Does Singing to Your Cannabis Plants Help Them Grow?

Does Singing to Your Cannabis Plants Help Them Grow?

There’s nothing wrong with looking outside the box when it comes to growing weed, as she always appreciates a little creativity. Although it sounds farfetched, even scientific research has shown that singing to your cannabis plants can aid in their growth. Read this article to learn the benefits of connecting to your plants through the mystery of music.

Growers are always looking for ways to make their plants grow better, and this is a good chance to look outside the box. There are ways to grow weed, and then there are unconventional ways to grow weed. In any case, this is an easy, relatively non-time-consuming practice that you can use (that studies have shown works) to make your cannabis plants grow better.

Have you ever considered that music might make your plants happier, and therefore grow better? There is no reason to believe that the sound waves that your ears register could not be registered by the leaves of your cannabis plant. Of course, this could be happening in a way that we are yet to understand, but that is not to suggest it is not happening at all. Studies have been conducted on the effect of music on plants, and the results suggest that this is a method you can use to grow better cannabis plants. At the end of the day, weed is the inspiration for a lot of music, so it just seems sensible that she would like to hear some music!

Does Singing to Your Cannabis Plants Help Them Grow? – WeedSeedShop

Studies to prove it

This is not just some ancient practice, although ancient tribes of South America swear by singing to the plants. There are studies that have been conducted in the last decade on this curious matter. Scientists in Suwon, South Korea have proven that playing music, especially classical music, for plants helps them to grow faster. Their research was not conducted in cannabis fields, unfortunately, but in rice fields, where they found that the crops grew faster and better.

This particular research was led by Mi-Jeong Jeong of the National Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, whose curiosity lay in the gene expression of plants. What he found was that there were some sound frequencies that triggered interesting responses in certain genes in the plants. Some higher frequencies triggered an increased production of a gene that responds to light, making it grow better and faster. Lower frequencies switched some genes off completely. This is proof that plants are not just able to hear music, but they respond to the music that we make. This research even suggests that farmers might be able to use sounds to switch genes on and off in the future.

The same experiment has been conducted on roses in India, and the results were much the same. What they found was that certain music promoted plant growth, whereas certain music inhibited it. It seems that roses and rice work in the same way as humans in response to music, where we are inspired to do certain things in the presence of certain music. Whereas some music makes us dance, some music makes us relax. There’s now evidence to suggest that your cannabis plant can hear music if you sing to it!

Experimenting with this technique

Of course, if you’re growing weed in your yard you probably don’t have a device to measure the frequency of the music you’re making, let alone to measure which genes are turned on and off. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with this technique. According to all the research, classical music is the most effective for increasing the rate of growth and the quality of the plant.

But what all of this research is suggesting is that you should treat your cannabis plant like it is conscious and alive, because it is! Think about what you would like to achieve from your cannabis plant. If you are using it to help you have a better night’s sleep, try singing it a lullaby! This is, after all, how we would treat our “babies.” If you are growing a social strain of cannabis, then perhaps you can play it some party music. This is a completely open and experimental technique to use to communicate with your cannabis plant. There is no way that singing can hurt your weed, so be free to experiment with the results. You might surprise yourself!

Does Singing to Your Cannabis Plants Help Them Grow? – WeedSeedShop

There’s nothing to lose

So, this brings me to the next point. You have nothing to lose by giving this a chance. It is extremely popular practice to sing to plants in many parts of the world, and you can’t hurt your cannabis plant by doing so. Most people spend time in their cannabis garden every day looking after it, so it doesn’t even take up any extra time. You can sing to your plants while you are checking up on them or turning the lights off.

So, it’s not the most conventional method to use to grow a special kind of weed, but it sure is creative. And weed can be all about creativity at times. This is a great way to nourish your plants with sound, and to have a good time doing it.


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