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CBD Seeds

CBD strains are in high demand, and rightfully so. CBD seeds produce plants that are less psychoactive than high-THC plants, or even not psychoactive at all. It all depends on the THC/CBD ratio.

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WeedSeedShop’s high-CBD seed collection ranges from the extremely low-THC strain Swiss Dream Auto (1:32) to the balanced Diesel CBD Feminized (2:1).

It all boils down to: The higher the CBD content, the less psychoactive the effect will be. Swiss Dream Autoflower can reach CBD levels of 20% with THC contents firmly below 1%. On the other end of the spectrum is our Diesel CBD Feminized, with twice as much THC as CBD (THC/CBD ratio of 2:1). This will give a smooth, long-lasting effect.

CBD seeds deserve all the attention they get, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.