Spliffogami or #Jointart: The Art of Rolling Joints

Spliffogami and #Jointart: The Art of Rolling Joints – WeedSeedShop

Where rolling joints was once upon a time all about rolling a baseball bat, now it is about things bigger and better than that. The growing cannabis industry along with social media has given way to spliffogami, the art of rolling joints. Keep reading to see some of the incredible joints that people create and a how-to guide for your own scorpion joint.

This is definitely no joint rolling guide for beginners. This article is all about spliffogami – which is the artistic craft of rolling joints. Once upon a time, if you could roll a fine ice cream cone, you were considered a hero in your smoking circle. But digital media has really upped the game of joint rolling, and so the world wide web gave birth to the world’s best joint rollers.

Naturally, the art of rolling joints is called spliffogami as a play on words of the Japanese style of folding paper, origami. This gives credit to how much work is involved with the paper folding and rolling.

The joint is by no means limited to the shape of an ice cream cone these days, and they can take on all shapes and sizes. Well, rolling a joint is a sacred ritual for some, and this spliffogami takes it to the next level.

Joint rolling is an art

If you ask any professional joint roller (because nowadays that’s a real profession), they will tell you that joint rolling is an art. It definitely is a creative way to express how much you love weed, and just how many things you can make out of weed and paper. Well, there are people out there whose life purpose is to roll incredibly creative joints.

Instagram is the perfect place to go searching for just the kind of spliff art we’re talking about. Searching for #creativerolling or #jointart shows hundreds of amazing joints created by people all around the world. Who needs a pipe when you can make one out of your weed and papers?

Of course, spliffogami is not a quick solution to having few smoking materials. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

The joint roller in charge of these creations says he has spent over 40 hours creating a joint once. The amount of weed required is on the high side, depending on how big the joint creation is. The best part is there’s no spliffogami creation that can’t be smoked. Every one of these incredible paper creations is entirely smokeable.

Tony Greenhand is another online joint rolling legend. This 26-year-old became famous when he started sharing his joint creations on imgur.com. So now his full-time job is to roll joints – and not on a small scale. His latest commission was $7,000 from a buyer in Florida with a keen interest in firearms.

Tony Greenhand put together a full replica set of firearms, including a replica of an AK-47, as well as a 1.5 ounce golden glock. He sealed the deal with a fully smokeable grenade. This guy gets kudos not just for his creativity, but for the fact he made a living out of what he loves to do. It shows there’s nothing out there you can’t do for money – including being the world’s best joint roller.

How To Roll a Scorpion Joint

Okay, so you’re tired of seeing all the incredible photos, and now you want to learn how you can do this too. Well, this is an instructional article on how to roll your own scorpion joint.

Luckily for beginners, this is one of the easier spliffogami experiments, although it might still take a few attempts to get right. All you’re going to need for this is scissors, king sized papers, smaller sized papers, a pair of tweezers and some really nice bud.

The trick to the scorpion joint is to make all of the parts separately and then to attach them all at the end. This doesn’t always come easy so be patient with yourself!

To make the body

For this part, all you need to do is roll a fat joint using the king-sized papers. Roll it really fat. On account of assuming that those attempting this are seasoned joint rollers, there won’t be a how-to on joint rolling.

If you want a longer tail on your scorpion, you can add a filter, or you can fill it up using honey oil and kief. Otherwise, you can just tie it off and have a shorter tail on your scorpion. You can bend up the tail to know which side is the front and which side is the back. The back is from where you will eventually smoke your joint.

To make the legs

To make the legs and pincers of the scorpion, you’ll need to roll a medium-sized joint and three smaller joints using the smaller papers. The medium one will act as the pincers while the smaller joints will be the scorpion’s legs. You can tie off both ends of these joints, as they will be lit from both ends. No filters on these!

Attach the legs and pincers to the body

This is where the operation gets delicate.  and there can be accidents. You should use your tweezers to poke a small hole towards the front of the body. This is where the pincers will go. Delicately use the tweezers to poke until you have poked a hole all the way through the body. Other devices can be used for this step, such as a skewer.

Then you can use the tweezers in the closed position to expand the hole by rotating them inside of it. Again, other objects can take the place, but the idea is to get a hole all the way through so that you can slide the medium sized joint through.

Leave a gap of a couple of centimeters between the pincers and the legs. This will keep your scorpion propped up on its front. Repeat the process explained above for the three smaller joints. Then slide the legs through.

To shape the body, bend the pincers towards the front, bend the tail up, and bend the legs towards the earth.

To ensure the best quality smoke, close up the gaps created between the legs and the body with extra paper or tape. Then light at all ends and enjoy your scorpion joint! It should impress!

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