Moon Rocks: What Are They and How to Make Your Own

Moon Rocks: What are They & How to Make Them - WeedSeedShop

Moon rocks are one of the newest cannabis trends. Imagine the most flavourful and potent nug of weed that you ever smoked. A moon rock is something like that, but ten times more flavourful and ten times more potent. This article is going to teach you all about moon rocks – including how to make your own!

If you were by any chance ever looking for the most expensive nugget of weed in the world, a moon rock would be it.

But it’s no regular nugget of weed. It’s as valuable as a piece of the moon – and with very good reason. It doesn’t get you high in the conventional sense of the word “high”. It’s more like the kind of high that leaves you lying on your couch, wondering if you have in fact become one with the couch.

So many cannabis frequenters lament over the days when getting stoned was a true event: the kind that left a lasting impression. That’s probably what led to the invention of moon rocks. So, this really is it. It’s the event that you’ve been waiting for since the days when you first started smoking. The event that leaves you giggling until your stomach is cramped, feeling like a melted piece of cheese on toast.

Okay – we’ve talked it up enough. Now let’s talk about exactly what moon rocks are and how they are made, so that you can make your own mind-blowing nugs.

What are moon rocks?

There is a lot of speculation as to who made the first moon rock. But we do know that it was the rapper Kurupt who finally “produced” them, making them popular in the USA. Kurupt and his partner in crime, Dr Zodiak were responsible for bringing them to the cannabis market, and now the “OG” (store-bought) moon rock is called Dr Zodiak’s Moonrock.

Moon Rocks: What are They & How to Make Them - WeedSeedShop

A moon rock nugget is essentially a big bud of weed, dipped in some hash oil and rolled in kief. Sounds like a trip, doesn’t it? But not all moon rocks are created equal. If the herb, oil and kief aren’t quality, then the THC content might not be what you think. As a general guide, a good quality moon rock should sit at around 50% THC. Holy smokes!

A moon rock is a flavour explosion. It’s the best way to get all three worlds of cannabis compacted into a single experience. The flavour of kief and oil with the freshness of an herb – it’s the kind of recipe that satisfies the mind and heart of a stoner who can’t decide which one they like the best.

But beware. There are many manufacturers who try to disguise their lowest quality buds in the form of moon rocks. This is why you’re much safer making your own, from your home-grown weed. Plus, if you live in a place where it’s impossible to buy moon rocks, it pays to know how to make your own. So here it is!

How to make moon rocks

In order to make your own moon rocks, you’re going to need a lot of herbal material.

Buds are necessary, obviously. But you will also need the bottom of your grinder to be full of powdery kief. If you don’t have this, you’ll have to wait a little bit longer to make moon rocks. This is a great way to use the kief that you’ve been collecting for months! You will also need some hash oil (or another sticky concentrate).

  1. Pick one of the bigger, denser buds that you have in your bag. The bigger and denser it is, the better your final product will hold together.
  2. Now it’s time for the oil or concentrate. If it is quite solid, you can heat it up until it’s liquidy enough to use. Use a dropper or syringe to give the nug a coating of concentrate. Of course, you want to smear as much on there as possible. But don’t oversaturate it. It will make the moon rock harder to dry and harder to smoke. You can dip the nug if you don’t have a dropper tool, but it’s harder to be precise.
  3. Using some tongs, roll the nug around in kief until it’s evenly and completely covered. You can use your fingers for this part, too, but it will be very messy. And it’s not much of a “lick your fingers” kind of situation.
  4. Put your moon rock somewhere to dry until it’s ready for you to smoke, in 24-48 hours.

How to smoke moon rocks

Okay, so now you’re holding this fuzzy looking nugget of weed and wondering what to do with it. It’s a very legitimate question. We aren’t used to handling such fine specimens. So here are some tips:

  • Use a pair of delicate trimming scissors or a sharp knife to cut it up into manageable pieces. Do NOT use a grinder. All of the concentrate will get stuck in your grinder and it will be wasted.
Moon Rocks: What are They & How to Make Them - WeedSeedShop
  • A glass bong or pipe is really the only realistic way to smoke it. Trying to chop it up to go in a joint is basically impossible.
  • You will need a lot of fire to get this thing really burning. So, if you have a jet lighter handy, it should be your preferred lighter.

But the most important piece of advice: take it easy! If you’ve made good decisions about what went into your moon rocks, this thing will be very potent. It is designed to make the seasoned stoner’s mind blow off his shoulders. So, if you’re new to smoking weed, strap yourself in for an epic ride (and it can’t harm to be prepared of what to do in case you do smoke too much).

The moon rock is not really designed for having to do important things afterwards. It’s not something you smoke before washing the dishes or cooking dinner. It’s for the pure enjoyment of the cannabis experience. So enjoy your trip to the moon!


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