A Favourite Stoner Pastime: The Hotbox

What is Hotboxing? And 9 pro tips! – WeedSeedShop

We know that it is the birth right of every stoner to participate in the age-old act of hotboxing. We know that every stoner belongs to a long line of truth seekers and hotboxers. And we are going to pass that knowledge on to you. To learn how to conquer the hotbox, follow the advice in this article!

It seems like an instinctive desire of every stoner to smoke the f*** out of something. We don’t know exactly why it happens, but in the life span of every stoner, the point arrives where the desire to hotbox becomes so strong, it has to be satisfied.

You can hotbox anything if you’ve got enough smoke, and this is entirely the plight of the hotboxing session. So, you’d like to conquer the hotbox? We have some advice for you before you embark, partly concerned with safety, so that you can enjoy one of the most historical ways to use ganja.

Where did hotboxing originate?

What is Hotboxing? And 9 pro tips! – WeedSeedShop

The concept of hanging out in a space completely consumed by the intoxicating smoke of cannabis isn’t new. As long back as the seventh century BC, the Scythians (a group of nomadic tribes) were using weed as an intoxicant in their steam baths. Sound familiar? This information comes from a famous passage written by Herodotus in 450 BC, where he described in detail how the Scythans put their hemp seeds and flowers on “red hot stones”. They made so much smoke, “no Grecian vapour-bath could surpass it”, according to Herodotus.

For the Scythians, it was about using the travelling powers that THC gave them to talk to their ancestors and pay them respect. There are still Bedouins in Egypt who use hashish exactly the same way, by using it as the “fragrance” of a steam bath. It is one of the most epic ways to consume weed. So in fact, we have been hotboxing for thousands of years. By now, we should be pretty good at it!

How do you hotbox?

In case you’re wondering exactly how to do it, here is a very short description on getting it right. Firstly, all you have to do is get into a small space and start puffing away. The more joints that are going, the better! The idea is to create a lot of smoke in a very small space. And that way, everybody gets very high.

Now, the disclaimer here is to remember to open a window or door every now and then. If it gets too smokey, people can start to get light-headed. Actually, if you go for too long, oxygen levels in the space can get very, very low. So, to keep things safe, remember to open the window or door slightly every now and then!

What is Hotboxing? And 9 pro tips! – WeedSeedShop

You can hotbox anything

Seeing as hotboxing is just the act of filling up a space with smoke, you can do it anywhere (indoors, obviously), as long as you have enough smoke. Hotboxing isn’t confined to your car (which is the classic way to do it)– you can also hotbox a bathroom, bedroom, hotel room, tent, closet, garage, sauna (your own personal ones, please), or even the greenhouse! Use your imagination, and exercise your discretion always.

For some hotboxing inspiration, you might want to check out this video by PotTV. These guys don’t kid around. They hotbox an entire living room party space with almost 450 grams of cannabis extracts. The point is that your space won’t be able to compete if you have the right amount of smoke. Bigger isn’t always better, but at least we have proof that it can be done!

Some tips for hotboxers

At Weed Seed Shop, we believe in safety first. A good time should never end badly, so we have some advice on how to keep your hotboxing session as friendly as possible.

1. Invite your friends…

Don’t hotbox alone. Firstly, it isn’t as fun. Secondly, the point of this adventure is to get extremely high, which is always better when there is company around in case of a greening out situation. Hot boxing is a community event that should be shared with friends, and the more people there are smoking, the easier it’s going to be to successfully hotbox the space.

2. But don’t invite your non-smoking friends

It’s not uncommon for non-smokers to join the smoking circle without actually participating in smoking. But this isn’t one of those events. Everybody in the space is going to get extremely high while hotboxing, even if they aren’t smoking. This is not a friendly place for those who don’t like THC. Don’t invite them this time. This one is just for very keen lovers of weed.

3. Bring a lot of stash

What is Hotboxing? And 9 pro tips! – WeedSeedShop

This isn’t your regular smoking session. In order to hotbox successfully you need to create a lot of smoke, which means you need a lot of material to smoke. The more you smoke the better it works, which means it’s also good to have multiple joints going at a time. Be prepared for this session by coming with ample weed.  And what better way to do that than to bring your own home-grown weed?

4. Use joints or blunts

The hotboxing affair is the most successful with something that creates smoke, for obvious reasons. That means your vape is not really the most suitable device for ingestion in this circumstance. We recommend using joints or blunts, because they create the most smoke, and smoke has a tendency to linger around a lot longer than vapour.

5. Light a candle

Actually, the added high that comes from hotboxing is partly due to the fact that in your small, smoke filled space, there isn’t much oxygen circulating. If the space properly set up for hotboxing, after some time, the amount of carbon dioxide will build, which is what contributes to the desired effect of hotboxing. But actually, this can be a little bit dangerous. That’s where the candle comes in.

Thanks to our high school physics classes, we know that a flame needs oxygen to stay alight. So, light a candle in your hotbox space. It makes it romantic, and if it goes out you know it’s time to open a window or to exit the space. At that point, the amount of oxygen is too low and is getting dangerous. You don’t want your friends greening out or getting sick in your car or bathroom.

6. Stay alert for cops

Getting caught hot boxing your car is so cliché! It’s one of the first places police go looking for stoners, and probably the number one place they catch stoners. Keep your police radar on or hotbox somewhere you happen to know you are clear from police. The worst thing that can happen when you’re that stoned is having to explain to a police officer what’s going on.

7. Don’t let anybody drive home

This isn’t a casual meet up for a joint. This is a full-blown event, which means that you and your friends are probably going to get really high. Don’t let any of them drive home. Find somewhere to chill for the night and enjoy the high without having to operate any heavy machinery like a vehicle. We don’t ever recommend getting really high and driving, so have fun responsibly!

8. Ventilate well when you’re done

It’s important that you ventilate the room or car well when you’ve finished hotboxing. The smell of weed is long and it lingers, and if you’re hotboxing your bedroom or car this is not ideal for future visitors (especially the car in the case of police). Give the area a good fanning, open a window and spray some room freshener.

And finally…

9. Have fun!

People have loved to hotbox for thousands of years, and we aren’t going to stop loving it now. Enjoy safely!


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