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Cannabis Seeds: Buy Cheap Weed Seeds

WeedSeedShop is the best place to buy cannabis seeds online. We offer a large selection of high-quality weed seeds!

Our team of passionate experts individually checks every seed and any cracked, crushed or immature ones are removed prior to packing. As a result, we can guarantee our customers the best cheap cannabis seeds of Europe.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Buy feminized seeds from WeedSeedShop to easily grow cannabis without having to remove pesky male plants, meaning less work and more weed!

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Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Feminized autoflowering seeds are a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy cannabis grow! Buy affordable, potent autoflowering seeds here.

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Regular Cannabis Seeds

A fantastic selection of regular cannabis seeds from WeedSeedShop which will produce both male and female plants.

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Browsing for bargains?

Check out which products that are currently discounted here. Updated regularly, so hurry if you find something you like!

Beginner seeds

Our beginner seeds are easy to grow, will bounce back from the most common newbie mistakes, and can produce satisfying harvests without a lot of effort.

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Cheap seeds

Low-price and top-quality – that’s what WeedSeedShop is all about. Check out our cheapest strains here: Starting at €1.75/seed, with a maximum of €3.00/seed.

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Fast-flowering seeds

Fast-flowering seeds are ideal for impatient gardeners, and for indoor growers looking to produce as many crops in as little possible time.

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Cash Crop

The WeedSeedShop Cash Crop category presents strains that are easy to grow, have a very short flowering time and a high to colossal yield. Buy them here!

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CBD seeds

CBD seeds grow plants that are less psychotropic, or even not at all. The THC/CBD-ratio of our CBD seeds ranges from low-THC (1:32) to more balanced (2:1).

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XXL harvest

Each of these strains is capable of producing plentiful, solid, huge colas which, given ideal conditions, can grow to the size of the grower’s arm!

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Indoor seeds

Do you want to buy cannabis seeds that grow indoors? Have a look at our extensive selection of indoor cannabis seeds for very low prices!

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Outdoor seeds

Which strain can be grown outdoors, depends on the climate. Browse our most popular outdoor cannabis seeds, suitable for cold, temperate, or sunny climates.

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CBD products

A range of CBD capsules & CBD oils, varying in strength and package size. Made using certified organic EU-grown hemp, and all products are lab-tested.

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