out these!

What to do with weed trimmings

If you ever find yourself working hard on a ganja farm to trim the harvest and get ready for sales, you know how much material can end up left over. It seems like an enormous waste of weed to just let that go, right? Well, there is a lot you can do with weed trimmings!

  • The first, most obvious thing to do would be to throw it all in some butter, cook it down into some potent cannabutter and make edibles
  • If you work for a company that has the correct equipment, you can send those weed trimmings in to be extracted into a shatter or wax, too
  • Weed trimmings can also be boiled in some milk to drink before bedtime. What could be better after a really long day of trimming weed?
  • Finally, if none of these sound appealing to you, you can throw them into some coconut oil, cook it down for a few hours and make a mild canna-salve

What to do with cannabis stems

You have to be a little bit more creative to use the stems of the cannabis plant. Industrial hemp growers can process the stems and create fibres, which are then used to make clothing and building materials. But you probably don’t have that kind of processing equipment in your house. Never mind!

There are still some things you can do with the stems that mean you don’t have to throw them away:

  • Soak the bigger, thicker stems in alcohol or oil for 4-6 weeks to create a tincture or medicinal oil. If you want to do this, you’re going to need quite a few stems
  • Decarboxylate them and use them to make cannabutter or canna-coconut oil
  • Use that canna-coconut oil with beeswax to make a nice cannabis salve.
  • Or cannabis lube!
  • The smaller stems that your buds are attached to can basically serve as a substitute for weed! They are rich with cannabinoids, and can be decarboxylated for cannabutter or thrown into a joint
  • If you have a long, straighter stem in your batch, use it to make your next Thai stick!

What to do with cannabis roots

How to Use Your Entire Cannabis Plant - WeedSeedShop

You probably weren’t expecting to find out what to do with the roots of your cannabis plant here. This part of cannabis is often neglected as having no use whatsoever. But that’s not true. It was used in herbal medicine practice for a long time, and you can still reap the benefits of what is contained within the roots.

The roots of cannabis contain alkaloids such as cannabisativine. The roots also contain piperidine and pyrrolidine, which dilate the bronchial tubes and are sedatives. There are also loads of terpenes and antioxidants in the roots that are great for your body.

Here are some things you can do with the roots of the cannabis plant:

  • Dry the roots and grind them into a paste and then apply it to broken bones, swelling and sore muscles
  • Boil the roots in water or milk to make a tea that can relieve joint pain and gout
  • Boil the roots in coconut oil the same way you would with buds, and then take a teaspoon a day to heal arthritis
  • Mix the root coconut oil with beeswax to make a salve that has great healing power for the skin

Don’t throw anything away!

And of course, if you are left with seeds – plant them! You spent months growing your weed, and the buds really only make up a small amount of all that which you grew. So be eco-friendly, and don’t waste your hard efforts by throwing away valuable and useful parts of the plant.

Never throw anything away. If you really can’t find a use for any parts of the cannabis plant that really suit you, then use it as compost in the rest of your garden. Your garden – and the environment – will thank you for it!

Every part of the plant has its own unique way to be used, and is full of medicinal value. Enjoy using all the parts of the cannabis plant and getting the most out of this wonderful herb!


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  1. Joy Anita Stockwell

    I have been throwing away the fan leaves, being told they had no value. Never again, to valuable to dump.

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