30 Day Weed Tolerance Break Challenge

Want to take a weed tolerance break but struggling to find the motivation to get started? Well, hopefully, this 30-day weed tolerance break challenge gives you some inspiration. In this article, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to get through a weed tolerance break. And of course, we tell you all the reasons that you’re going to love it!

Yes. The cannabis advocates are advocating this: the 30-day weed tolerance break challenge. Because as much as we advocate for cannabis, we advocate for doing it right. Every frequent cannabis user knows about the effects of regular use on tolerance. You start off as a one-puff-wonder, and within a couple of months, you’re puffing away like mad to get to the same level.

We think that if you take regular tolerance breaks from weed, you can continue to experience it the same way you did the first time you used it. It’s also a great way to make sure you don’t fall into a weed dependency. And your wallet will be very thankful for it.

A weed tolerance break is about doing weed the right way. The tolerance break allows you to have a rest from being high so that when you smoke again, you can get really high. Now that is something we advocate!

Why should I take a tolerance break?

Logically, you could just keep smoking more and more. But that starts to weigh heavily on your pocket, and it’s probably not all that good for your lungs. What’s better is to return yourself back to “weed virginity” so that smoking again feels like just being touched for the very first time.

Taking a weed tolerance break is good for several reasons. Not only do you save yourself from needing to hit it twice as hard to get high, but you also save yourself from forming a potential dependency.

At the end of the day, everything is better when it is done in moderation. Taking a tolerance break from weed can give you a newfound appreciation for it. Perhaps it is even something you’ve been wanting for a long time but have been a little bit nervous to really try it. So we implore you to take a 30-day weed tolerance break challenge, using some of our healthy advice.

5 Tips for a tolerance break

It’s really just the first few days of a tolerance break that might feel… strange. This is especially true if it’s been quite a long time since your last tolerance break. But we have some advice for you to make the whole endeavour that little bit easier.

1. Don’t keep weed in the house

If you’re really serious about taking a tolerance break, don’t keep weed in the house. It can be so tempting to revert back to habitual behaviour, like having a herbal nightcap. It will be much easier if it’s nowhere to be found in those moments of weakness.

2. Use CBD oil during your tolerance break!

If you usually use THC to wind down after a hard day’s work or for relaxation purposes, try using CBD instead. Especially in those first few days, CBD can calm your nerves down while you’re trying to take a break. Plus, you might find that using CBD oil has a whole myriad of other health benefits that you’ll enjoy!

An alternative could be to smoke high-CBD strains. That way, you don’t need to give up your rituals & habits of consuming something that tastes like weed. But… Don’t cheat! Don’t pick a strain that’s 50/50, but truly opt for a high-CBD strain such as Harlequin or Swiss Dream.

3. Set your goal 30 days into the future and see it through!

Knowing that in 30 days, you’re going to smoke the best joint in your life, you might feel way more inspired to take the challenge. Set the date. Write it on your calendar. It is going to be a lovely reward after taking 30 days off the herb.

4. Find something else to consume at social events

This is a big one. For many people trying to take a tolerance break from weed, social events can be challenging. If you’re a stoner, it’s pretty safe to assume that most of your friends are also lovers of the herb. So how do you get past this?

Well, if you don’t mind a couple of drinks, do that instead at a social event. If you’re not much of a drinker, try drinking cacao (at ceremonial doses, cacao gives quite the high!). There are lots of natural highs that you can use to make yourself feel like you’re a part of the celebration without compromising your 30-day challenge.

5. If you give in, start your 30 days over

Part of the challenge is that if you give in to the desire, you have to start your 30-day challenge all over again. This might assist you in making it through a whole month without consuming THC.

Don’t view this ‘starting over’ as a punishment, though. Instead, see it as another chance of truly reducing that tolerance, so you can fully enjoy that well-deserved first joint after the 30 days.

Enjoy being a weed-virgin again

After smoking cannabis for a long time, taking a tolerance break can feel downright weird. It’s like going back to being a weed-virgin. So when your 30-day challenge is over, go out and find some of the finest quality herb you can get your hands on.

Enjoy revisiting that ritual of rolling a joint and getting high. And I assure you, you will get higher than you have been in a very, very long time!


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