Live Resin: The Golden Standard for Aromatic Cannabis Extracts

Let’s uncover the world of cannabis concentrates with a spotlight on live resin. Extracted from fresh flowers using a unique freeze-drying method, live resin promises a richly flavourful smoking experience. It’s highly potent and versatile but expensive and unsuitable for novices. Will live resin define the future of cannabis indulgence?

You’ve probably heard of cannabis concentrates like wax or shatter, but have you ever tried live resin? This new kid on the block is creating a lot of excitement. Made from fresh cannabis flowers instead of the usual dried and cured buds, live resin offers a more flavourful and stronger smoking experience.

Live resin isn’t just about the extra kick – it’s all about the flavour, too. Because it’s made from fresh flowers and flash-frozen, it captures more of the plant’s natural aromas and tastes. It’s like comparing fresh fruit juice to concentrate – there’s just something special about the real deal.

That said, live resin isn’t for everyone. It’s super potent, which might be a bit much for newbies. And making it at home? Not the best idea – it’s complicated and can be dangerous. So, let’s dive in and learn more about what makes live resin a rising star in the world of cannabis.

What are cannabis concentrates?

Before we are seated at the Michelin Star Resin Restaurant to enjoy some fine smoking, we need to understand what cannabis concentrates are, exactly.

Many of us are familiar with smoking-dried and cured plant material when looking for our vitamin green dose. But developments in the cannabis industry have allowed for the extraction of what we all love about cannabis. That’s THC!

Cannabis concentrates go by many names, such as wax, shatter or honeycomb. One thing concentrates do have in common is the fact they contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis flower without any of the excess plant material.

Experts will extract the THC from the plant using a chemical solvent such as butane or propane. The result is a highly potent, golden sticky substance that can be smoked or vaporized in many ways.

Many smokers love concentrates because they are highly potent. Cannabis concentrates can reach whooping THC contents of upwards of 90%. By extracting all the most desirable parts of the cannabis plant into a concentrate smokers can enjoy the effects, aromas, and flavours at an even greater level.

What is live resin?

Now that all sounds pretty fancy. But wait until you hear about the fanciest of all the concentrates. live resin. What is unusual about live resin is the way it is made and the materials used for extraction. 

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate produced using fresh flowers, unlike the traditional method of producing concentrates that uses dried and cured buds.

This is where the product earns its name. The term live resin came about by skipping the drying phase. The theory was the concentrate develops a more lively flavour and aroma when produced via fresh flower buds and sugar leaves from the plant.

Unlike other cannabis concentrates, live resin uses flash freezing. This is usually done directly after the plant material has been harvested and passed through a chilled solvent. This solvent (usually butane or propane) helps loosen the trichomes for extraction. 

The plant material can be frozen either by placing it in a cooler with dry ice at the bottom or slowly dipping it in liquid nitrogen.

This solvent is then removed by heating the cannabis. The solvent will rise into a solvent column as a vapour. Once this happens, it is cooled and condensed back into a liquid. And that, kids, is how live resin is made!

Now before we wrap up our “how live resin is made” portion of the show, let’s take a second to talk about safety. 

Creating live resin or other cannabis concentrates can be very dangerous. The manufacturing of these concentrates involves using processes and substances that are potentially harmful. 

So before you get any wise ideas and get your Walter White on, it’s safer to leave the making of concentrates to the professionals. 

What sets live resin apart from other concentrates? 

I’m sure that all sounds cool and scientific, but what makes live resin so special, you ask? Well, unlike other concentrates, the use of fresh flowers and flash freezing comes with some tasty benefits.

The dried plant lacks the terpenes still present in sticky buds fresh off the plant. Thanks to the flash-freezing method, many essential oils or terpenes are preserved. This gives live resin a much more flavourful smoking or vaping experience.  

This tasty smoke has made live resin popular and well sought after. Many consider live resins to be some of the highest-quality cannabis products on the market today. It has garnered much respect in the cannabis community and among many cannabis connoisseurs. 

How to consume live resin

Much like regular cannabis concentrates, live resin can be consumed in many different ways. The most common way is by dabbing. Dabbing is the process of vaping cannabis concentrates via a water pipe known as a dab rig. 

Live resin can also be used as the cherry on top of a finished joint. Some smokers enjoy covering their joints or blunts in live resin. This combo of flower and live resin gives the smoker an even tastier and stronger experience. 

Live resin can even be vaped. Live resin vape cartridges are one of the simplest methods of consumption. All that is needed is a live resin cartridge and a battery. 

Pros of live resin

1. Live resin has rich flavours

The freeze-drying method allows for a richer and more flavourful smoke. When compared with other cannabis concentrates many will argue that live resin has just that little bit extra in the flavour department. 

2. Live resin is versatile

As we have learned today, live resin can be enjoyed a multitude of different ways. From dabbing to vaping, there are plenty of ways one can enjoy this tasty concentrate. 

Cons of live resin

1. Live resin is expensive

A big downside when it comes to live resin has got to be its big price point. In the USgetting your hands on this high-end concentrate could set you back anything between $35-$100 per gram. The price can vary, but live resin often leaves your wallet feeling lighter. 

2. Live resin is extremely potent

While some may argue this is an upside to live resin, the high THC content results in a stronger and sometimes longer-lasting high. New smokers and even experienced vets must start low and slow with cannabis concentrates as they are very potent.   

The tasty exhale

There you have it, folks – the lowdown on live resin, a fresh take on cannabis that’s all about packing in as much flavour and strength as possible. But what’s your take? Have you tried live resin before? If you’re a seasoned smoker, how does it compare to other concentrates? And for the newbies, are you curious to try it out, or does the high potency make you think twice?


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