8 Tips on How to Smoke Weed in Your Room on the Low

How to Hide the Smell of Smoking Weed - WeedSeedShop

Unfortunately for some of us, we must keep our weed smoking on the low. If you live in your parents’ house or a college dorm, this could be especially so. But it can even be true even if your housemates are a little bit judgemental. Well, if you have to keep things discreet, we have some advice for you in this article.

Because despite being a legal adult – finally free to make your own choices – you will still suffer if you get caught smoking weed in your bedroom or your dorm room. Well, at least that’s true if you live in a college dorm or with your parents. Unfortunately, not all college students are totally liberated into their cannabis experience yet.

It’s okay! Almost everybody goes through it at some stage, and it doesn’t last forever. So, in the meantime, we have some advice on how to hide the fact that you smoke weed usage. If you absolutely must smoke weed in your room, there are some ways to keep some authoritative figures from knowing what you’re up to.

1. Herbal smoking blends

Maybe your parents or college co-ordinators don’t want you smoking at all. But at the risk of getting caught smoking, you can save yourself from the lecture about cannabis. There’s far less stigma attached to herbal blends and they are legal. Mixing a herbal blend in with your weed can convince your elders that you are just enjoying the taste of some flowers. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there?

2. The wet towel method

This method is a classic among smokers. It is a really simple way of stopping the smoke from escaping your room. It means nobody outside will smell it. However, that doesn’t really solve the problem of the smell inside the room.

Dampen a towel and roll it up into a sausage. Lay it across the gap at the bottom of the door and make sure it goes the whole way across. Open the window and smoke out the window and that will ensure that most of the smoke exits your room. Otherwise, when you open your door to go to the fridge or bathroom, a cloud of smoke will follow you!

3. Make your own smoke filter

Smoke filters catch all the smoke you exhale so that you leave no trace! They are extremely effective at catching the smoke as well as the smell and are perfect for dorm rooms and bedrooms. You can easily make one with a toilet paper roll, an elastic band, a piece of material and some cotton wool. If you don’t have cotton wool, you can just scrunch up a sock or a piece of material.

Cover one end of the roll with the piece of material and secure it with the elastic band. Stuff the inside of the roll full of cotton wool or a sock, depending on what is available. When you exhale, exhale into your smoke filter, and nobody will be any wiser!

4. Start vaping

How to Hide the Smell of Smoking Weed - WeedSeedShop

If you’re not totally stuck on the idea of smoking joints, you can get into the habit of vaping. It makes almost no smell, and water vapour disappears quickly in a room. Smoke, on the other hand is smelly and thick, and sticks around for a long time. Vaping is ideal for anybody who wants to smoke weed on the low, because it also only requires a hit or two to do the job.

5. Odour-neutralizing candles

There are actually candles out there that are specifically marketed towards stoners who need to cover up the smell. It’s strange though, because sometimes these candles don’t themselves have an odour. However, they contain properties that cover up odours.

They can often be purchased at head shops and can definitely be found online. It is best to have a look at reviews to find out which ones are the most effective at covering up the smell of cannabis!

6. Smoke in the bathroom

Most bathrooms have a fan inside, if not a window, too. So, perhaps the best way to avoid getting caught is to pretend you are having a shower, and smoke into the fan. If there is a window then you can smoke out the window and that’s even better. The steam from the shower will take care of most of the smell in there and you can even burn a candle for ambience!

7. Air purifiers

Although air purifiers don’t get rid of the smell of weed immediately, they can do a good job of getting rid of whatever is left over after a good smoke. If you smoke in your room regularly or especially at night, having an air purifier is handy for keeping it fresh in there. Overnight, it will get rid of the lingering smell.

8. Use a bong!

How to Hide the Smell of Smoking Weed - WeedSeedShop

At the end of the day, a bong is going to be far less smelly and obvious than smoking a joint or a spliff. Somehow, the smell when smoking through glass is far less intense than paper. So, save your spliffs and blunts for the riverside, or for hanging out in the park with your friends. Smoke the bong inside and lower the risks of getting caught.

Did we leave anything out? Did you MacGyver a failproof smoke filter? Let us know in the comments and help out your buds!


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