How Cannabis Legalization Is Shifting Consciousness

Cannabis culture is shifting consciousness all over the world in ways we are only just beginning to observe. From personal health choices to economic growth, cannabis has become a creative vessel for nothing short of a better world. This article is about the growth in consciousness that weed is causing all around the globe.

It is probably terrifying for governments to be coming to terms with the fact that the legalization of cannabis is shifting consciousness all over the world. The more parts of the world that cannabis becomes legal in, the more it is having an effect on the people themselves and their endeavour to be independent of the government. It is not a surprise that legalization on a global scale is effecting consciousness on a global scale, because it so happens that cannabis is one of the substances that alters one’s state of consciousness. We have seen the same journey take place with alcohol, and now the same is happening with drugs and cannabis.

Altering the state of consciousness has been a common behaviour for humans (and other animals) over centuries and centuries of using plants and drugs for different reasons. So then, it seems that the entire purpose of mind-altering substances is for the purpose of shifting consciousness.

Although governments would agree that it is shifting consciousness in the wrong direction, the evidence would suggest otherwise. Incredible benefits are coming to the world from the legalization of cannabis, and in turn an entire shift in attitude is occurring toward the plant.

The stereotype of cannabis users

Once prohibition took place, governments all around the world were using propaganda to convince the public of the stereotype that is associated with cannabis users. The landscape was once that those who used weed were lazy people who did not contribute to society, and that in fact this drug was dangerous to society for this reason. The stereotype is unfortunately being carried out today but, through legalization, the perspective is slowly beginning to change.

How Cannabis Legalization is Shifting Consciousness

With cannabis being grown specifically for medicine, and having incredible medicinal benefits for people, the attitude toward those who use cannabis is changing. All of a sudden, children and adults alike are becoming more and more able to seek out the medicinal benefits of the cannabinoids that are present in the cannabis plant. Through this journey, even governments have become aware that there is a use for this plant other than recreation, although even recreational use is okay. In some parts of Europe, the USA, and South America, cannabis is legal even for recreational use, with an awareness that cannabis is safer and less damaging to society than alcohol consumption.

Where creativity is born

When looking at cannabis use on an individual level, there is no denying that it makes the user more creative. This could be in a number of ways, including better problem solving or acute awareness in making creative art, such as music or painting. But how does cannabis affect creativity on a global scale? Weed has become the solution to a number of problems that are occurring on a global scale, from anywhere as small as a good pain reliever, to a creative solution for decreasing the number of people in prison.

Of course, these creative ideas come about simply from someone using cannabis and having a light bulb moment about how to use this to better society. But even those who do not use weed are becoming more and more aware of how this plant can be used as a creative solution to many of the problems we encounter in society. This is the global awareness of the creativity of cannabis, and more and more around the world are jumping on the bandwagon.

Needless to say, the cannabis industry has been extremely creative in its way of delivering products to the people. Cannabis can be purchased in a plethora of different forms, from raw plant material to smoke to products that are already packaged as edibles. There are ways to ingest for all different kinds of people and all different reasons, coming with an array of different ways to serve the public and all of their varied medical needs. This is much more than we can say about pharmaceutical drugs, which usually come in one form and are tailored to suit a single symptom. This is what a shift in consciousness is — cannabis is becoming a single solution to a range of different problems, and the further down the legalization path we walk, the more aware we are becoming of this.

How Cannabis Legalization is Shifting Consciousness

A plant that changes consciousness in a positive way

All that is required for a shift in consciousness is in fact a shift in perspective or attitude, and weed is becoming the vessel through which this is happening for all drugs. Through what seems to be a deeply rooted connection with the cannabis plant, human beings are changing their attitude toward what it means to use mind-altering substances. Even though there are still some people using drugs in an unproductive rather than creative way, it is becoming more and more apparent that the purpose of changing one’s state of consciousness is creativity itself.

People all over the world are realizing that their choice to change their state of consciousness is a freedom of their own, and that the government should have no say in one’s choice to experiment with their own consciousness. This realization is enormous in the global shift in consciousness that is occurring. It means that people are more likely to take advantage of their choices and manifest the change that they wish to see in the world. One of these choices is the choice to participate in the cannabis movement. The plant that changes a person’s state of consciousness is slowly becoming the reason for a change in consciousness in the whole world, and it comes as no surprise because that is the purpose of cannabis.

Through this lens we can see clearly that the intentions of cannabis are pure, and are in fact for the evolution of human beings. We manifest this evolution through cultivation of a plant medicine that is healthy to use and has very few side effects. We also manifest the change through the amount that cultivating cannabis can give back to a society, not just through medicinal benefits, but economical ones, too. The creativity that is inspired through this plant can have enormous benefits for society on a global scale.

Weed is becoming a global springboard through which people are able to expand their consciousness. This means more than just altering their state of consciousness, but realizing that they have a choice to do so and the government has been impeding this liberty for a long time. Just this realization alone is enormous enough to cause a global revolution. The more we commit to legalization, the greater this shift can become a positive change for the future of humanity.


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    The mindset towards those who use marijuana is shifting with marijuana being grown primarily for medicine, and providing incredible therapeutic benefits for people. Children and adults alike, all of a sudden, are gradually willing to seek the therapeutic benefits of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant.

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