Herbal Alternatives to Tobacco for Your Smoking MIX

Herbal Alternatives to Tobacco For Your Smoking Mix - WeedSeedShop Blog

Many of us like to mix our weed with other things before we smoke it, whether it’s for conserving weed or for helping it burn better. However, tobacco isn’t the only thing that you can add to your smoking mix. We’ve compiled a list of herbs that are great to smoke with cannabis. Keep reading to learn to make your own herbal blend.

There are a lot of smokers out there who mix their weed with tobacco for one reason or another. For some, it’s about the taste while for others it’s about helping the weed burn down the joint better. For some smokers, mixing is a way to ensure that they aren’t smoking too much weed and help them conserve their stash for a little bit longer.

For whatever reason you like to mix, it has its benefits. But what else can you mix your joint with, besides tobacco? For those who are feeling a little more creative about expanding their herbal collection, we have some creative ideas for your smoking mix. There are many smokable herbs that go well with cannabis and can even enhance your smoking experience.

Damiana for sensual smokers

Sometimes the dried leaves of the damiana plant are smoked for their relaxing qualities. Research has shown that this plant is an aphrodisiac, so it might be a good thing to add to the mix before a romantic night. The taste is said to be similar to weed, meaning it doesn’t stand in the way of the taste of your buds. This herb is a cheap base for any smoking blend, too!

Lion’s Tail is healthier than tobacco

Lion’s Tail herb can be added to your smoking blend to make it more euphoric. The taste of it is usually what keeps people away from using it, but if you have the palette for it, it can definitely enhance your experience. This herb comes from Africa and is sometimes known as Wild Dagga. It is available in most head shops or herbal stores and is known for its mild psychoactive and medicinal properties.

Chamomile isn’t just tea

Everyone is used to soaking this herb in hot water and making tea, but did you know it is also a good flower to smoke? It carries its relaxing properties even when smoked, so it can make your high more chilled out than usual. The taste when smoking chamomile is also extremely smooth and delicious.


Sage is a common addition to herbal smoking blends for its mildly relaxing properties and for its wonderful taste and fragrance. It is best smoked in smaller amounts, so this is perfect to add to a herbal mixture rather than using it as a complete alternative to tobacco.

Blue Lotus for psychonauts

Herbal Alternatives To Tobacco for your Joint– Weed Seed Shop

The Blue Lotus herb is also consumed for its psychedelic properties and is actually extremely smooth to smoke. Just like sage, this one is better when it is smoked in smaller doses, so be sparing when you’re adding Blue Lotus to your smoking mixture.

Marshmallow leaf

This herb is often used for digestive purposes, and is a great one to smoke all around, even if you aren’t mixing it with weed. Just like damiana, it makes a good base to any herbal mixture. It tastes good and smokes well, and you can use as much of this herb as you like.

Herbal Alternatives To Tobacco for your Joint– Weed Seed Shop

Yerba Mate – the all-purpose herbal smoke

Yerba Mate is a herbal blend that is usually drunk as a tea. It has a pleasant flavour when smoked and doesn’t affect the high greatly. It helps with slowing down the burn of the joint, too.

Making a herbal mixture is like being an alchemist. Finding the perfect amount of each herb takes some trial and error, as the fragrance and taste will be important in the end. You also don’t want to overpower the taste and smell of your weed, so be careful with the more pungent herbs. Get creative by mixing your favourite ones together to make your best herbal smoking mix.


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